Rikka Zimmerman - Activating Infinite Abundance

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Attention! Are you ready for more blessings, adventure, joy and love?


Join Rikka As She Escorts You Out Of Your Belief System Of Lack And Into An Ever-Expanding Universes Of Infinite Abundance!

Imagine a life with effortless, bliss-filled receiving in all ways…

Imagine a life where money flows in faster than you can spend it…

Imagine having so much abundance in all areas of your life that you cannot remember a time when you lacked anything…

Sound good? I know it does!

This life can be yours—it IS yours—and I am here to guide you all the way there!

An abundant life, where you receive on ALL levels is waiting for you, including more:

  • Love
  • Fulfillment
  • Money
  • Play
  • Relationships
  • Vitality
  • Joy
  • Passion
  • Purpose
  • Adventure
  • Fulfillment
  • And So much more!

Stop Inadvertently Blocking Yourself From Abundance


If Infinite Abundance isn’t flowing through ALL areas of your life—don’t worry! It’s not your fault you haven’t been able to create the wealth you desire. So many of us (including me at one point) stumble through life, operating on belief systems from our past, wondering what we’re doing wrong and why we can’t create the change we so badly want and need.

The truth is, sometimes the most talented, amazing, beautiful, gifted beings (like you!) don’t allow themselves to have wealth.

I know - it sounds a bit silly, right? But I promise you, it’s true. Many people inadvertently block themselves from receiving what they want most.

Now for the great news:

You don’t have to be stuck, frustrated, and in lack ANY longer! Abundance CAN be yours.

I’ve spent the last 10 years traveling the world, helping hundreds of thousands of people to be the magnificent, amazing beings they truly are, as they release the old patterns that are keeping them stuck and effortlessly tap into everything life has to offer.

My life is SO blessed that every single morning, I wake up smiling, excited about my day … wondering if it could possibly get any more amazing!

But it wasn’t always like this.

My Personal Story of Transformation


My journey in consciousness began in the heavier dimension of separation - or as I like to call it “The Not.” Every day, I was experiencing the heavy, debilitating emotions of lack, fear, hurt, pain, anger, doubt, shame, limitation and regret.

And my life reflected it, too. Even though I was on a journey into consciousness, I remained stuck - walled-into a tight fortress of pain.

This is NOT where I wanted to exist!

I was struggling with everything! Money, business, relationships, self-love, and with life in general.

I was $80,000 dollars in debt, working my tail off night and day to make ends meet.

Abundance was what I wanted most, in a life full of lack!


Something Was Blocking Me From the Life I Desired


I knew there was something keeping me from receiving the wealth I longed for.

Through tons of research, learning, and growing, I discovered that I was being vibrationally weighed down by limited financial anchors I couldn’t even see… That were keeping me from the awareness and vibration that I needed to shift my situation.

When I figured out how to identify and release them, I also learned how to raise my energetic vibration to abundance - and as I stepped into the highest echelons of love and joy, everything unlocked for me.

I made my first million in 2012, and even now, new opportunities continue showing up that I never would have imagined were possible for me just a few years ago!

And, most importantly, I discovered exactly how to do this for others, too.

Now, my greatest mission is to help YOU live your absolute most magnificent existence - the one you’re destined for!




This downloadable class is divided into eight, 90-minute audio tracks that are sure to be permanent favorites in your audio library!

During these audio programs, Rikka will guide you through the steps necessary to make the permanent changes in your life so you never have to struggle with abundance again!

Rikka Zimmerman - Activating Infinite Abundance

Module 1

Clearing Past Blocks

In this profound and eye opening audio, Rikka will cognitively and vibrationally lead you through erasing all of the energetic blocks that prevent wealth from flowing to you with tremendous ease. You will:

  • Be effortlessly carried out of energetic mountains of debt and scarcity
  • Learn to easily go from suffering and hard work, to a new space of divine flow that will allow you to gracefully move into your new relationship with money
  • Dissolve the density in your body to free yourself and transform into total light
  • Shine the light of truth into your patterns and see them for what they are
  • Uncover and release the biggest of all lies that keep you locked in your limited space
Rikka Zimmerman - Activating Infinite Abundance

Module 2

Stepping Out of Fear

Is it time for you to let go of the fear that has limited your abundant financial future? Receiving a life that is greater than you can imagine, can seem scary at first. Just imagine that you are appearing on Oprah and your business is going to make a million dollars overnight. Lights, camera, action! Is your heart pounding? Probably so. Fear is only an illusory experience that is activated by our deep sense of not feeling safe that has culminated for lifetimes.

During Module 2 you will:

  • Let go of the deep, core programming where you have not felt safe or supported
  • Create a new energetic platform and awareness of where your safety truly lies, rewriting the past and moving into the present with confidence and love-knowing that you are fully supported
  • Step into your innate power of divine creation and manifestation!
  • Discover the depths of love that are yours to receive
Rikka Zimmerman - Activating Infinite Abundance

Module 3

Ending the Cycle of Debt

Do you feel trapped by debt and don’t know how to escape? You are not alone; living in debt is encouraged by our culture. It is time to end the cycle of abuse of debt and move into a prosperous life with ease! During module 3 you will:

  • Vibrationally remove the energy of debt in your subconscious, your body and in life
  • Effectively rewrite your future path to success using Rikka’s proven tools
  • Discover the space within yourself where every moment of your life is about loving and honoring you
Rikka Zimmerman - Activating Infinite Abundance

Module 4

Activating Your Truest Desires

Have you placed limitations such as “I have enough” or “be realistic and settle” around yourself that have blocked you from receiving infinite abundance? In module 4 you will:

  • Move into infinite love for you so that the Universe can support you in every moment
  • Activate your deepest and truest dreams for an abundant life
  • Unleash your heart’s true desire, and embrace the life that you are here to live
  • Open the door to true choice, allowing yourself to customize your life path
Rikka Zimmerman - Activating Infinite Abundance

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