The Food Photography Masterclass 2.0

The Food Photography Masterclass 2.0. The Food Photography Masterclass 2.0WITH THIS ONLINE FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE LEARN HOW TO CREATE DEEPER, MORE EX...
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The Food Photography Masterclass 2.0The Food Photography Masterclass 2.0

The Food Photography Masterclass 2.0


Learn how to make delicious compositions, shape light and get the most out of the equipment you have. Follow along with award winning food photographer Skyler Burt as he guides you through the process of creating stunning food and drink images with the most in-depth food photography course to date.

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This food photography course will take you on a journey from the camera basics all the way to creating exciting food & beverage images using artificial light.

This Online Food Photography Course Includes… 

  • Over 8 hours of workshop style content ready for instant download
  • 7 Chapters with 38 tightly scripted lessons without unnecessary fluff
  • Understanding the camera including metering modes, exposure modes, white balance and manual exposure
  • Differences between direct, indirect and direct-diffused natural lighting
  • Understanding exposure using artificial lights
  • Skyler’s entire artificial light workflow
  • Replicating natural light using strobes
  • INCLUDES the Advanced Food & Beverage Short Course
  • Create advertisement style drink and beverage photography
  • Lighting ratios and three point lighting
  • Creating beautiful light with your flash
  • Food & prop styling techniques
  • Compositional theories
  • Composing for different camera angles
  • Learning to compose with shapes, lines and layers
  • Lenses & camera selections
  • Essential equipment explained
  • Creating beautiful side-lit and back-lit photos
  • Mix of classroom style workshops and full length shoots
  • Lessons in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop
  • Raw conversion and selective editing techniques
  • 3 hours of easy to follow post-processing tutorials
  • How to create elegant text and logos for your food images
The Food Photography Masterclass focuses on giving photographers the tools needed to tell deeper food stories with their images. Instead of just listing off a bunch of gear and techniques, this online food photography course guides you every step of the way towards improving your own unique vision and storytelling ability. Starting with a blank canvas, each lesson will build upon the last, layer upon layer giving you the skills to make amazing food photography composition that your audience will want to eat up.

With over 8 hours of video tutorials, broken into 38 tightly scripted lessons, you learn how to manage a food photography shoot from beginning to end. This comprehensive guide starts with the basics of camera functions, manual exposure and the differences between the most common food photography lenses.

Skyler then examines light as a story telling tool, demonstrating how you can control the strength, quality and direction to achieve the best food photography lighting. Photographers who complete this online food photography course will not only be able to create beautiful images in a natural light studio, but also be able to navigate the range of modifiers, control the exposure and replicate the beautiful quality of natural food photography lighting using their artificial lights.

As necessary as lighting is for crafting mouthwatering food photography, compositional techniques will be what keeps your viewers locked in to your delicious image. However, with every photographer and image being different the reasons behind each composition, styling and post-processing decision can be a bit mysterious.

This online food photography course demystifies composition with lessons on compositional theory, styling, camera angles and a huge post-processing chapter. Each creating a foundation that you can build your own unique style upon. Bringing the attention back to the hero of the image, your food!

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