Yuri Elkaim's - Total Wellness Cleanse Cooking Class Videos

Yuri Elkaim's - Total Wellness Cleanse Cooking Class Videos digital download. Info: [52 Videos- MP4] | 6.429 GB. These are the most delicious cleansing r...

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Yuri Elkaim's - Total Wellness Cleanse Cooking Class Videos

Type: Digital download

Format: [52 Videos- MP4]

File size: 6.429 GB

Yuri Elkaim's - Total Wellness Cleanse Cooking Class Videos



119 Mouth-Watering Recipes

($97 Value)
These are the most delicious cleansing recipes you’ll ever taste. After a few days of eating on the Total Wellness Cleanse, you’ll realize that being healthy doesn’t have to mean bland food.


14-Day “Cleanse Phase” Meal Plans and Shopping Lists

($97 Value)
When I said this program is step-by-step, I meant it.
The Meal Plans will show you exactly what to do from morning until night, so there’s no thinking or guesswork…you just have to follow my lead and I’ll show you the rest.
You’re also getting my Cleanse Phase Shopping Lists which will show you what you need to buy at the grocery store — and exactly how much you need. You’ll actually notice a nice savings on your grocery bill because you won’t have any wasted food or ever wonder how much to buy.


8 Weeks of “Maintenance Phase” + Post-Cleanse Meal Plans

($97 Value)
The “Maintenance Phase” is the second part of the cleanse that will help you transition back into your normal day-to-day routine while maintaining all of your results for life.
Most cleanses deliver some results during the cleanse…but once you return to your “normal” diet and go back to your old eating habits your results vanish as quickly as they came.
The Maintenance Phase meal plans are designed to avoid exactly that so you can enjoy your newly found health forever and end the vicious on-and-off yo-yo cycle.


The Cleanse Food Guide

($67 Value)
This handy guide is going to help you understand which foods you’ll be enjoying during the cleanse and which ones to avoid. You’re going to…
  • Get my 54-page “encyclopedia of cleansing nutrition”
  • Get the scoop on foods to enjoy and those to avoid
  • Unmask the SINGLE nutrient that is more dangerous to your heart and arteries than cholesterol and fat
  • Learn the TRUTH about protein foods, meat, and animal products. Do you need them? If so, to what degree?
  • Discover the 8 foods that will RUIN your body - the very foods that we avoid during the 14-day Cleanse Phase.


The Quick Start Guide

($47 Value)
Depending on where your health is at right now this guide will help you choose which of the 3 cleansing levels is right for you. Whether you’re already pretty healthy or eating fast food daily, we’ll find the level that’s best for your specific situation.
Inside you’ll find..
  • A hand-holding step-by-step through the 14-day cleanse phase and beyond
  • A daily Progress Chart, allowing you to track your progress throughout the cleanse
  • 3 LEVELS of the Total Wellness Cleanse, so you can make the cleanse work for you no matter where you’re at right now


Daily Support And Coaching Emails

($197 Value)
Every single day during the cleanse you’ll get a coaching email from me. This is your daily support that’s going to help you stay on track even if things get difficult.
This email will remind you what you need to do on that day and what recipes you need to make. So if you simply follow the instructions in the email you’ll experience all of the results I’ve promised you…and likely more.


Invitation to Our Private Facebook Group

($97 Value)
Here you’re going to get access to 1,000’s of other cleanse members from all over the world who have either gone through the cleanse or are going through it with you right now.
If you get stuck, have a question, or just need some support and motivation, this group has your back. Our private group combined with the daily coaching email will give you an unprecedented level of help and support so you never feel alone or want to give up.
This is a community full of great people that are here to support you on your journey. You’re not alone in this!

GIFT #1:

13 “In-Depth” Cleansing Teleclasses

($497 Value)
These 13 teleclasses are going to help you get “under the hood” and master your body’s inner workings.
You’re going to get truly life-changing health information that most people don’t know…and the best part is that you can listen to any of them when you commute, while you get ready for the day, or anytime.

GIFT #2:

Steps to Good Digestion “Cheat Sheet”

($17 Value)
This is our 8-step process to ensure you digest your food as optimally as possible to prevent overburdening your body. This gift is extremely important because all health or disease begins in the gut…so if you’re not digesting your food properly you’re going to have big health issues.

GIFT #3:

Guide to Gut Health “Cheat Sheet”

($17 Value)
This 1-page cheat sheet is going to show you how to repair your gut, prevent digestion issues like leaky gut, and ensure your bacteria is in the healthy range in just 8 short steps.
Again, your gut health is extremely important, not just for quitting sugar, but for your overall health.

GIFT #4:

$150 OFF the Total Wellness Cleanse

($150 Value)
On our recent Craving Cure Blueprint webinar I offered you a limited-time $150 off discount that’s NOT available to the public.
Since you haven’t started your Total Wellness Cleanse yet I decided to extend this special offer from the webinar to you.
Your $150 off discount will only stay active until the timer at the top of this page expires — so make sure you get started now!


Accelerated Weight Loss Strategy Guide

($47 Value)
After helping 21,656 people go through this process, I noticed that A LOT of them were struggling with losing weight.
Fortunately, I’ve also helped thousands of people lose anywhere from 5lbs to over 100lbs…and I discovered some weight loss secrets during that time.
Inside this guide you’re going to get my FULL accelerated weight loss strategy that will help you QUICKLY shrink your waistline, without: grueling workouts, starvation diets, or eating gross food.
If you want to slim down while improving your health on the Total Wellness Cleanse, this is a MUST HAVE for you.


26 Healthy & Handy 5-Minute Meals

($27 Value)
If you’re like me, you don’t always have time to cook a meal. Even if it only takes 30 minutes.
That’s why I want you to have this amazing cookbook I recently put together that’s loaded with 26 healthy, tasty, and handy 5-minute meals. Everything inside of this recipe book can be made in 5 minutes or LESS, and you won’t have to sacrifice one bit of incredible flavor.


23 5-Ingredient Meals

($27 Value)
If you’ve ever tried eating healthy, there are certain aspects that probably frustrated you to no end. One thing many people get frustrated with is CONFUSING and COMPLICATED recipes that use 20 ingredients and take 3 hours to make.
I hate those kind of recipes too — seriously, who has the time?
That’s why I also want you to have my 5-ingredient meal cookbook. You won’t believe how much flavor you can pack into simple 5-ingredient recipes. No longer will you need professional cooking lessons to make healthy food that tastes good!