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Business Credit Formula Exposed

2 years of denials and 3 years of approvals equal 5 years of developing a proven, systematic, step-by-step system for establishing “real business credit” fast!

“Give Me 5 Minuntes And I’ll Show You How I Take New Businesses With No Credit To
$90,000 of Unsecured Credit Lines
In Less Than 90 Days!”

Even in this economy, you can achieve the same results with a system
proven to be successful time and time again. It does not matter
if you started your business yesterday or if you’ve
been in business for years.

I’m going to show you how to do it and you will never use your personal credit - ever!

I’ve accomplished this in record time! Even before the “big boy” business credit services guaranteed they would. As a matter of fact, they claim that
the results may vary…

I say the results are the same for everyone. I was in no better of a position than you and I guarantee that you will have the same results I’ve had without the ridiculous up front costs and long term demands!

I can relate to your situation. It’s no secret we’re living in some of the most stressful and difficult times in years and today’s economy is a killer.

Keep an open mind and hear me out, I’ll show you how to flood your business with the credit lines you need to take your business to the next level.

Take a minute to hear me out and I’ll save you a lot of heartache and show you how to get the funding you need - I promise!

Your Business Is About To Go Into Overdrive!

  • Tap into thousands of dollars of business credit
  • ELIMINATE your personal liability and risk
  • Crack the code behind the mystery of business credit
  • Quickly turn your business into a worthy credit producing machine

The following “steroid injected” information you’re about to receive will be the second best business decision you will have made (only second to you starting a business in the first place - CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the club)!

I have compiled the entire process in this all-in-one, easy to follow, step-by-step system so you do not have to learn the hard way. The sky is the limit when it comes to the value of what your about to learn!

This system is about achieving your goals of establishing business credit today! There is no need to have to go through years worth of time wasting, money consuming methods to gain business credit lines, business credit cards or business bank loans.

You can legitimately accomplish this in 30 days with major lines of credit coming in around 60 to 90 days into the process.

You Are About to Learn Exactly What the “Big Boy” Credit Building Companies Charge Thousands of Dollars for!

“And why they are ticked off at me for sharing it with you!”

If everyone knew what I am about to share with you, these “Big Boy” business credit building companies, who charge thousands of dollars, would be out of business because no one would need their services.

They hope you never find out how easy it is to getting business credit on your own without putting your personal assets on the line! If I can do it from a rented room after living in the back seat of my car, it’is obvious you can do it to.

Here is just a sample of what you’re about to receive:

  • How to quickly establish business credit and turn your business into a credit worthy cash producing machine.
  • The correct way to apply for credit without getting red flagged.
  • How to overcome objections. For example, what do you do when a creditor asks you for your social security number?
  • Why your business depends on some basic “street smart credit tactics” and how to master them quickly so you never risk your personal assets.
  • A very simple tactic that will get lenders begging you to take more of their money!
  • How to confidently “demand” a credit line and get approved.
  • The cash-multiplying secrets of “Operation Credit Suck”. You can skip going to college for a master’s degree in business… because EVERYTHING you need to know about getting the credit your business needs I explain in this system.
  • Knowing the proper steps to take and what order to make them in will get you the business credit you need. Even if you lack experience, have no credit or have extremely negative credit.

You won’t use your social security or sign as a personal guarantor ever!

Most business owners don’t have a clue about getting business credit without a personal guarantee.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the difference between a FICO score and PAYDEX or if you don’t even have a business yet.

The ONLY thing that matters right now, in this moment is, your desire to hop aboard the “credit-gravy train” and use the system I developed for entrepreneurs just like you.

I’m Going to Show You Exactly how to Use Your New Business Credit Lines to Gain Cash Flow Opportunities!

No matter where you are with your business, you can get all the capital you need
for your entrepreneurial activities if you just follow my already proven,
step-by-step, business credit building system.

It could take you years and cost you a small fortune in failures to figure out just the right combination of steps that make your business a “Credit Producing Machine.

So this moment, right now, take the first, easy, small step that will infuse your business with the capital it needs. Finally, you have discovered an easy to follow blueprint with pro-level tricks and tactics that will bring in the money you need to get your business to the next level.

This is business! So right this moment, put yourself in the mindset of a business person. Get aggressive and start making your power moves! It’s a lot easier when you discover the KEY secrets 99.9% of business owners never learn. And with your permission, I’m going to send you an enormous amount of material:

“A faster, easier, and understandable small business credit building strategy that took me years of trial and error, mistake after mistake, and finally proven time and time again. This works and it will work for you! It will empower you exponentially when you apply what I’ve learned to your business today!”

Any type of business can use this step-by-step, no fluff, straight to the point, and shockingly reliable information to jump start a new business, a new project or product, gain market share momentum or buy out marketing competitors.

The list of possibilities is endless when you’ve acquired what millions of business owners and entrepreneurs alike fail at year after year.

End Personal Liability And Gain Strong Funding Opportunities By Establishing
Business Credit Today!

Imagine yourself in this situation…

I’ve always believed that if you can see it, you can achieve it. So I want you to do a bit of imagining for as long as it takes. In business, as I’m sure you know, you have to stop, think, and then decide simply YES or No.

Being a business owner comes with major responsibility and that’s making the right decisions at the right time!

So take a peek below at a few of the companies that you will be establishing credit accounts with (I’ll be sharing with you exactly how to do it shortly). Purchasing power is having the ability to buy what you need, when you need it!

Look at each one of the following companies you will gain credit lines with and imagine yourself walking through their store having the purchasing power to grow your business.

Which brings me to this question… Would you like to be able to achieve your business goals by establishing business credit with the above companies and never have to use your personal credit score?

You can buy advertising, equipment, outside services such as heavy equipment, web design, vehicles and/or whatever your business needs to reach future goals? If that sounds like something your business needs, then you’ve done an excellent job so far.

10 Facts about this program…

  • Fact # 1: You Will Be Amazed From Beginning To End, Step By Step!
    This is the opposite of the typical “how to” book which only showcases other businesses and their successes without any real information on how to establish business credit for yourself. The approach here is simple, you will be given detailed step-by-step directions to build your business credit lines right away.
  • Fact # 2: This Applies To New, Small And Established Businesses!
    It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for 10 years, 2 years or haven’t even started your business yet. There are benefits for you to take advantage of no matter how far along your are in your business. I suggest before you make another move towards building your business credit you stop and buy this program now. It will save you time, money and will stop you from the common problems; such as being blacklisted from credit lenders!
  • Fact # 3: You Will Not Need Your Social Security Number - Ever!
    Why start a business or corporation when you can just do business as yourself? The most prominent reason is that you protect yourself from personal liability. So why are all these business credit grantors requiring your personal guarantee? You will learn more about why your social security number is asked for and you’ll also learn how NOT to provide it and still get approved!
  • Fact # 4: You Will Understand How Business Credit Lenders Think!
    You need to know how the “YES Man” thinks. I’ve figured him out. I’ve compiled all the necessary resources for you to have in hand prior to sending an application. Your credentials will be in order and the “YES Man” will love you for it!
  • Fact #5: You Will Have Open Trade Accounts Within 30 Days!
    How are you going to achieve this? Your going to see who, what, when and where to apply and get business credit applications approved. These are useful credit accounts that you can use for business office supplies, business cell phones, fuel and many more of the likes!
  • Fact # 6: You Will Have Strong Credit Accounts Within 60-90 Days!
    Moving into phase 2, you will really see your businesses purchasing power increase! Enjoy credit lines, credit cards, and several business perks you have yet to think about! I have thought about it, I have benefited from it and now you are going to benefit from it!
  • Fact # 7: You Can Duplicate The Process For Each Business You Start!
    Now that you’ve done it once…do it again….and again…and again. I can’t express enough how effective corporate America is in achieving it’s business goals. The resources are readily available for you to build your businesses right now and don’t stop with one! You’ll see how I built multiple businesses and increased my purchasing power to limits you would simply be SHOCKED!
  • Fact # 8: Business Credit Increases Your Purchasing Power!
    You will use your business credit lines for things like obtaining computers for new interns, promoting your products and/or services or you may need new photography equipment to expand your studio business. You need startup funds to get your business ideas off the ground. This is your perfect opportunity!
  • Fact # 9: You Are Going To Enjoy How Easy It Is To Establish Credit!
    Establishing business credit is extremely easy. You don’t have to pay a company thousands of dollars to do it for you. They are charging for their expertise, not the time and effort involved. You will be able to do this on your own with this guide, in hand, every step of the way.
  • Fact # 10: You Can Start Immediately Without Delay!
    The time is now to take advantage and get your business ahead. Feel good about it because you can’t lose. There is no risk. You will get all this information, a detailed step-by-step instruction guide and an AWESOME companion CD.

This is not like any other system out there.

You will learn exactly how to establish business credit on your own. From there though, it is up to you. If you are serious about building credit in a real business, and you are willing to DO IT you will be very pleased with your investment.

If you are still hanging in there with me, then chances are you will do what it takes. You understand…

  • There is no such thing as a magic bullet.
  • You will have to stay organized with your paperwork.
  • This will only work for you if you put the effort into it.
  • And that I do not want your money if you’re not serious.

And for being understanding, I thank you.

You are a rare breed in this day and age. You have what it takes if you agree with all of the above. All you need right now is the proper guidance and you will achieve and live your dreams of running a real business you can be proud of — but most importantly you will get the business credit you need.

Okay, So What’s The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

Well, realize that if you were to hire a business credit consulting company to build your credit for you, you would end up paying them thousands of dollars. In fact, some of these companies would charge you a $5,000 non-refundable upfront fee in addition to the 3 points they will charge you on any of the credit lines they originate for you!

This means, if they find you a $100,000 loan, you will have to pay them $3,000 just for originating your loan and this is even before you use a single penny from it. In fact, most of them will have you sign a non-circumvent agreement, which prevents you from EVER getting credit or a loan from any bank/company they have told you about, without first paying them the 3 points when you originate the loan.

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