Rob Poulos - Fat Burning Package + YOTA Bonuses

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Rob Poulos - Fat Burning Package + YOTA Bonuses digital download. Info: [12 PDF, 7 FLV, 6 MP3, 5 Web Pages] | 843.09 MB. where you will experience intens...
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Rob Poulos - Fat Burning Package + YOTA Bonuses

Type: Digital download

Format: [12 PDF, 7 FLV, 6 MP3, 5 Web Pages]

File size: 843.09 MB



ACTION TAKER BONUS 1"Relax & Become A Fat Burning Furnace" (Downloadable Audio)($49 Value) In this powerful self hypnosis session designed specifically to work with Fat Burning Furnace system, Master Hypnotist Jim Katsoulis will guide you into a calm and relaxed state, where you will experience intense motivation and excitement for your new body. You will find this session causes your habits to change naturally, allowing your body to transform rapidly. A must have if you are serious about taking action!ACTION TAKER BONUS 2

"The Energy Factor" (4 Downloadable Audios) ($79 Value)

These amazing audios are from a seminar where some of the world's top models, actors and actresses listened as their coach Christopher Guerriero showed them the latest breakthroughs in health and energy enhancement... Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the best selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series said, “Christopher gives practical idea’s any person can use to propel their health, their appearance and their energy level while getting an inside peak at how celebrities, athletes and normal folks achieve amazing results!”Now you, too, can have loads of energy all day – every day...

ACTION TAKER BONUS 3"30 Days Of Personal Training Access" (Online Access) ($59 Value)

With Global Health & Fitness's Online Personal Training, you'll get exclusive access to online fat loss and fitness tools including: * 175 exercise instructions and video demonstrations * 100's of delicious and healthy recipes and shopping lists * Fitness tracking software * And more!ACTION TAKER BONUS 4"3x Abs: Get Flat Sexy Abs In 21 Days" (Downloadable Workout Guide & Videos)($49 Value) From Nathan Hopkins, this quick circuit training Abs program allows you to get killer ab workouts all from the privacy of your own home!With this powerful program, you get:

* 3x Abs Workout Guide

* Week 1, 2 & 3 Workout Videos (viewed online or downloaded to your computer or iPod)

ACTION TAKER BONUS 5"Healthy Meals On The Go" (Downloadable Guide) ($29 Value)

No-nonsense training guru Vince Delmonte's personal collection of 30 of the most delicious, nutritious and fat blasting smoothie recipes you've never tried! Perfect for that quick healthy snack, on the go breakfast, or pre and post workout nutrition to make sure you are always feeding your body the right stuff and the right times...

ACTION TAKER BONUS 6"100 Calorie Snack Report" (Downloadable Guide) ($19 Value)

We are always searching for that low calorie snack that won't stop our fat loss progress...yet with so much confusion and the lies from the billion dollar food industry, it sometimes is terribly difficult. With this amazing little guide, registered dietician Jayson Hunter dishes out loads of daytime or nightime snacks that will let you keep eating AND keep burning fat faster... ACTION TAKER BONUS 7"The 7 Super Supplements" (Downloadable Guide) ($19 Value)Stop wasting your time and money with garbage 'miracle cure' supplements. Best selling fitness author Jon Benson reveals what works, what doesn't, and how to tell the difference! This revealing guide is a must read for anyone considering supplementing their fat loss and fitness diets...ACTION TAKER BONUS 8"Unstoppable Fat Loss w/ Scott Tousignant & Jon Benson" (Downloadable Report)($29 Value)In this explosive interview, host Scott Tousignant grills fat loss motivation expert Jon Benson for his top tips how to get your mind to work for you, instead of against you in your fat loss goals. Jon reveals some of his top 'mental gymnastics' for getting and staying lean, sexy and strong for life!

ACTION TAKER BONUS 9"Trouble Spot Tune-Up" (Downloadable Guide) ($19 Value)This 10 minute home exercise routine for the girls will get your legs, butt and hips a-shakin' and begin to sculpt that lean firm look that makes guys stare and friends jealous! From best-selling fitness author Joey Atlas...ACTION TAKER BONUS 10"Confessions Of A Yo-Yo Dieter" (Downloadable Guide) ($19 Value)Struggling with obesity all his young life, bestselling fitness author Joey Atlas outlines his story. You also get his "7 Rock Solid Fitness Principles" that you must understand if you desire to get and stay fit for the rest of your lean and healthy life...

ACTION TAKER BONUS 11"7 Back Pain Mistakes" (Online Audio) ($19 Value)

In working with tens of thousands of back pain sufferers, Jesse Canone from the Health Back Institute covers the 7 biggest mistakes people make in finding relief from back pain. Which of these 7 mistakes are you making...are there more than 1? Find out and what to do about it in this revealing audio...ACTION TAKER BONUS 12"Improve Your Posture In 30 Days" (Downloadable Guide) ($29 Value)A little known fact, your posture is actually one of the cornerstone's to living a healthy pain-free life. It also is that extra advantage to help you in your workouts, to feel more confident, sexier and stand out in a crowd! No-nonsense training guru Vince Delmonte shows you, step by step, how to improve your posture in just 30 days...Enjoy.