SearchEngineNews - Advanced SEO for WordPress

SearchEngineNews - Advanced SEO for WordPress digital download. Info: [2 MP4 + 2 MP3 + 1 PDF]. If you're reading this it means you've already taken the ...

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SearchEngineNews - Advanced SEO for WordPress

Type: Digital download

Format: [2 MP4 + 2 MP3 + 1 PDF]



SearchEngineNews - Advanced SEO for WordPress

Interactive Online Training begins on Monday, November 5th @12pm PT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET

If you're reading this it means you've already taken the Basic WP course or else we think you might already be advanced beyond Basic WP. In either case, you already know that WordPress rules the CMS industry with over 60 million sites on the platform and for good reason.

That includes its virtual MOUNTAIN of clever plugins and support resources that make launching a...

  • fast loading
  • mobile friendly
  • & perfectly optimized... something just about anyone can do! All you need is a little direction AND a kick-ass checklist. That's where our Basic WordPress Certification Course just came into play.

But YOU now want to unleash ALL that power that WordPress can offer. YOU want to...

  • truly master the arts of Semantic Markup and Advanced Image Optimization.
  • identify and implement only-the-best long-term on-site SEO strategies that produce the highest click-throughs, lowest bounce rates, and highest conversions.

And you want the process of gaining these skills made easy, like...

Ok, we hear you and that's why we've created the Advanced WordPress Certification Course. So YOU can be a full package! ...making SURE the WP related SEO services you're offering are making YOU the bona fide Real Pro!

The bottom line is this: The Advanced SEO for WordPress Course that begins on November 5th is designed to challenge even the most Seasoned WordPress User. You'll be impressed by how much you learn. Professionally, we'll make your life easier, more efficient, and far more productive — that translates to saving time & making money. That's our promise, and we guarantee it (more on that later).

Let's get straight to the details.

Beginning on Monday, November 5th you'll be learning the latest strategies for:

  • Day One: Semantic Markup to Generate Rich Snippets - In this session our goal is to show you exactly how to cleverly Markup your site with all the structured data that makes sense for your audience. We step away from Basic techniques and dive right into code that the Pros are using to get that boost of website traffic.

    * Open Graph Tags
    * Ratings & Reviews
    * Breadcrumb Markup
    * Markup for Local Business / Location
    * Event Markup
    * Video Schema
    * Plugins to generate Markup
    * Testing your Markup
    * Open Graph Testing for Facebook

  • Day Two: Advanced Image Optimization Strategies - WordPress makes it WAY too easy to hurt your website with huge images, which can kill your download speeds. In this session we'll walk you through exactly how to make your site lean and mean, without having to sacrifice the look and feel you want!

    * Optimization for Raster & Vector Images
    * Avoiding Common Image Resizing Mistakes
    * Advanced Image Optimization Techniques
    * Image Optimization Plugins: Proper Set up & Use
    * Advanced Offline Image Optimization
    * Responsive images: New and srcset markup
    * Choosing the right format for the job: .jpg, .png, .gif and .svg

  • Day Three: Making Your WordPress Site Faster - We'll show you how to find exactly what's slowing down your site and all the ways you can optimize it for faster load times and higher rankings. In this session be prepared to get your hands dirty because that's the only way to really learn the How and Why of WordPress Load Time Optimization.

    * Testing methods
    * Understanding Waterfall Charts and Diagnosing Performance Bottlenecks
    * Interpreting Google's Page Speed Insight Test
    * Making Sense of Google Analytics Page Speed Reports
    * Plugin Overload - How to clean up a bloated site
    * Image Cleanup - Clearing Unused/Unattached images
    * More Site Cleanup - Comments, Drafts and Dead Posts
    * Revision Management Code Tweaks for a Faster Database
    * Database Optimization Plugins and Tools
    * Load Time Monitoring with GTmetrix and Pingdom Tools