Tiago Forte - Building a Second Brain: Premium Edition

Tiago Forte - Building a Second Brain: Premium Edition digital download.

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Tiago Forte - Building a Second Brain: Premium Edition

Type: Digital download

Tiago Forte - Building a Second Brain: Premium Edition

Tiago Forte - Building a Second Brain: Premium Edition

Note: This page is only for BASB Essential Edition alums to upgrade to Premium Edition. If you’re a new Building a Second Brain student, please proceed to buildingasecondbrain.com to purchase the course.

Presenting Building a Second Brain: Guest Interviews and Bonus Content, a collection of exclusive expert interviews, advanced tutorials, pre-formatted note templates, and a 12-month subscription to the Praxis blog.

This is an “advanced level” collection of resources that serves as a companion to Building a Second Brain, an online course that teaches how to capture, organize, and share your knowledge using digital notes. Please note that this course includes only advanced supplementary materials, and not any of the content, features, or support included with Building a Second Brain.

We will be adding content over time as it is produced, and you will always have access to the latest material in this curriculum.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Premium Edition
Praxis membership
12-month Praxis membership
Q&A calls with Tiago
Q&A 1 (82:20)
Q&A 2 (94:24)
Q&A 3 (94:08)
Q&A 4 (89:25)
Advanced tutorials
Becoming an Evernote Power User, with Stacey Harmon (84:12)
Creative Problem Solving and Visual Thinking, with Chuck Frey (77:16)
Practical Evernote, with Frank Gerber (87:54)
Planning and Creating Note Templates with Evernote, with Stacey Harmon and Tiago Forte (65:49)
The Secrets of Content Bundles, with Tiago Forte (57:25)
How to Create Effective Images for Blog Posts, with Tiago Forte (59:12)
PARA in Notion, with Khe Hy (78:52)
Building a Second Brain in Roam, with Nat Eliason (58:24)
Notion Mastery, with Marie Poulin (63:06)
Automate Your Note-Taking with Readwise, with Readwise founders Dan Doyon and Tristan Homsi (59:57)
Guest interviews
Experience Design and Creative Flow, with Ting Kelly (68:19)
The Origins of Personal Knowledge Management, with Dr. Jason Frand
Interview and Discussion on Extended Cognition, with Venkatesh Rao (75:43)
The Implications of Personal Knowledge Management, with Taylor Pearson (85:57)
Making a Second Brain Your Own, with Moritz Bierling (67:07)
Scaling Knowledge Management Across Teams, with Nat Eliason (61:41)
Turning Information Consumption into Creative Works, with Buster Benson (57:44)
Projects library
What is the line between projects and areas? (10:18)
Project definition - define, manage, and shape projects (8:15)
You say working on creative projects are the oxygen of the Second Brain. Can you expand upon that? (4:20)
I’m fighting the tendency to perfect my Second Brain. Do I have permission to let it be messy? (6:03)
How do you define the proper scope of a project? (1:11)
PARA library
How do goals fit into PARA? (1:37)
How do you apply PARA with a team without the same system? (2:04)
Where does Tiago keep Someday/Maybe projects in PARA? (7:59)
Do I archive all of my old notes? (4:58)
What’s the difference between an Area and a Resource? (2:10)
What do you do with Areas or Resources that have subcategories? (2:13)
How do you archive inactive projects and not lose track of them? (5:03)
12 Favorite Problems library
How do you use 12 Favorite Problems in an ongoing way? (1:22)
What is the distinction between problems and goals? (3:18)
How do I not let perfect get in the way of good enough? (7:53)
Note-taking library
Do you have any tips for note-taking during live course? (4:27)
How do you manage a company notes vs personal notes? (6:38)
In regard to Inbox Zero, what happens to notes that go from inbox to Evernote? (4:02)
When Tiago uses to-do lists in Evernote and Things, does tracking tasks get confusing? (3:49)
Do you have a catch-all for notes that don’t naturally fit anywhere during triage? (2:35)
Capture library
How do I know when a stack is too big and becoming unwieldy? (12:02)
Are you drowning in too many techniques for capture? (3:05)
Do you have any advice for limits when highlighting in an e-book? (6:31)
Do you organize content within Instapaper? (2:50)
How do I preserve the gems without needing the full context? (5:18)
How do you capture from audiobooks? (2:02)
Where do you save an interesting website page? (2:28)
Do you have a catch-all for notes that don’t naturally fit anywhere during triage? (2:35)
Where do you save interesting newsletters from your inbox? (2:53)
Tips for where to save reading notes (6:09)
Work restrictions and tracking tasks (14:29)
How do I capture notes from audio or video material? (5:03)
How do I capture emails with dynamic threads including contact information and added context? (7:50)
How do I save book notes so they are easily discoverable? (7:27)

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