Steve Rowland - Bum Slap The Competition

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Steve Rowland - Bum Slap The Competition digital download. Info: [1PDF]. Attention Marketers! Get fully exposed to the easy and profitable Bum Marketing...
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Steve Rowland - Bum Slap The Competition

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Format: [1PDF]

Bum Slap The Competition

Attention Marketers! Get fully exposed to the easy and profitable Bum Marketing Method and earn $1,000’s per month just by writing articles

“Finally, A NO FAIL way to become a Wealthy Article Marketer and earn $1,000’s per month using an Amazing Formula that sends Instant Cash to your Affiliate Account!”

WARNING — This Letter Could Be The Most Important Information
You Will Ever Read! Take 90 Seconds and See if You Agree…

Dear Internet Marketing Friend,

Would you like to know how to tap into the mind of a successful “Bum Marketing Pro” and reap huge financial rewards as a result?

And what if I told you that you could discover a little unidentified kept secret which allows you to market products without spending a single dollar out of pocket?

First Of All Let Me Be Quite Up Front With You!

If you plan on just simply skimming through much of this important information and just scrolling down to find the price…

Do Yourself a favor and don’t waste your time! I’m sure you will succeed in whatever you eventually choose but it wont be as intense or as profitable as what I have to offer.

Don’t get me wrong…its nothing personal, but I want great success for you as an internet marketer, but in order for that to happen you need to commit the time to read what I have to tell you. It’s for your benefit!

If you can’t devote 5 minutes of your day to find out the secret to making a huge income from Bum Marketing…then you’re really missing out.

So why Am I so Strict?

It’s because I really enjoy following the success of my marketers and I want to eliminate any unreal or non-serious people right from the start. I would hate for you to read through this important letter and then decide that this “isn’t for me”.

Why waste your valuable time?

You deserve to have the best quality of information and a defined system for making those $1,000’s every month!

The Secret To The Most Successful
Affiliate Marketing System On The Web…
I haven’t a clue who you are. I don’t know what you’ve been through. It’s possible that you’ve read hundreds of sales letters and think this is another one of those just added to the pile.
Maybe you aren’t 100% sure on what being a Bum Article Marketer really is and how it works. You are probably also wondering how it is you make money writing articles.

And it could be possible you already have articles submitted on the web and you want to continue your education on the subject.

It really doesn’t matter what background you come from. Obviously we are all here for the same reason…We Are Hungry to Make More Money Online!

Let’s face it, like me, you’re addicted to making money and addicted to the desires that fall behind the money making concepts.

You Crave the Insider Secrets of Bum Marketing!

You Crave Being At the top of all the Successful Bum Marketers!

You crave to explode your affiliate revenue using untapped portals and methods to maximize your exposure and income!

All these cravings are good, but…

Before I can even begin to explain the method to you, you have to understand something:

I have conducted countless hours of intensified research online and To be quite honest with you, a big chunk of bum marketers aren’t beefing up their articles with good quality content the way they should be.

There’s a lot of poorly written articles piled with keywords stuffed into a few paragraphs making the author predictable to the search engines. And this is separate to the fact that the articles themselves are also a poor read. In their haste many writers assume that quantity trumps quality…Well they are wrong!

Whichever way you want to look at it, it’s a constant war out there. A war on what you ask….? It’s a war on the amount of “long tail keywords” that take place while writing fresh new quality articles.

In addition to a huge battle, it’s a bit of a rat race on who’s going to succeed first in the game of article submissions. However you choose to look at it, it’s definitely a bare knuckle sport, the more information you have as a Bum Marketer, the more money you will have when those affiliate checks start rolling in.

The Reason I’m writing this letter is because I want you to achieve the sort of success that you can only dream of online. Having the best mentoring, techniques, and advice will ensure your success as a bum marketer and wealthy affiliate!

I’ve reached a certain level of success in my online endeavors and it’s now time for me to step back and help others achieve the ultimate rewards as an article marketer. Therefore; it would only be right for me to reveal a gist of it to you here.

In “Bum Slap The Competition” you will miraculously discover the following solutions:

How to convert from being a hugely underpaid marketer into a Bum Marketing Machine!
Discover what my “Bum Marketing” system really is!
The Secret of Using ClickBank to drive profits to your account!
What Article marketing is and isn’t; gain some secret strategies for making your article business explode by targeting profitable niches!

EXCLUSIVE tips on how to get readers to click on your article links and earn substantial $$$!
How to conduct successful product and keyword research!
The ULTIMATE secret to using VIDEO to increase your bum marketing income!
How to write, submit and profit from your articles!
How to evolve your bum marketing business into a profitable information business!
List Building For Article Marketers!
Various types of Affiliate Marketing to consider while building your empire!
Learn how to convert your articles into passive residual income!

I believe that “Bum Slap The Competition” is the best e-book available for learning the Bum Marketing method but just don’t take my word on it.

Here’s some feedback we just received from delighted owners of “Bum Slap The Competition”…

“… Very Straight Forward and a Very
Logical Way to Approach Making Money…”
“”Loved The Book. I thought the presentation of info was very straight forward and a logical way to approach making money from article marketing.”

J Trener,
Longview Texas

“… Just made my first $50.00!.”
“Great Compilation of Bum marketing info. I just followed the plan you set out and I’ve already made my first affiliate sale for $50.00, and its only day 3!”

C Justinian,
Washington DC

“… Loved The Video Tips”
“The tip you give on using Video for your articles is alone worth the price.”

D Wellston,
Auckland, New Zealand

“… The First And Only Book I’ve Found That Works!.”
“I’ve been searching for a sure fire method of making money online for ages. This is the first and only book that I have come across that actually gave me the tools I needed to make a living”