R.S. Of Houston Workshop - Top Futures Day Trading Course DVD

R.S. Of Houston Workshop - Top Futures Day Trading Course DVD.  Product DescriptionDear Trader:My name is Joe Corona and over the past 23 years, I hav...

R.S. Of Houston Workshop - Top Futures Day Trading Course DVD

R.S. Of Houston Workshop - Top Futures Day Trading Course DVD


Product Description

Dear Trader:

My name is Joe Corona and over the past 23 years, I have made my full-time living trading in the options markets. I started my career on the CBOE in 1982, I ran Tony Saliba’s trading desk for 3 1/2 years and now I run a proprietary trading and consulting operation which specializes in trading U.S., European, and Asian derivatives. I have also personally trained hundreds of options and derivative traders for some of the biggest institutional financial firms in the world.

Now, for the first time, in collaboration with TradingMarkets, I’m going to be teaching individual traders how to trade options. Plus, I’ll be trading a live account so you can watch me execute the trades live. By the time you are done with our course, you will have the knowledge to find and execute options strategies which have the biggest potential edge each trading day.

What Type Of Trading Strategies Will I Teach You?

Most option courses either use a great deal of math, the Greeks (delta, theta, vega, etc.) or they show you how to buy puts and calls and do covered-call writing. MY COURSE DOES NONE OF THESE! I’m going to teach you “what really works” and I’m going to be doing it with strategies which I (and other professionals in Chicago) have used successfully for years, and/or strategies which have had at least 10 years of statistical and systematic proof that an edge has existed.

This is the type of options course I wish I had two decades ago when I started trading. Many traders use math to trade options. That’s fine but it’s incomplete. Many more traders buy calls and puts while guessing direction (most of them lose). The key to trading options professionally is to have technical analysis strategies and systems with edges and then knowing how to identify and trade low-risk options which give you the opportunity for substantial returns.

My course is simple to understand, easy to use and it will be backed by me trading real money in real time with the strategies. The options industry has long needed a course like this and as far as I know this is the only course of its kind!

Most Options Information Taught By Others Is Useless

I’m sorry to be so blunt, but after 23 years of trading and teaching, it’s just the way it is. As you and I both know, there is a tremendous amount of useless information taught by others and my goal is to make sure you avoid trading that information and learn how to trade options the proper and correct way. In my opinion and experience, options are the single best investment vehicle to trade with and, when done correctly, they give you the greatest opportunity to potentially make substantial profits. The one thing I promise you is that you will not find most, (if any) of the TMOC strategies in any book or any other options course. You will learn many of the same strategies that I have used to make my living trading for the past 23 years.

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What is The Tradingmarkets Professional Options Trading College (TMOC)?

TradingMarkets Professional Options Trading College is a professionally constructed options training program which will get you to the level of being able to make correct options decisions every day for years to come. You will not find the knowledge in TMOC any place else, either on the Internet, in books or in other courses. You have the peace of mind of knowing the strategies are real, and the research is real. And, after you learn the strategies, you will be able to watch me trade live (and trade alongside me if you wish) in order to assure you have full mastery of what has been taught.

  1.  Over a 14-week period of time (my class starts in the first week of June), we will meet once a week for 1 to 1-1/2 hours live on the Internet. In order to assure you receive personalized attention the class will be strictly limited to 45 traders maximum.
  2.  During each session I will take you through a step-by-step process of combining specific directional strategies (most backed by at least 10 years of statistical quantification) with low- risk options trades. Naked short positions and exotic positions will not be used at anytime. My goal for you is that by the time you are done with my course, you will be able to come into the trading day, identify the lowest risk/highest potential return edges which exist and know exactly which options strategies to trade.
  3.  I will also teach you the correct way to scale in and out of these positions in order to lower your cost basis and lock in profits. Plus, you will learn how I use price stops and time stops to protect all trades. On top of this, I will share with you some of the best advanced trading strategies successful professionals in Chicago use (I’ve used many of them for years and you will see me trade these strategies in live trading during the course). One of the setups you will learn (in Week 8) is so powerful that, during some years I (and other traders) have made an entire “year’s worth of profits” from this one setup alone. And, by the time you complete the course, you will be in possession of this and many other of my best strategies.