Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification (IYCA)

Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification (IYCA) digital download.

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Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification (IYCA)

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IYCA - Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification

IYCA - Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification

Youth Athlete Assessment Specialist Certification

Stop Guessing To Determine If Your Training Is Making Your Athletes Stronger, Faster, More Explosive and Injury Resistant

The Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification 2.0 is the IYCA’s comprehensive protocol for assessing movement quality and athletic performance in the athletes that you serve.

What Is The Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification?

This Credential is a product of years of innovation and current research. The Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification 2.0 combines:

    • The IYCA’s proprietary Big 5 Movement Assessment. This Assessment screens 5 different movement patterns that are commonly deficient in young athletes and allows you to score those patterns to better identify limitations and asymmetries and program more effectively. The IYCA created the Big 5 Assessment as a more appropriate movement screen for young athletes that includes progressively challenging tests for each age and ability level.
    • Sport Specific Testing Batteries. 9 Individualized Sport-Specific Testing Batteries that will allow you to assess and evaluate performance over time. The rest of the course will teach you how to create and implement your own customized batteries to meet the needs of your athletes & teams.
    • Practical Application. The use of specific tools, actual case studies and real world application to better empower you to implement testing protocols and serial athletic assessment.
    • Team Assessments. Quickly screen large groups so you can customize training programs even in a team setting.
    • Advanced Assessment Techniques. Physical Therapist Dr. Greg Schaible has added 16 Advanced Assessment videos to help you understand and deal with many of the most common issues seen in athletes.

Who Should Get Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certified?

Any Fitness Professional or Coach who is developing program for and / or training young athletes should be Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certified.

This Credential directly addresses three of the common challenges young athletes are facing today:

    • A growing emphasis on Sports Specific Testing as a means of evaluating athletic potential.
    • One-size fits all training programs that don’t specifically address individual athletes’ needs.
    • More Sport Specificity at younger ages leading to imbalances and overuse injuries.

If you’re coaching or training young athletes that are experiencing any of these challenges, then the Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification will better equip you to serve those athletes and help you keep them injury free and performing their best.

What Are The Benefits of Getting Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certified?

There are a number of benefits to becoming a Certified IYCA Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist, including:

    • The confidence that your programming is based on real world evidence and specifically designed to maximize results for each athlete you coach.
    • The ability to identify imbalances, weaknesses and limitations in a matter of minutes so you can immediately begin addressing and resolving those issues.
    • Positioning as a ‘higher quality’ fitness professional that doesn’t simply get athletes tired in workouts, but one who actually makes them better with each and every training session with evidence based programming.
    • A tool to improve your business or career by having unique offerings that you can present to coaches, athletes and parents to immediately show them how you can help them with the things that are most important to them now.
    • The ability to get better results, maximize performance and minimize injury in the young athletes you serve.
    • The power to better prepare your athletes for the competition and Sport Specific Testing they will be engaging in.

While there are many other benefits to becoming a Certified IYCA Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist, the bottom line is this: it will make you better at what you do and allow you to better help the athletes you serve.

What Is The Learning Format For The Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification?

When you decide to become a Certified Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist you’ll gain online access to the following materials:

Interactive Online Digital Manual - The official manual (delivered in digital PDF format) delivers practical concepts supported by the latest research. This interactive manual covers the following content areas:

CHAPTER 1: Youth Athletic Assessment Basics and the IYCA


The Need for Athletic Assessment

Establishing a Baseline

Tracking Progress Over Time Training

Why the IYCA?

Foundations of the IYCA

Continued Growth



Other Resources

Learning with Purpose

For Review


CHAPTER 2: Long-Term Athletic Development and Serial Athletic Assessment


Training with the Goal in Mind

Divergent Beliefs

Serial Athletic Assessment

Improved Goal Setting

Enhanced Training Motivation

Reduced Risk of Overtraining and Injury

Optimized Training Results


For Review


CHAPTER 3: General Athletic Assessment



Onset and Progression


Functional and Integrative Assessment: The Big 5Guided Discovery (6-9)

Learning Exploration (10-13)

Train with Application (14+)Big 5 Scoring

Other Isolative Assessment Tests and Measures


For Review


CHAPTER 4: Sport-Specific Testing Batteries


Administrative Guidelines

Multi-Sport Assessment

Multi-Sport Assessment Component TestsFootball Assessment

Football Assessment Component TestsBaseball/Softball Assessment

Baseball/Softball Assessment Component TestsBasketball Assessment

Basketball Assessment Component TestsSoccer Assessment

Soccer Assessment Component TestsHockey Assessment

Hockey Assessment Component TestsVolleyball Assessment

Volleyball Assessment Component TestsLacrosse Assessment

Lacrosse Assessment Component Tests

Tennis Assessment

Tennis Assessment Component Tests



CHAPTER 5: Test Administration



Measurement Errors

Athlete “Cheats” or Compensations

Environmental Factors

Practice Trials

Test MeasuresMeasures of Lower Extremity Power

Measures of Upper Extremity Power

Measures of Agility

Measures of Quickness and Speed

Measures of Fitness and EnduranceReferences

CHAPTER 6: Testing Tools and Tips



ToolsCoach’s Eye Application

Optical Timing Gates

Just Jump


For Review

CHAPTER 7: Basic Data Analysis


Nothing to Fear

Types of DataNominal Data

Ordinal Data

Interval Data

Ratio DataThe Need for Statistics

Descriptive Analysis

Normalized Data and Relationship Analysis


For Review


CHAPTER 8: Practical Applications


Case Study #1

Case Study #2

Case Study #3

Case Study 1 Discussion

Case Study 2 Discussion

Case Study 3 Discussion


Closing Thoughts

About the Author

Video Instruction - The companion video presentations make learning the practical components of the YAAS Certification much easier and more engaging. The Master Video is divided into 24 separate Modules so that you can learn more efficiently and review each component more easily.

Also included in your video instruction is the 3-part Team Assessment presentation which teaches you how to perform a group athletic assessment easily and efficiently.

The Advanced Assessment and Flexibility Assessments were added to give you a more thorough understand of what to look for and how to address common issues.

Once your register to become a Certified Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist, you will be directed to create your IYCA account if you do not already posses one. You may begin your studies immediately after registering, or log in to your IYCA account later to start your studies.

The materials will be released to you immediately. You can test when you are ready.

You may take up to one year to complete your Certification, and review the materials as often as you like. You will immediately know the results after you take your test. Most students finish within 2-3 weeks.

The only technology you will need is an Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash video player.

Both of these are installed on most computers.

IYCA Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification FAQ

How does the Certification process work?

When you register to become Certified, you will be immediately directed to create your personal IYCA account.

Once you login to your IYCA account you will gain immediate access to your Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist Certification materials and step-by-step instructions how to successfully complete your certification. You will also receive an email confirming your order.

How long will it take to complete the Certification?

Typically 2-3 weeks is average. If you have completed other assessment programs, you can likely complete the program more quickly. When you enroll, you will be given immediate access to your entire curriculum. You will also be given access to take your certification exam online. There are no additional fees to take your test. You have 365 days following your enrollment in the YAAS Certification program before you must test. You are given one attempt to pass the test. You will have 2 hours to take the test. It is 100 questions, primarily multiple-choice. If you do not pass the exam you can purchase a retest for $50.

Are any Certification study materials mailed to me?

No. The course is 100% online.

When do I receive my Certification?

After you successfully pass your test, we will register you in our global database as a Certified Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist. It can take up to two weeks for your certification to be mailed to you.

Do I have to be IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist Certified as a prerequisite for this Certification?

No. There are no prerequisite Certifications to become YAAS Certified.

Can I download the video lessons or do I have to watch them within the IYCA Membership site?

You can either watch the videos within your account, or download them to your computer to watch later.

Does it matter where I live? Can I complete the program if I live outside of the United States?

IYCA Certified professionals come from all corners of the World. With the online learning platform it’s easier than ever before to study for and complete an IYCA Certification. You can study at your own pace and complete the Certification no matter where you reside. The only consideration is that all Certification materials are in English.

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