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Scott Oldford - High Ticket Launchpad

Scott Oldford - High Ticket Launchpad

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Launching a high ticket offer can be the solution that makes this a reality in your life…. but only if executed in the right way.

There are a small handful of key things that must be done properly If you want to profitably scale your business through your new high ticket offer.

My entire life started to change back in 2015 when I launched my first high ticket group mentoring program.

And in the last few years of doing it multiple more times successfully for myself as well as helping a strong variety of other Entrepreneurs launch their own high ticket products, programs, or services….

….some clear patterns have emerged.

There are some clear things that separate the long term, sustainably successful and profitable products from those that struggle, flounder, or fizzle out.

These are the exact strategies shared in The High Ticket Launchpad.

In addition to my personal experience, Frank Bria joins me in delivering this powerful (and complete) training for launching your next successful high ticket program.

Frank is the author of the internationally bestselling book Scale: How to Crow Your Business by Working Less

He is the go-to authority on scalable program design and execution, having helped thousands of entrepreneurs design, build, validate, and consistently sell their own High-Ticket Program(s).

Along the way he was helped businesses in a wide range of verticals, including: fintech, SaaS, coaching, consulting, speaking, professional services, agency services, and expertise based businesses.

And he is an absolute master at teaching how to craft a profitable, scalable product (all the way from ideation to execution and delivering a superior customer experience that creates raving fans…)

I am thrilled to have someone of Frank’s caliber here and together we have put together:

Here is what is covered in the High-Ticket Launchpad:

Module 1. Designing Your Business Model For Lasting Success

  • The 4 Reasons Why People Buy
  • Mapping Your Business Model to Fit Your Customer’s Journey .
  • Designing A Business Model That
  • Delivers Powerful Results

Module 2. Deeply Understanding & Serving Your Customers

  • Avatar vs Outcome
  • Creating Your Customer Profile .
  • Finding Your’6 Figure Solution’
  • Expanding & Refining Your ‘6 Figure Solution’

Module 3. Creating Your Signature Process

  • Extracting Your Proprietary Process .
  • Designing Your Process Into Stages .
  • Creating Milestones & Deliverables
  • Refining & Sharing Your Framework

Module 4. Scalable Delivery

  • Crafting Your Product MVP .
  • How to write a Velvet Rope post that will build a following and drive sales into your program

Lastly, The High Ticket Launchpad includes exclusive bonuses that will help you accelerate your growth so that you can….build deeper connections with the people in your audience so they grow to know, like, trust, and buy from you faster…. sharpen your sales skills….and even 2 tickets to one of our R.O.I. Live events to learn how to effectively utilize our signature marketing methodology, The R.O.I. Method.

Here is a full breakdown of all the bonuses offered to you as a part of The High Ticket Launchpad:

Facebook Group Masterclass

  • How to create, manage and grow a successful Closed FB Group that perpetually brings you highly qualified clients hungry to buy more from you.

Social DM Selling

  • The #1 Profitable Growth Hack Strategy For Rapidly Filling Your High Ticket Offer On-Demand.

Omnipresence in 7 days

  • How to develop an Omnipresence awareness campaign to flood your doors with people who want to buy your high-ticket program.

Templates and Swipes

  • Ads, Emails, Social Posts, and Sales Letters that have been successfully used to scale High Ticket Programs

Magnetisation - The Art of How To Be Followed

  • We want to transfer to you the exact skills to becoming a top authority in your niche and leading influencer in your craft which will help you differentiate and distance yourself from the competition.

Unfair Advantage 360 Assessment

  • Have you fully identified and claimed your unique ‘Unfair Advantage’ in your market? This is the exact assessment I’ve used in the past to help experts identify their ‘sweet spot’ so that they can dominate the competition.