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Robert Plank - Black Hat PHP digital download. Info: [PDF + PHP Scripts + SWF]. Legendary PHP Programmer Breaks Down "Hiding-In-Plain Sight" High-Reward...
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Robert Plank - Black Hat PHP

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Black Hat PHP

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Legendary PHP Programmer Breaks Down "Hiding-In-Plain Sight" High-Reward Sales Strategies, Overlooked By Even the Most Seasoned Internet Marketers!

Unlike Other "Black Hat" Advice, It Won't Get Your Site Shut Down, Won't Waste Your Time Chasing False Leads Such As Spam, YouTube, Ringtones, CPA Offers, or AdSense...
He Focuses On What Really Works!

Robert Plank - Black Hat PHP

From The Desk Of: Robert Plank, B.S. CompSci
Date: Monday, 8:00 AM

Fellow Web Site Owner,

Are you already making between $1 and $10,000 per month from your internet marketing efforts?

With my low cost e-book and video course Black Hat PHP, you can turn underperforming sales letters into cash machines that shine and increase that monthly income!

You don't need to know how to program, all you need to know is how to cut-n-paste and follow simple instructions.

On the other hand, if you are a "get your hands dirty" kind of site builder, I will give you some detailed instructions on how you can totally bend these profit-boosting scripts to your will.

The Story So Far...

Here is the quick and neat recipe for product creation.

  • Step 1: Create (or find) a simple product to promote.
  • Step 2: Create a list to funnel leads into, both BEFORE and AFTER a sale.
  • Step 3: Write a sales letter to explain your product and take orders.
  • Step 4: Drive traffic to your sales page from sources by building authority sites, marketing to forums, buying pay-per-click traffic, or posting to blogs.
  • Step 5: Test small changes on your sales letters to turn a trickle of sales into a waterfall of income! (This is my favorite part!)

With these five easy steps in mind, I've created Black Hat PHP.

You've got me. When I clean house, my favorite part is piling old unneeded stuff into trash bags and taking them out to the trash. I like eliminating things that don't work, and focusing on things that DO work.

Just choose a site of yours that isn't selling as well as you'd like, decide which of these seven sales strategies you'd like to try to improve conversions, and plug it right in!

What, you ask, are these seven sales page tactics?

Tactic #1: Revisit Reminder: Add A Reminder to Visitors' Calendars With One Click to Get Them to Come Back to Your Site on A Recurring Basis

Running Time: 19 minutes, 0 seconds

Have you heard of the term BBL... "Buy, Bookmark, or Leave?"

When someone comes to your site, your #1 priority should be making a sale.

If you don't make a sale, and you don't have a way to make your site sticky -- for visitors to return at a later date -- they're leaving and they're never coming back.

Using a hidden feature in Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Calendar, and Apple iCal... you can place an appointment on your visitors' calendar that will POP-UP in 24 hours, or in a week, reminding them to come back and visit your site when they have more time!

This largely untapped feature has become even more popular with the introduction of Windows Vista, which contains a built-in calendar program!

Tactic #2: Aweber Auto Submitter: Integrate Any Third-Party Payment System with Any Third-Party Mailing List!

Running Time: 25 minutes, 30 seconds

How did Steve Iser, student to copywriting legend John Hostler, lose 3000 perfectly good paying customers?

He didn't automatically subscribe buyers into a mailing list.
People bought from him, went to a download page, then grabbed the product.

He had a perfectly good subscription form sitting on the front page. Buyers were willing to subscribe to receive product updates and future offers.

But his buyers -- like yours -- have a one-track mind. They want to download and use the thing they just paid for.

That means that 3000 potentially recurring buyers became 3000 one-time buyers.

Using my script, you can take Clickbank sales, PayPal sales, Amember signups, and so on -- and automatically funnel them into Aweber, GetResponse, or any mailing list you choose.

Tactic #3: Link Manipulator: Are You Leaking Traffic? Plug Those Leaks and Avoid Newbie Site-Building Mistakes

Running Time: 18 minutes, 34 seconds

Losing blog traffic... is like pumping tons of gallons of water into the turbines of a powerful nuclear reactor... and having a damn hole in the side of the thing for water to leak out!

It might take you twice, five times, or ten times as much traffic ("water") to get the same results as if you had just plugged the leak!

I run a blog and I'm very careful about which links I open in a new window, in the current window, or aren't links at all. If I do anything else, I'm leaking traffic and that's just sloppy marketing.

Tactic #4: Whitelist Wizard: Re-Capture the 40 Percent of Your List That Never Receive Your E-Mails...
Because They Failed to Confirm Their Address!

This collection of website scripts and tutorials, includes some remarkably clever stuff from Robert.

If you take the time to get into it properly, your jaw will drop and you'll be able to make your site "dance".

Kevin Brown

Running Time: 14 minutes, 57 seconds

When someone signs up to your double opt-in mailing list, you want them to receive your messages.

What's the use of going to the trouble of collecting someone's e-mail address, and sending follow-ups to them, if those messages end up in the Junk Mail folder?

With a couple lines of cut-and-paste code, you can provide customized instructions on your thank you page showing subscribers how to whitelist your e-mail address and ensure the message is delivered.

It doesn't matter if your visitor uses Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!, or AOL as their e-mail provider... you can give them simple instructions tailored to THEIR e-mail provider.

Tactic #5: Affiliate Link Generator: Use Multiple Sales Letters to Leverage More Profits From Affiliate Traffic!

Running Time: 23 minutes, 59 seconds

If you've launched a product and it's already making a small number of sales... try writing multiple sales letters for it... a hard-sell, a soft-sell, a long sales letter or a short sales letter.

Give affiliates the chance to promote any style of sales letter they want... just point and click, then copy a simple URL to promote. You make things as plug-n-play as possible for those people bringing you traffic.

Just like the other scripts in this package, even if you don't know HTML that well, you can easily customize it in any HTML editor or pay some freelancer $10 to follow the exact intsructions in this book and install it for you.

Tactic #6: Time of Day Personalizer: Subconsciously Connect With Your Readers In A Subtle Way That Keeps Their Attention Long Enough to Hear Your Sales Message...

Running Time: 14 minutes, 33 seconds

If you've tweaked your sales letters like I do you know that it's mostly the little things that suddenly bring in more sales... and you have no idea why!

Edit out a sentence or two, change the headline or greeting, and that makes all the difference with your conversion rates!

I've recently stumbled on a tactic that uses the time of day to establish a hypnotic relationship with your reader. It works no matter what timezone or continent they're in!

If you sold a product about improving your child's grades in school, which sentence would strike more of a chord with a prospect?

  • Learn the Hidden Secrets to Boosting Your Child's Grades By 10% ... It Only Takes Three Hours for You to Learn This Technique!
  • Learn the Hidden Secrets to Boosting Your Child's Grades By 10% ... You'll Be Ready to Show Them By the Time You Pick Them Up After School Today!

The second headline has more of an effect because your reader knows exactly how soon they can expect results. Telling them three whole hours makes it sound like a lot of work!

With the script I provide, you can change this headline based on the time of the day.

If they're reading your sales letter in the early morning, you could explain one thing they could tell their kids at the breakfast table to make a difference THAT DAY.

If your prospect visits your site at night, you might tell them what they can do before bedtime to make a whallop of a difference.

You can apply this technology to sentence fragments, whole headlines or paragraphs, or even entire sales pages! It totally up to you and it's so easy!

Tactic #7: Licensed Reseller Script: Reward Top Affiliates With Passive "Loyalty" Income By Ensuring That No Traffic Goes Unclaimed!

Running Time: 8 minutes, 25 seconds

Establish scarcity by requiring visitors to purchase your product from an "authorized reseller" -- but still make it as easy as pie for people to buy from you! Avoid the usual retailer mistakes with this killer tactic.

Ensure that the bigwigs will continue to promote your product day in and day out for months and years to come.

With minimal customization, you can adapt this to ANY affiliate program -- not just Clickbank!