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Roy Carter - Middle Man Magic digital download. Info: [eBook (PDF)]. I'm Sharing The Exact Methods I Use To Generate 6-Figure Income Working As Little ...
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Roy Carter - Middle Man Magic

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Middle Man Magic

Roy Carter - Middle Man Magic

Roy Carter - Middle Man Magic


My name is Roy Carter.

I have appeared on numerous occasions on stage to teach people like you everything I know about running a profitable business on the internet and today I would like to share with you a very unique opportunity to discover how you too can easily build a sustainable 6-figure internet business on just 5$ a day.

Don't worry, this won't be another of those endless hyped-up sales letter.

I pride myself in being a straight shooter and no-bullshit marketer, so I'm simply going to lay it all in front of you and let you decide for yourself.

No sneaky marketing tricks.

If you are not 100% percent convinced that this offer is right for you at this time, no hurt feelings. But If you are looking for a solution that will help you build your internet business empire and live the internet marketing lifestyle...

You don't want to miss out on this opportunity to...

Find out who to trust, and when to trust them with your business. Without this, your whole business can go downhill fast. Discover the top 5 outsourcing websites and how you can leverage them to find more qualified workers in less time. Avoid sour situations from the start by knowing exactly what information to give your workers, and when. Learn the best quality control methods to make sure you get the results that you pay for - every time. Never worry about missed deadlines again with my exclusive management methods - it's not what you think. Gain immediate access to the best tools to train your workers and create professional documents on the go Master the 3 elements that will determine the success - or failure -
of any business, including yours. And much, much more, that you will only read about in my Middle Man Magic guide to outsourcing your success...

When you order my guide today, you will receive a complete solution that teaches you the latest and most up to date outsourcing methods, but also shows you exactly where to outsource and most importantly of all provides you with information and projects that you can pass to your outsourcers right away to make a profit today!

Most Outsourcing Products
Are Complete Rubbish! 

When you look beyond all the hype around outsourcing and the numbers of so-called experts that pop up every week, you quickly realise that real insider information is often hard to get.

The reason for this is simple: Most of the people selling the information are just desperate marketers trying to make a quick buck by jumping on the outsourcing bandwagon without much prior experience. They want to make a profit from this new trend, and who can blame them?

Here's my beef however.

I don't want to get involved into a lawsuit so I won't be dropping names, but I've actually met one of those popular "outsourcing experts" who, after a few beers, started bragging about how he went as far as outsource the creation of his complete outsourcing guide...

Give me a break.

That's like asking the kid behing the counter at McDonald's to write you a guide on building a franchise. At best the only thing you will have to show after a few hours is generic information, often outdated, that can easily be found on the internet for free.

But the real value of a product is in the insider information it contains - and I wanted to make damn sure my Middle Man Magic guide to outsourcing was jam-packed with it.

Now that we got this out of the way, let me tell you more about what my complete guide to outsourcing for internet marketers is NOT:

An over-expensive 30 page report telling you to go to post a job on Elance and pray for the best. A quick-fix solution teaching you how to exploit the latest internet marketing loopholes that will get you slapped A quickly assembled hyped up version of the same material you can get for free after a simple search on the internet. An all fluff, no meat product bragging about online success to sell you my bigger, more expensive program.

Nope, instead....

I'm Sharing The Exact Methods I Use
To Generate 6-Figure Income Working
As Little As Two Hours Per Day!

All as you watch your internet business grow into a monster 6-figure empire, almost on autopilot.

Sounds too good to be true?

Fortunately, it's not.

Below are just a few screenshots from recent projects I've been involved with and the methods, techniques and ideas discussed in my Middle Man Magic guide to outsourcing have all been key elements to achieving this level of success for myself and hundreds of my students.

Please see for yourself...

Roy Carter - Middle Man Magic

That's over twenty-five thousand dollars paydays, almost on autopilot.

Roy Carter - Middle Man Magic

I've been using this information to literally DOMINATE product launches...

Roy Carter - Middle Man Magic

And I'm including the exact step-by-step system I've been using in my guide.

But that is just ONE of the many exclusive business blueprints you will receive when you place your order today.

Believe me, no matter how much I'd like to think I'm the smartest cookie around, I'm not.

Fortunately, however, I learned how to work smarter - not harder.

And you're about to gain access to this exclusive knowledge as well.

But before we get to that let me ask you point blank...

Are You Ready To See Similar
Results In Your Own Business?

At the beginning of this letter I stated that you may feel like leveraging your efforts to grow your business through outsourcing is not for you - and that's fine. I understand this is not for everyone.

You need to love working with people. You have to be quick on your feet and love making managerial decisions. You must be creative to constantly improve and find ways to grow your business in new directions.

If for you internet marketing is a way to make ends meet while you work a day-job, or if you are not completely comfortable with huge amounts of success, you might want to pass on this offer.

But before you make that decision, just imagine....

...being able to take your family and loved ones on vacation knowing that you are leaving your business in the hands of people you can trust...

...having at in your hands all the blueprints and resources you need to create multiple streams of income for yourself and scale your results, working less and less hours while your profit grows.

...having the freedom to truly do the work you enjoy and maximise your results by knowing how to best outsource the tasks you hate doing and have them done by real experts.

And these are just some of the benefits you will be shown when you get your copy of Middle Man Magic today. The information in this manual is guaranteed to put you in control of your business by teaching you insider strategies to managing and building a profitable internet business empire.

No matter what your current level of success is, you will be able to start using the information straight away to easily shift your focus from working in your business, to working on your business - where you should be.

And to help you get started straight away, your copy of Middle Man Magic also gives you immediate access (right inside the ebook) to ...

Roy Carter - Middle Man Magic

Roy Carter - Middle Man Magic

Roy Carter - Middle Man Magic

Roy Carter - Middle Man Magic

Roy Carter - Middle Man Magic

All you have to do is follow the recipes provided using your own outsourced workers (hint: remember I even tell you how to find the best workers for pennies on the dollar), rinse, repeat, and profit.

I can't think of any way to make this offer even more attractive so I'll let you get right to it.

Warning: Do Not Proceed Unless You Are Serious About Getting The Insider Information About...

  • Why Most Marketers Go About Finding A Virtual Assistant The Wrong Way.
  • How To Make Sure You Get The Results You Expect From Your Workers
  • ... And The Best Way To React When Things Are Going Sour.
  • Exactly What To Tell Your Workers Before You Hire Them.
  • How To Stop Working In Your Company And How To Start Managing It.
  • The Most Reliable Quality Control Checklist For All Your Projects.
  • When Should You Start Looking For A VA - If At All?
  • A Collection Of Tools I Use To Train And Manage My Workers.
  • How To Avoid Wasting Time By Accurately Screening Potential Providers.
  • The Best Strategies To Scale And Grow Your Business Fast.
  • Crisis Management And How To Deal With Last Minute Disasters.
  • And much, much more...