Rich Schefren - $42000 Mastermind Manuscript 2008

Rich Schefren - $42000 Mastermind Manuscript 2008 digital download. Info: [13 mindmaps (mmap) + 16 documents (pdf)]. I Started Marketing Online With Zer...

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Rich Schefren - $42000 Mastermind Manuscript 2008

Type: Digital download

Format: [13 mindmaps (mmap) + 16 documents (pdf)]


Rich Schefren - $42000 Mastermind Manuscript 2008

Dear Internet Business-Builder,

Yes, it’s true… I started with nothing... and then...

...the 9 real-deal online millionaires I'm about to introduce you to handed me just a few specific pieces of advice... which I followed to the letter. Then...

BANG!… my website brought me $3.5 million in just 2 weeks… with over $965,000.00 slamming my PayPal account within the first 137 minutes alone - all thanks to that specific advice I got… the very same advice you’re about to get.

I told PayPal I was planning on a "big" day... but the money was coming in so fast at one point… I had to pull the plug on the website because I wasn’t sure if PayPal was going to freeze my account and hold my money. 

Here's How I Did It...

I know it sounds utterly ridiculous… and… quite honestly if it didn't happen to me I'd be totally skeptical myself. Let's face it... claims of “millions pouring into your bank account” are just bogus. At least most are. Don’t be fooled.

But, because of the specific advice I got… the very same advice I'm going to pass on to you in this letter... the money really did come flooding in.

Today I can say I am a true cash-flush Internet Millionaire with a ridiculously lavish lifestyle - one well beyond what I ever imagined the Internet could give me. But, here’s the thing…

If you’re up for it… in the rest of this letter I’ll show you exactly how I did it and how you can let the very same expert advice I got go to you work for you… maybe… just maybe… making you an Internet millionaire as well.

How To Make Serious Money Online Despite The Odds!

If you're like most aspiring online marketers and business-builders, you're not making even close to the amount of money you hoped for. I know I didn't until I grabbed a hold of the specific advice these 9 experts gave me. 

Unfortunately, most online marketers struggle to make even a few hundred or few thousand dollars each month online. 

Because, let’s face it…

It’s confusing as anything out there. Everywhere you turn someone else is either claiming they can make you rich over night with their "push-button method" or "autopilot profits", or "their just nice people interested in depositing billions into your bank account from Nigeria". You know what I mean, right?

And, because of that… most average internet marketers are overwhelmed with all of the information out there… with what really works and what doesn't… and what they should actually be spending their time on to grow their online income.

Unfortunately, the outcome for most aspiring online entrepreneurs is that their passion for making money online gets squashed by the reality of practically no sales, a tiny email list that doesn't seem to grow, and nobody wanting to joint venture or promote their site.

I guess this is why it's common for me… today… to have struggling online entrepreneurs ask me...

Why Would I Pay Over $42,000.00
In First-Class Airfare And Top Accommodations
For These Marketing Techniques?

If their tips and advice were worth millions to me years ago, I figured they’d easily be worth multiple-millions today. And, frankly…that's why I decided to shell out over $42,000.00 to gather them all in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for a weekend.

Of course, I invited our best customers to sit in and soak up as much as they could -- at a price tag of between $2,000.00 and $10,000 (for V.I.P. access) per person -- a bargain for the information that was shared, not too mention the $42,000 price tag for my company.

I'm sure you’ll agree the lineup is like a Who's Who of Millionaire-Makers:

  • Marketing legend JAY ABRAHAM who helped thousands of business owners, just like you, grow from $100,000 in annual sales to $13 million in 18 months.
  • MARY ELLEN TRIBBY, whose new affiliate marketing strategies have expanded Early to Rise, an arm of Agora Publishing, from $5 million in sales to $26 million in just 15 months.
  • FRANK KERN, whose recent “mass control” marketing techniques are netting $1 million in sales in under an hour for marketers... and up to $18.3 million in 24 hours.
  • MIKE FILSAIME, whose latest viral marketing strategies are now generating six figures PER MONTH (up from just $15,000 a month two years ago).
  • JEFF WALKER, whose latest Product Launch Formula is netting up to $600,000 a week for himself and MILLIONS for his friends, clients and students... many of which started without even having a website.
  • Copywriting superstar JOHN CARLTON, whose breakthrough marketing techniques are adding $4 million to Internet entrepreneur Lou Vukas’s bottom line... DOUBLING Perry Marshall’s sales... helping John Gardener earn $70,000 a month on his website... and countless others add thousands and thousands to their monthly and weekly incomes.
  • Wine Maven GARY VAYNERCHUK, who took his family’s mom and pop liquor store in New Jersey and transformed it into a $50 million brand through a simple blog.

... and even more millionaire-makers I'll tell you about shortly.

What Made This Rare, Highly-Paid Gathering So Unique?


Prior to this rare gathering... their enormous celebrity and success online dictated extremely high and premium prices for their courses and instruction... putting them way out of reach for the beginning internet marketer. Please understand…

Most internet marketing events are pitch fests where the speakers fly in on their own dime and have to sell their products to pay their own way. The outcome is a seminar or half-educational experience where speakers give incomplete information to tease you and leave you wanting (and needing) more.

It sucks... but that's what they have to do when they're not being paid to be there.

I didn't want anything like that for me or any of my clients in attendance. Which is why I paid hand-over-fist to fly these experts in first-class and put them up in penthouse suites.

And, because I shelled out a lot of money to gather these experts all together in one room at the Contemporary Hotel in Disney World, I made sure they did NOT share the same old rehashed stuff... but...