Tarang Chandola - Extreme Muscle Building Workout Program

Tarang Chandola - Extreme Muscle Building Workout ProgramExtreme Muscle Building Workout ProgramA Complete Strength & Hypertrophy Workout Program( Please note...
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Tarang Chandola - Extreme Muscle Building Workout Program

Tarang Chandola - Extreme Muscle Building Workout Program

Extreme Muscle Building Workout Program

A Complete Strength & Hypertrophy Workout Program

( Please note- No more updates on the book at this point. I do not reply to queries on the guides anymore )

Progressive Overload simply means gradually increasing the stress on the body over sessions of physical activity/training and that’s what this program is all about and much more.

This style of training promotes hypertrophy and helps build stronger and denser bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage. Additionally, as blood flow to trained areas is increased incrementally, nerve connections between the brain and muscle involved become more responsive; but enough with the science.

I’ll be honest this program is not easy. It requires your attention to detail, the particular exercises, the reps, the volume, everything. When you go into the gym you are no longer going to “work out”, you’re going to train.


* Please note. We do not do any refunds since you are able to view the entire course structure before purchasing the programme.

Your Instructor

Tarang Chandola

Course Curriculum


Introduction to the Workout Program
Taking You Through The Workout Program (22:13)
Introduction (Instructions & Explanations) *MUST READ*


Introduction To Progressive Overload

Points To Keep In Mind
How To Warm Up
6×4 Set Explained
How To Perform A Rest Pause Set
Tempo Explained
Workout 1
Push Workout 1
Pull Workout 1
Legs Workout 1


Workout 2


Push Workout 2

Pull Workout 2
Legs Workout 2
Workout 3
Push Workout 3
Pull Workout 3
Legs Workout 3
Core Workouts


Core Variation 1

Core Variation 2
Core Variation 3
Core Variation 4 (Tri-Sets)
Core Variation 5 (Weighted)
Let The Gainz Begin!
Trust The Process


dumbell bicep curls (3:39)


concentration curls (2:51)

Hammer curls (3:14)
Rear Delts (4:56)
Upright rows (4:02)
Front Raises (4:02)
Hanging Side Lateral Raises (2:20)
Side Lateral Raises for wider shoulders (7:12)
Hex Press Tutorial (2:20)
Flat dumbbell press (4:32)
Best grip while doing back (2:47)
legs (7:20)
upper inner chest (8:31)
lat pulldown (5:01)
Reverse grip lat pulldown (2:43)
Single arm lat pulldown (1:53)
Behind the neck cable pulldowns (2:38)
single arm row (5:01)
leg press variations (6:36)
Rowing- Thickness vs width (3:38)
bicep curl tips (8:51)
Video Links for exercises


Video links/ instructional videos

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