Wesley Burwell - Light Therapy Revolution

Wesley Burwell - Light Therapy Revolution.  UN – 32 MP4DVD4.3 GBLesson titles:Intro to Light TherapyWhy use Light for Healing? Energy DefinedWhat Is Li...
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Wesley Burwell - Light Therapy Revolution

Wesley Burwell - Light Therapy Revolution


UN – 32 MP4


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Lesson titles:

  • Intro to Light Therapy
  • Why use Light for Healing?
  • Energy Defined
  • What Is Light?
  • What Is Light Therapy?
  • Light Therapy Success: Before and After
  • Our Cells
  • Light Therapy Actions
  • What Is Nitric Oxide?
  • Benefits of Light
  • Stress
  • Blood Cell Experiment
  • Effects of Different Wavelengths
  • Balance Protocols 1-3

One of the foremost worldwide experts on the subject and practice of Light Therapy, Wes Burwell has trained thousands of individuals and Light Therapy Practitioners around the world. His presentations are full of scientifically-cited information about the theory and benefits of using light to heal the body.

During this video training program, he covers everything you need to know to use light therapy, for your own wellness, as well as specific health challenges. After watching these videos you will have a solid understanding of how light therapy works, and how you can use it to eliminate pain, reduce stress, improve circulation, and much more.

What You Will Learn:

  • The measurement of light in the electromagnetic spectrum
  • How different kinds of light affects our cells
  • The depth that different wavelengths of light can penetrate into your skin
  • The specific therapeutic benefits of light on different epidermal layers
  • The amazing power of Nitric Oxide, the ‘miracle molecule’

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  • Scientific studies supporting the technology
  • How to use light therapy for various ailments
  • Wesley Burwell is one of the most influential thought leaders and healers in the Light Therapy field. Wes Burwell attended college in Ontario, Canada to be an engineer. After years in the engineering field, he shifted his focus to alternative medicine after a family relative developed cancer. In a vision, Wes saw the benefits of Light Therapy and set himself on a lifelong path to help all he meets with this new and innovative technology. Wes began his studies in energy medicine over 8 years ago and became a certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, dealing with stress management and helping numerous clients return to health. Along the way he accomplished the groundwork for certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner as well as a kickboxing/martial arts instructor and Spiritual Healing Coach. Wes approached energy medicine from the basis of electrical theory and physics and found that they are intricately involved on a cellular level.

    Wes has mastered many types of energy medicine: biofeedback, EAV (electroacupuncture according to Voll), infrared therapies, ionic detoxification, homeopathy, nutrition, exercise programs, detoxification protocols based on homotoxicology, Ayurveda, crystal therapy, Reiki therapy, reflexology, intent work and visualizing, EFT techniques, Samadhi meditation, lowlevel laser therapy and, LED light therapy. Wes has toured extensively for the past 5 years as an international speaker on laser therapy utilization and principles. He has worked as technical support/director for 2 different companies and helped design and develop new and innovative light therapy products. Currently Wes speaks internationally on light therapy principles, application and usage of LED based devices. Wes also still serves clients at Awakenings Wellness Center in Ontario, Canada.