Ray Edwards - Web Copywriting Explained

Ray Edwards - Web Copywriting Explained digital download. Info: [63 MP3s + 8 SWF Videos + 28 PDFs + Bonuses]. "Discover How To Convert More Browsers int...

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Ray Edwards - Web Copywriting Explained

Type: Digital download

Format: [63 MP3s + 8 SWF Videos + 28 PDFs + Bonuses]

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Web Copywriting Explained

"Discover How To Convert More Browsers into Buyers in the Online Copywriting Home Study Course & Coaching Program... 100% Guaranteed!"

Get PERSONAL COACHING From Ray Edwards, Plus Grab Your Complete Copywriting Blueprints, Templates, and Instructions to Optimize Each Word on Your Website for Maximum Results

"Web Copywriting Explained", a live online coaching class with top copywriter Ray Edwards, is your absolute fastest, easiest and most economical way to…

Live the lifestyle you've always dreamed of, with no bosses and no commute.

 Use sales letters (a web page like this one) to bring in record profits (no, salesletters are not "dead").

Use a step-by-step system for profit-pulling copy that make sales.

Learn the latest Web 2.0 design elements to boost sales overnight.

Motivate and persuade prospects to buy faster, with less hype.

See exactly what works now - in 2008 - and not "yesterday's tactics".

Expertly use audio, video and interactvity in the world of Web 2.0.

Learn how to hire a copywriter without getting ripped off every time.

From: Ray Edwards
Date: Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
INRE: How to finally start making 6 figures...

Dear Friend,

If you aren't yet making six-figures in your entrepreneurial business... if your solo professional practice isn't providing you with the freedom (and profits) you dreamed of... and if you want to finally turn it all around... 

...then I've got good news: the Web Copywriting Explained tele-training series explains why...and what you can do about it.

This tele-training series is right for you if:

  • You want to tap the profit-pulling power of compelling copy, but don't want to shell out $15,000 every time you need sales copy written.

  • You're an entrepreneur or solo professional and want to write your own copy.

  • You want to train your on-staff copywriter in the secrets of proven direct-response copywriting that gets results.

  • You plan to hire outside pro copywriters, and want to know the "inner secrets" of their craft - so you can know for sure if you're getting the real deal (and avoid getting ripped off!).

  • You're a freelance copywriter who wants to learn dozens of new response-boosting tricks, the latest "Web 2.0" copy techniques, and how to attract higher-paying clients by the dozen.

Why You Should Believe Me

Without tooting my own horn too much, here's why you can believe what I say when it comes to copywriting...

You can believe me because of my persuasive copy - or believe me because of who I write for.

My list of clients who trust me to write their copy reads like a "Who's Who" of the online marketing world. Here's a partial list of my clients:

  • Mark Victor Hansen (Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul)

  • Frank Kern 

  • Alex Mandossian

  • Willie Crawford 

  • Joel Comm

  • Stu McLaren 

  • Ed Dale

  • Ken McArthur 

  • Dr. Mike Woo-Ming

  • Brad Callen 

  • Frank Garon

  • Jack Canfield (Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul)

The "Infamous" Frank Kern Email

Frank Kern, one of the best copywriters alive, and the guy behind the biggest launches (millions of dollars in mere minutes) in the Internet Marketing world, sent me the following email when he received the first piece of copy I wrote for him...

Ray Edwards - Web Copywriting Explained

That's an actual screenshot from my Mac...I did blur out one of the words. Frank uses somewhat colorful language from time to time...

If these top-notch professional marketers trust me with their copy...it tells you just this one thing: they know my copy gets results.

I Show You How I Do It

Now, I'm going to show you how I write those words; and you can write them yourself, for your own products and projects...you can even write for others if you choose (I don't mind... there's plenty of work for everyone). 

In fact, for some Internet Marketers, writing for clients is the fastest, easiest way to break free from their job and start their own online business. If you choose that path, you can always transition from being a writer-for-hire to just writing copy for your own businesses and products.

Great News: It's Not That Tough

Copywriting is a skill that can be learned by just about anybody.

Even if you don't consider yourself a "writer".

Even if you didn't get good grades in English.

If you can write good basic English, you can learn the skill of copywriting. Ever write a memo at work? A love letter to your sweety? Then chances are you have what it takes to be a copywriter.

All you need now is someone to show you the proven formulas, the hidden structures, and the time-tested tactics of sales copy. 

And that's exactly what I'm going to do in this tele-series. 

What The So-Called "Gurus"
Won't Tell You

Here's the "dirty little secret" most of the so-called gurus simply won't tell you: they're almost all great copywriters. 

Even though many of them may now hire others (like me, for instance) to write their copy, every single one of them knows: it's the copy that makes them rich.

That's why they're willing to pay big bucks to have their copy written. I know - I get paid large sums of money to write copy for websites and marketers.

My minimum fee for a new sales letter is $7,500 (that's not B.S. - it's publicly posted on my copywriter-for-hire website).

You may not want to be a copywriter for hire... but if you learn the skill of copywriting, you can use the power of copy to multiply your sales and profits. 

And if you need some quick cash, you can always take a client or two...it's the ultimate "safety net".

Why Would I Teach My "Secrets"?

If I were you, right about now I'd be wondering, "If this guy is making so much money as a big-shot copywriter, why on earth would he teach other people how to do it themselves?" Here's the reason(s) why...

  1. My top-tier clients already know how to write copy. Some of them are better copywriters than me. But they don't have time to write their own copy, so they call on me. That won't change, no matter how many people I teach to write their own copy.

  2. Many people can't afford me. I get calls and emails each week from people who just can't pay me the $7,500 - $30,000 it takes to get me on a project. This group teaching method lets me help you with your copy (including one-on-one time) for a fraction of the investment. you win, I win...everybody wins!

  3. There's plenty to go around. Some have asked, "Ray, won't this creat a lot of 'mini-Rays' who will compete with you?" There are more than enough clients and JV partners to go around. Not only am I happy to teach you how to write copy... I will teach you to get clients and get paid for your copywriting! I'm not worried about so-called competition. There's more than enough for all of us (heck, I turn away jobs every week as it it is).

Six-Figure Annual Income
...For Life.

Now, this is not some "get rich quick" scheme. 

This is a serious business skill than can provide you with a comfortable six-figure annual income for the rest of your life.

You can run your business from anywhere. You can dream up promotions and campaigns, write the copy, and put the plan into profit... all in the same day.

And yes, you could "retire" from your present job, and use your copywriting skills to build your own marketing empire - working wherever and whenever you want.

I have run my business from all over the USA and Europe: 

  • Working form home in the Northwest US (sometimes at my house, sometimes from my office 5 minutes away, and sometimes from Starbucks!)... 

  • On the road in my 32' motorhome (I sold the coach this year, and we're looking at new ones now)... 

  • Traveling to Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York... 

  • On vacation with family in Michigan, the Carolinas, Utah, and Montana... 

  • And from England and Scotland... 

And that's all just in the past year (2006)!

My results are not typical - you'll have your own results. Want to join me in the "not typical" club? Want to know how I managed to get these unusual results?

I owe all of it to copywriting.

  • What will you do with your copywriting skills?

  • Will you finally get your online business started? 

  • Will you write copy freelance, and live a life free from offices, meetings, and memos? 

  • Will you take your existing online business and multiply your profits using the power of copy?

Or will you keep struggling along like most "Internet Marketers"?

How Almost Every Online
Business Goes Wrong

It's easier to understand how to fix a business if we first understand how it got messed up to begin with. Here's how it happens for most online businesses:

1. Someone has an idea for a product or a service.

2. That same someone plans their businesses carefully.

3. Then they slap up a website...and wait for the orders to roll in.

Guess what happens?

Nothing, that's what.

Most websites are like a Western Ghost town.  You can practically see the tumbleweeds blowing down the empty streets.

A Gun To Your Head: Which
Will You Choose?

What's the most important thing on your website?

Is it the pictures? Or is it the words?

If someone put a gun to your head and said, "Choose! You either get pictures, or you get words - but you can't have both. Which is it?" The hammer on the gun clicks back...

I hope you answered, "The words."

It's The Words On Your Site
That Do The Selling!

The problem is, of course, coming up with just the right words.

Direct response advertising experts know that changing just one word in a headline, or "tweaking" one paragraph or layout element, can result in sales increases.

But before we get into the secrets of what makes a great ad (and make no mistake, your website itself is indeed an ad), let's ask (and answer) a more basic question...

Why Other Businesses Fail, And
How You Can Avoid The Same Fate

I estimate that maybe as many as 90% of all business people, ad copywriters, speakers, salespeople, and media salespeople just don't follow the AIDA formula. Amazing, but true.

Most business people, copywriters, and marketers get hung up on the wrong things, like:

  • Making sure the site/letter/mailer/brochure looks slick and "big time".

  • Looking impressive to their peers.

  • Talking about themselves ("we've been in business 20 years"... "we're the Number One company in our field"...).

  • Being "creative" or "funny" without knowing if that helps get them to their goal.

  • Being "professional" while sacrificing sales and prospects.

  • Being lazy and using the same tired formula approach for every piece of copy.

  • Writing the copy themselves without knowing what really works in copy, and why.

And yet - with just a little bit of work, and perhaps some help from someone who knows what they're doing, it could all be so different.

If you get nothing else out of reading this letter, I hope you'll get this...

...analyze every advertising and sales activity in your business, and ask yourself: does this follow the AIDA sequence? If it doesn't - change that activity or advertising, or get rid of it altogether.

It's possible that this alone will turn around your business.

What if the only thing between you a pile of money... is words?

Take this training that we're offering in Web Copywriting Explained, and learn to turn your "words into wealth". You could be just one sales letter away from financial freedom!

Are You One Sales Letter Away
From Financial Freedom?

One of my copywriting colleagues says “you’re only one salesletter away from wealth”. I happen to think that’s true. But let’s even tone it down just a bit…maybe believing you’re a “salesletter away from wealth” is a little too much of a stretch for you. 

But can you get your mind around this: you very well may be one (or two or three) sales letters away from financial freedom.

Think about that: could one salesletter give you the freedom to quit your day job?

Could one successful sales letter pay off your debts?

Because I believe good sales copy is the one critical piece of leverage that can mean the difference between success and failure online… I call Copywriting a “Master Skill”. Once you can write compelling sales copy, you can create money virtually “on demand”.

  • Need some cash for a vacation? Come up with a promotional idea, write the copy for it, and put your copy up on the web!

  • Tax man knocking at your door? Write some copy making a compelling offer, send the email, and watch the dollars flow into your inbox.

  • Want to increase your income dramatically, without increasing your ad budget? Write a new piece of copy that coverts browsers into buyers…and your bank balance fattens up like magic.

  • Just need cash FAST? Write copy for someone else and pocket $3,000 or more for writing a simple letter like this one! (I'll show you how to get these clients)

Gary Halbert (a copywriting great) says there is “no such thing as a starving copywriter”. And when you jump on board for Web Copywriting Explained coaching program you will…

  • Understand why some copy works and other copy fails. Knowing this can save you the heartbreak of writing “loser copy” that doesn’t make sales!

  • The Mental Radar Method for learning exactly what your prospects want, and knowing exactly how to say it in words that will persuade them. Madison Avenue spends thousands to learn this information – you can learn it for less than $100 when you know about this top-secret tool.

  • How to find what writers call “your voice”. It’s easier than you think, and you can find yours in just an hour.

  • 3 rookie mistakes that turn copy into a “Prospect Repellant” that sends potential buyers running away from you as if you had the plague. Are you making these mistakes right now?

  • Why some copy seems “cheesy” and “hokey” – and how you can make sure your copy never does.

Not Everyone Who Applies
Will Be Accepted

This program may be right for you if:

  • You want to learn to write copy for your own products and services (saving you many thousands of dollars in copywriting fees!).

  • Plan to hire someone and "train them" as your in-house copywriter (saving you both money and time).

  • Need to learn what makes effective copy work so that when you hire a professional copywriter you won't get ripped off.

But...not every person who applies will be accepted (no, I'm not making that up!). There really is an application process (many people have already applied and been approved). And we really will turn some people away.

So...what are the requirements?

Here Are The Requirements

  1. You need to have access to a phone, a computer, and the Internet. We will be using our computers during the training calls. (Don’t worry, if you miss a call we will be recording them…but for maximum benefit you need to be on the calls live if at all possible).

  2. You must have a copy project you’re going to be working on during the series. This Coaching program is about DOING, not just “learning”. Yes, you will learn; but my goal for you is to complete a project during the course itself. We learn best by doing.

  3. You must complete the Application. This is not meant to intimidate you, but rather to make sure this Coaching Program is a good fit, and to let me know what your needs will be during the course of study and work. You'll get a copy of the application after you've paid your fee; if your application is rejected, we'll promptly refund all of your money before the course begins.

And Here’s What You Get...

I have more details and answers to frequently-asked questions later on in this page...but you may already know you want to claim one of the seats in this tele-series. 

If you're like me, and you want to just know the deal right up front, here are the details...

The 8-Module Copywriting Series Outline

  • Module 1 – Sales Letter Structure Explained
    Tuesday, February 27th, 2007. (5pm PST - 7:30pm PST)

  • Module 2 – Headlines, Deck Copy, and Subheads Explained
    Tuesday, March 6th, 2007. (5pm PST - 7:30pm PST)

  • Module 3 – Autoresponders & Email Marketing Explained
    Tuesday, March 13th, 2007. (5pm PST - 7:30pm PST)

  • Module 4 – Bullet Points Explained
    Tuesday, March 20th, 2007. (5pm PST - 7:30pm PST)

  • Module 5 – The Triad of Selling: Offer, Risk Reversal, and Close
    Tuesday, March 27th, 2007. (5pm PST - 7:30pm PST)

  • Module 6 – Audio & Video Copy Explained
    Tuesday, April 10th, 2007. (5pm PST - 7:30pm PST)

  • Module 7 – Adwords and PPC Copywriting Explained
    Tuesday, April 17th, 2007. (5pm PST - 7:30pm PST)

  • Module 8 – Launch Copy, Promotions, and Story Selling Explained
    Tuesday, April 24th, 2007. (5pm PST - 7:30pm PST)

  • NEW: BONUS Module 9 – Marathon Question & Answer Session
    Tuesday, May 8th, 2007. (5pm PST - 7:30pm PST)

  • NEW: BONUS Module 10 – Marathon Question & Answer Session
    Tuesday, May 15th, 2007. (5pm PST - 7:30pm PST)