Stefan Zugor - 30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp

Stefan Zugor - 30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp digital download. Info: [7 eBooks - PDF, 1 PNG] | 73.58 MB. The weird ‘island visualisation’ system I creat...

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Stefan Zugor - 30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp

Type: Digital download

Format: [7 eBooks - PDF, 1 PNG]

File size: 73.58 MB



Experience Your Ultimate Fantasies And Adventures By Lucid Dreaming With The 30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp

Here’s Some Of What You’ll Learn:
Exactly what to practice for 30 days, which techniques, reality checks, exercises and ideas you should do on specific days (and how to do them) so you can ‘hot wire’ your brain to experience lucidity naturally
It’s like I’m taking you by the hand as if I were there coaching you personally (which would cost several hundred dollars and take lots of time). Many students love the Bootcamp because it feels like I’m personally helping them do all of this, and making it less confusing!
Learn why lots of people read lucid dreaming books but can’t ACTUALLY have a lucid dream, because they don’t build up the habits they need in the right way. They practice the wrong things that actually stop them being able to lucid dream! (Plus a lot of common lucid dreaming books teach stuff that doesn’t work, you’d be surprised!)
The strange but powerful meditation technique you can do to have more lucid dreams every week, and reduce stress in your life (it only takes 30 seconds)
Some simple and effective ways to set up your dream journal properly so you naturally recall dreams more easily (even ones you’ve had years ago!)
Several of the most powerful REALITY CHECKS and how to do them properly, so that they actually show up and give you lucid dreams (Even when you’re not putting in much effort, or haven’t been practicing)
The weird ‘island visualisation’ system I created to help you drift into a lucid dream much faster than normal, and stay in your lucid dreams for much longer than most people can!
Specific lucid dreaming induction techniques, and the BEST way to practice them (This includes the Wake back to bed, The Wake induced lucid dream, the Mnemonic induced lucid dream and lots more, but all with my unique TWIST to make them 3X more effective!)

A strange exercise to ensure that you KEEP having lucid dreams, and it’s not just ‘one off’. It’s almost like you’re training your own brain to have MORE of the experiences you want!

Exactly WHEN to practice each specific part! I’ll tell you on each specific day, what techniques, ideas and methods you need to practice or think about on that day to lucid dream. It’s like I’m personally coaching you, and making SURE you have a lucid dream!

You can do these exercises and techniques in as little as 3-5 minutes per day (of course, you could spend longer if you want, it’s up to you and how much free time you have)

Start having regular lucid dreams that can enhance your learning, creativity, give you more energy and motivation, and supercharge your personal growth! People will notice the ‘new you’ and won’t be able to explain your new found confidence

Tick off crazy, dangerous or impossible things from your ‘lucid bucket list’ every night, and wake up with the beautiful inspiring memories!

Learn to lucid dream reliably, without any of the guesswork. Just commit to practicing or 5-8 minutes per day, and follow the exercises. You’ll learn how to control your dreams, without any of the frustration or confusion

Lucid Dreams Let You Explore And Unlock A Deeper Part Of Yourself, That’s Usually Hidden…

A subconscious realm where we are not limited by the usual ‘restrictions’ on our thinking and experiences. 
We’re not confined to what’s ‘possible’, and we can really experience and create anything.
What if there was a way to tap into this infinite creativity, and to experience ANYTHING, in a humble night’s sleep. Well, by now you already know what lucid dreaming is, but hopefully you’re starting to see that it’s so much more than just ‘flying around’ in a dream.
So what if there was a reliable way to ACTUALLY have lucid dreams…
Without any of the guesswork, frustration or confusion…