The Flow 2012 Edition from Dan Bacon

The Flow 2012 Edition from Dan Bacon Get immediately download The Flow 2012 Edition from Dan BaconThis flow is based on the natural sexual courtship betwee...

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The Flow 2012 Edition from Dan Bacon


Get immediately download The Flow 2012 Edition from Dan Bacon

This flow is based on the natural sexual courtship between a man and a woman. Just follow the instructions and you will move from a conversation to a sexual, loving relationship with the woman of your choice. It includes techniques for talking, trusting, getting close, flirting, using humor, having sex on the first night (one-night stand), making a girlfriend, relationships, being an alpha male, making new friends, and much more.

The problem is that many modern men simply do not know what women want in a man. Unconsciously, these men go against the “natural flow of sexual courtship” and end up turning away from women from the very first moment.

Women’s lack of success often leads them to lose self-confidence, develop a fear of rejection, and avoid the opportunity to talk to women and “ask them out.” Unfortunately, this leads to months or years of loneliness and frustration.

The Solution Flow will take you on a journey through the natural flow of sexual courtship, explaining exactly how to do it.:

* Approach women and get them interested right away.

* Start and continue a conversation in a natural, fun, and interesting way.

* Get a woman interested by using flirting, humor, and other attractive behaviors.

* Go to a phone number, a kiss, a date, and a relationship.

* Maintain a woman’s interest in relationships.How it works

The book begins with you learning about what women really want in a man, as well as how you can quickly get the results you want with women. Then you will learn how to use “Flow”. Flow is our revolutionary, 4-step process that makes women automatically feel attracted to you and want to get to know you better.

After that, Dan explains how to accurately master each of the 4 steps of the Flow, so that you can smoothly move from a conversation to a phone number, to a date. How do you read to the end

In the flow, you will encounter many examples of verbatim conversation and flirting, as well as critical shifts in perspective and understanding of success with women.

Here are just a few of the juicy secrets you’ll learn by reading the Stream.

* How to instantly create fun and interesting conversations that women love to talk about. You’ll never be stuck saying anything again.

* 27 fun things you can say to a woman that will make her love and enjoy being around you, much more than any other guy. These verbatim examples are given throughout the book in the relevant sections (for example, the first meeting, when she comes back to your house, on the phone, on a date, etc.).

* All the mistakes you need to avoid with women if you want your relationships to easily lead to dating, and your dates to easily lead to sex and relationships. Knowing this, you will no longer think: “But what did I do wrong??” Instead, you can just enjoy your dates and relationships with women, because you’ll know what to do at every turn.

• My own verbatim conversations and examples of flirting that will make women see you as a potential boyfriend or lover, and not “Just a friend”.

* 3 stages of interest that a woman will go through when interacting with you. Use this guide to know when a woman is interested so that you don’t get rejected when trying to make a move.

* 100 things you can do that will make women DEPENDENT on being around you. Use them to keep women interested in you.

* 15 things you can do to get women to “tune in” to sex when they are with you for the first time.

* 11 ways to make yourself less nervous in any social situation, so that you can enjoy life in the moment, and not be held back by unnecessary fears, shyness or anxiety.

* A proven 10-point “Approaching Checklist” so you can approach a woman, get her interested right away, enjoy a great conversation, and then walk away with her phone number in minutes.

• 18 signs of body language and the status of that appeal to women. Use them as your new secret weapon to instantly engage women and keep them interested. The other guys will wonder how you do it, but they won’t be able to figure it out.

* How to get a woman interested after you’ve started dating her. Use these techniques and women will become addicted to being around you.

• How easy it is to get phone numbers from women and avoid rejection. Includes tips on what to say that almost guarantee she’ll give you the number.

* 6 reasons why a woman may react unfavorably to you when you approach her. Use them to avoid being rejected and losing your opportunity.

* Secrets of self-control and attractive confidence when dealing with women. Use these techniques to avoid looking nervous in the presence of women.

* How to finally get rid of the fear of rejection and get what you want from your dating and relationships with women.

* How to overcome any initial barriers of interest so that women are immediately interested and feel a strong sexual attraction to you.

* How to bring more adventure into your life so that you become a fun and interesting person that women want to be around.

* Why a woman often decides to” cheat ” a man and how you can avoid it. In fact, she will never want to leave you and will worry that you might leave her if she doesn’t continue to impress you.

* What to do when you kiss a woman on the first date to make sure she wants more.

* 4 things you can do while interacting with a woman to increase your sexual vibe. It is very important if you do not want women to see you as “just a friend”.

• The fastest way to make a friend. This will surprise you.

* The right and wrong way to compliment a woman. Do it wrong, and she will most likely lose interest.

* 7 ways to easily spend time “one on one” with a woman in bars, clubs and at parties. Use them to get to know women better, or to shift things to a kiss, phone number, or even sex on the first night. Your choice.

* Proven phone techniques that get women to keep talking to you…and hang out to get you to call again.

* Why ” bad guys “attract women more than” good guys ” and how you can beat the bad guys at their game while still being the good guy.

* How to quickly develop the type of confidence that allows you to approach women at any time.

* Precise wording to use when starting a conversation with women-includes 10 conversation starters that you can use right away.

* Learn a little-known, “innocent”, but powerful way to connect with any woman and make her relax next to you, as if you’ve known each other for many years.

* How to behave with a woman who refuses to date you. Screw it all up, and you may well screw up all your hard work to get it to this point. Here, I’ll show you how to handle this complex class situation, ensuring that you can easily reorganize the date.

* 8 nervous behaviors that absolutely kill a woman’s attraction to you and how to eliminate them.

* How to initiate contact between you and the woman you just met - this opens the door to “other things” and helps her see you as a potential lover or boyfriend, not just a friend.

* How to take things to the next level (e.g. phone number, kiss, sex). Here I reveal everything you need to know to move from one step to the next…

* 9 personality traits and behaviors that attract women, and how you can show them so that you can get results now, not next year.

• How to quickly change your situation with women so that you can start choosing the women you date and date, rather than relying on luck.

* What women really think when men try to impress them. Plus how you can be super impressive without actually doing anything special.

* Many examples of how to avoid destroying a woman’s feelings for you so that she remains interested.

* How to talk to women so that they instantly feel comfortable around you. No more awkward moments when you first start chatting with the woman you like.

* A vocal exercise that will create a deeper, more powerful voice and improve your ability to arouse attraction in women.

* The right way to make eye contact with a woman. Do it wrong and you can completely ruin your chances.

* How to be a guy who others look at as an alpha male. This will not only improve your results with women, but also bring you more respect among guys, friends, family, work colleagues, etc.

* How to make sure you have the power in the interaction/relationship. Use these techniques to avoid being used, manipulated, or abandoned by women.

* Correct and incorrect body language to use when you are in social situations such as parties, bars, clubs, bookstores, etc. Do it wrong and you will look awkward and unattractive to women.

• Something that women really love about guys…but you’ll probably never hear about it in conversation, because women are too shy to admit it.

* How to make a woman feel truly happy when you are her man. This is very important if you want your relationship to continue.


Get immediately download The Flow 2012 Edition from Dan Bacon