Ty Cohen - Kindle Cash Flow 2.0

Ty Cohen - Kindle Cash Flow 2.0.  DVD One: Getting Started   Introduction Terms to know Amazon Kindle basics Quick start guide    DVD Two: Kindling for Profit...
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Ty Cohen - Kindle Cash Flow 2.0

Ty Cohen - Kindle Cash Flow 2.0


DVD One: Getting Started




    • Introduction


    • Terms to know


    • Amazon Kindle basics


    • Quick start guide





DVD Two: Kindling for Profits




    • How to publish an eBook on Kindle the right way


    • What not to do on Kindle


    • Finding the right niche and readers


    • Figuring out your readers


    • How to write an eBook fast


    • How to write great fiction and non-fiction eBooks





DVD Three: Attracting Buyers




    • How customers find you on Kindle


    • Creating a good cover


    • Your brands/pen names


    • Pricing strategies


    • How to get reviews


    • Creating the right description


    • Getting press





DVD Four: Advanced Methods




    • Using KDP Select to make a lot of money


    • More great fiction and non-fiction categories


    • Scale your operation


    • Advanced writing techniques


    • Outsourcing your content creation


    • Outsourcing marketing and branding





DVD Five: Beyond Kindle




    • Managing your outsourced help the right way


    • How to use other platforms in conjunction with Kindle


    • Publishing other writers’ books


    • Time management strategies





Strategy Guides




    • Building a Wealth and Prosperity Mindset


    • Leveraging the Power of Amazon to Brand…Your Brand!


    • From eBook Writer to Published Author



And Ty threw in some bonuses!




Bonus DVD 6: Multiply your Income





Multiply Modules:


    • Publishing to Nook and iBooks


    • Offline Income; The Publisher Model


    • Turning your eBooks into physical books


    • The eBook List Builder Method



Socializer Modules:


    • The FaceBook edition


    • The YouTube edition



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