The PPT Complete Package (Tradeempowered)

The PPT Complete Package (Tradeempowered) digital download.

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The PPT Complete Package (Tradeempowered)

Type: Digital download

Salepage: Tradeempowered

Tradeempowered - The PPT Complete Package

Tradeempowered - The PPT Complete Package

The PPT Complete Package

♦ PPT Indicator Package (Ninja Trader 7)

♦ Access to the PPT Membership Site

♦ 10 Self-Paced Training Modules

♦ 50+ Detailed Training Videos

♦ Supporting PDF Documents

♦ Position Sizing Trade Tracker Spreadsheet

♦ Weekly Live Training/Q&A Sessions

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Live Trading Room Bonus!

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Reinforcement of Critical Concepts

Continued Training & Education

Expert Analysis & Insight

Professional Support

Positive Repetitions

Simple Signals

Trend Continuation ♦ Deep Retracement ♦ Momentum

Rules Based

IF/THEN Rule Set Promotes Consistency In Your Trading

Conservative Technique

Maximize Profit Potential While Reducing Risk

Proven Performance

Over 300% Return Since Jan 1 [$10,000 Starting Account]

Price Pattern Trader

System Highlights

What a great Monday to start the week Mark! Today was a busy day of trading and it just happened to be a profitable one as well. I took 8 trades total, 6W 2L putting me at 70 ticks for the day or $700 per contract and once again making new highs on my equity curve. I am happy the new potential PPT students are able to see what this system can do. I remember almost 3 months ago when I decided to join (best investment ever by the way) when you took your first losing week of the year… which was frustrating for you I bet and a bit skeptical on my side. But instead of doubting myself I went ahead and back tested the system for many hours trying to build the trust. When I saw your style of trading I honestly fell in love, I truly understood the potential this system offered. At first I did not want to join because I had just finish back testing 4 months on forex and did not want to start all over again but now I’m glad I took the risk. I have learned more about structure in the past 3 months with you than in my 5 years of trading combined. Your teaching skills are phenomenal. I would highly recommend your system to anyone out there.


I am sorry I spent the first 2 months trying to break your system lol.

- Danny L



Enroll Now $2497