Richard Bandler - Personal Outcomes

Richard Bandler - Personal Outcomes digital download. Info: [4 AVI]. Recorded in June 1987 at a three day seminar. During the seminar participants could...

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Richard Bandler - Personal Outcomes

Type: Digital download

Format: [4 AVI]

Personal Outcomes

Recorded in June 1987 at a three day seminar. During the seminar participants could ask Dr Bandler for any personal change, outcomes, or information, they wanted. Dr Bandler works with individuals and presents information and exercises.

Some NLP experts claim that the mid 1980’s were some of the most productive years of Dr Bandlers creative career. During this period submodalities were discovered along with timelines. From these two discoveries many highly affective interventions have been born, of which perhaps the Swish Pattern is the best known. Almost 5 hours of intense training material is contained on these 4 videos.

1 Motivation In this session Dr Bandler works with eight participants on a number of different requests involving motivation. This mainly concerns the internal processes that get you to do something or to keep you from doing it. 100 mins.

2 Resolving Problems Dr Bandler teaches exercises for making problems less important, more interesting and even fun. He also works with a particular emphasis on reading comprehension 75 mins

3 Changing Responses Dr Bandler provides exercises and or discusses how to make problems ludicrous. Also included are sessions on how to fall in and out of love, and alter motivation. He also demonstrates working with defensive response, and discusses sleepwalking. 68 mins

4 Personal Change Dr Bandler provides exercises for and/or discusses techniques for bringing about personal change in individuals. Among the techniques covered are; the belief change pattern, the swish pattern, self-hyopnosis, disappointment, and the use of submodalities for contextualising change and increasing motivation. 55 mins