Roy Carter & Lynda Burke - Moving to Cyprus

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Roy Carter & Lynda Burke - Moving to Cyprus digital download. Info: [1 Ebook]. Thinking of moving to Cyprus? Ever wished you could quit the rat race and...
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Roy Carter & Lynda Burke - Moving to Cyprus

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Format: [1 Ebook]


Moving to Cyprus To Live

Thinking of moving to Cyprus? Ever wished you could quit the rat race and move to sunnier climes?

Fancy living the Med lifestyle and moving here to live?

If you've thought seriously about living in Cyprus, then you'll almost certainly have a thousand and one questions that you need answering.

We have written this ebook so that it contains all of the information that we wish someone had provided for us before we moved to live in Cyprus.

When we first decided on moving to Cyprus, there was just so much that we didn't know, so we had to find out things the hard way...................

How To Import A Car - The Pro's AND the Cons

Do We Need A Residency Permit - How & where do I get one?

Do I Need A Work Permit - How do I make sure I am working legally?

What About Retiring In Cyprus? - What do I need to do?

What Is Health Care Like? - Will I be looked after if I get sick?

What About Bringing A Pet? - Can I bring my cats and dogs?

What Are The Schools Like? - Will my children be well educated?

What Does It Cost To Rent An Apartment or Villa?

How Difficult Is It To Buy A Property? - Just what is involved?

How Does The Cost Of Living Compare - Will it be cheaper to live in Cyprus?

All these questions are answered and much more besides, in 'Live The Med Lifestyle In Cyprus'!

As it says on the cover......"All You Need To Know About Moving To Cyprus To Live."

This ebook has been written by two people who have thought about moving to Cyprus and then actually taken the plunge and made the move to live here. i.e. US!

There are books about moving to Cyprus advertised on the internet that are not only misleading to people, but the information is dangerously out of date. Many of these books have been written by people who have never set foot in Cyprus.

In contrast, 'Live The Med Lifestyle In Cyprus' was written by Roy Carter & Lynda Burke in 2006.

Roy and Lyn are currently living and working in Cyprus very happily and enjoying all that the island has to offer.

If you'd like to save yourself days of fruitless searching of the internet, only to come up with out of date, or just plain wrong information, grab this ebook now. It is a veritable goldmine of information that could well save you both time, major inconvenience and save you money too.

'Live The Med Lifestyle In Cyprus' costs less than your first dinner for two will cost you on the island! $15 for.....................

Over 100 pages of up to date, 'straight from the horse's mouth' information, painstakingly compiled for you in order to ensure that your move to the 'Island of Love' is a happy and successful one!

The ebook comes in pdf format which is the 'industry standard' and you can begin reading this ebook in the next few minutes as it is available as a digital download. It takes just seconds to download and save the ebook to your computer.