Swingcat - Sexual Connections

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Swingcat - Sexual Connections

Imagine a drop dead gorgeous babe shooting down man after man, crippling each one’s ego in her wake.

What would it feel like to walk up to her and quickly fry her critical factor to cinders, pump her groin full of lust… and compel her to take action in the direction you choose - be it sleeping with you right then and there, starting a relationship on your terms, or what ever your heart desires?

Let’s up the ante…

What if you could do all of that without…

* Looks?

* Buying her fancy dinners or jewelry?
* Being a rock star or celebrity?
* Groveling, ass kissing, or deluging her with compliments?
* Acting like an ass hole or a jerk?
* Putting in much effort of your part?
* Having to manipulate her?

What would that be like? Would going through life be a little better? Bet it would.

Not only is it possible… it’s something You, my friend, can realistically achieve.

Who else wanst the power to bypass a womans critical factor, tap into primitive parts of her brain that generates raw sexual arousal, and quicly create the right neurological structures that compel her to act on that arousal in exactly the direction you choose?