Tim Cartmell - Standing Grappling

Tim Cartmell - Standing Grappling digital download. Info: [1 DVD - Rip, .mkv] | 461.36 MB. All techniques presented on the DVD are based on leverage, met...

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Tim Cartmell - Standing Grappling

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 DVD - Rip, .mkv]

File size: 461.36 MB

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Tim Cartmell began his martial arts training with the Chinese stles, including ten years of study in China. Tim is an Asian Full-Contact fighting champion, a submission grappling champion, 2 time Pan American Brazilian Jiu-jitsu champion, and 7 time winner of the Copa Pacifica de Jiu-jitsu. Cartmell holds an 8th degree black belt in Kung Fu San Soo, is a lineage holder in several Chinese Internal martial arts styles and a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

On this DVD you’ll find only practical, reality tested and proven techniques designed to work against much larger and stronger opponents in real confrontations.

Most fights immediately move from the striking to the clinch or close-body contact range. Many fights actually start close up. It is absolutely essential to be able to deal with the most common attacks:

* Head Locks
* Body Locks
* Grabs
* Tackles

This DVD covers the basic principles of base, proper application of leverage, methods of escaping from all types of standing holds as well as efficient methods of counter-attack.


Although knowledge of striking is important, attempting to strike your way out of holds once controlled is an inexact method at best, and at worst totally ineffective.

Striking techniques cannot be practiced full force in training, and therefore cannot be counted on in life threatening situations. It is best not to trust your life to techniques you have never once done for real.

There are no foot stomps, headbutts, strikes to “vital areas” poking the eyes or groin grabs on the DVD. Techniques of this kind cannot be practiced realistically because of safety concerns. Even if successfully applied, such “deadly” techniques may not provide an effective defense against a larger, stronger and determined opponent.


All techniques presented on the DVD are based on leverage, methods of maximizing your use of angles and weight and taking advantage of the inherent weaknesses of your opponent’s structure and balance. There is no contesting with the attacker’s strength, or techniques based on trying to strike a larger and stronger attacker from a disadvantaged position.

The leverage based defenses and counters taught on the DVD can be applied for real in practice, against fully resisting partners, so you know they will work as trained in the street. This builds confidence in your technique and a real ability to defend yourself should the situation ever arise.

The DVD covers the most important aspects of defense in great detail, including:

* The very important initial reaction to any type of grappling attack.
* Universal principles of leverage that will work regardless of you opponent’s size.
* Counters and follow up techniques that will allow you to simply control or, if need be incapacitate your opponent, based on the situation.
* Thorough coverage of all major standing grappling attacks.

Chapters of this DVD include:

Intro & Principles
Head Locks & Chokes
Body Locks
Full Nelson
Wrist Grabs