Trading Clinics (Tradewithprecision)

Trading Clinics (Tradewithprecision) digital download.

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Trading Clinics (Tradewithprecision)

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Tradewithprecision - Trading Clinics

Tradewithprecision - Trading Clinics

Get ongoing feedback on your trading from a full-time TWP trader

Send us your trades and we’ll give you our feedback. Ask us your questions and will provide you the answers…and we’ll do this once per week, every week!

You’ve been through the courses. Now it’s time to put what you have learnt into practice - it’s time to start trading! Most people know that theory is much easier than doing. This is the purpose of Trading Clinics - to provide you with ongoing help, guidance and support on a weekly basis, exactly when you need it!

What can you expect from Trading Clinics?

  • We will teach you to take live screenshots of your trades so we can peer over your shoulder and see what you were seeing at the time of placing the trade. This is in order for us to rapidly progress your trading.
  • Each week you will email those trades, along with any other questions you may have, to us and we will compile your trades and questions with everyone else’s into a webinar.
  • At a set time and date we will conduct a Trading Clinic, where you are encouraged to log in and participate live (don’t worry if you can’t make the live session as they are all recorded and archived for you to view at any time).
  • During the Trading Clinics, one of the Trade With Precision’s trading team will review and critique your trades and answer your questions. If you have joined the live session you will also be able to ask questions in real time.
  • One of the biggest benefits of Trading Clinics is that you will not only see your trades reviewed and your questions answered but you will also see all the trades and questions of everyone else who has submitted them. It is this constant repetition of witnessing what is good and what is bad about a trade that reinforces the concepts you have learnt on your 2 or 3 day courses and will set you up for trading success.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to qualify for Trading Clinics membership you must have completed: one or more of the Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond packages (or as known previously, Mastering the Markets, Absolute Precision, PFX, TWP Remastered or the TWP & PLT courses)

Trading Clinic Details

Format: Live webinar (which is recorded and archived)

Frequency: Once per week

Duration: This depends on the number of trades and questions, which are submitted, but typically they last between 60 - 180 minutes.

Course Notes: None

Availability: Available in 3 months blocks

Access: During the 3 month period you will also receive access to every single archived Trading Clinic (previously known as team mentoring) session so you can go back through hundreds of hours of trade reviews

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