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Living from God-consciousness - Miranda Macpherson | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


Open to boundless love, deeper happiness and peace, and discover how to experience life as a blessing that continually contributes to your growth and wholeness

Living from God-consciousness - Miranda Macpherson | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !Do you recognize that God is in everything and everyone, but find it difficult to live this awareness in daily life?

Are you challenged to sustain an open-hearted love that brings joy and meaning to your life and those around you?

And do you still find yourself rejecting parts of yourself?

If so, you’re in good company. Almost everyone who is on a spiritual path and longs to serve as a pure vessel of love and grace falls short time and time again.

We all get reactive, and disappointed with life at times. Not being able to live up to the higher consciousness you experience in your most enlightened moments can be frustrating and cause a lot of self-judgement.

At times, the challenge of living a fully awakened life can seem insurmountable. To experience the Divine in each moment requires a level of awareness that seems unachievable in the midst of our everyday world.

We may idealize saints and “realized beings” but secretly suspect that we’re incapable of attaining the state they live from.

As a result, we may feel hopeless and get annoyed, depressed or cynical.

That’s why so many spiritual seekers strive to transcend their humanity. They’re seeking to get beyond the muck, challenge and ordinariness of their daily lives.

As you may have discovered, that doesn’t work. Trying to bypass the aspects of yourself that you deem as less than holy actually sinks you deeper into the quicksand of separation from your actual divinity.


Living from God-consciousness - Miranda Macpherson | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !If God is in everything, then God is in the aspects of yourself that you turn away from in denial, guilt or shame. When you distance yourself from these aspects, you distance yourself from God.

To live in a state of boundless love in which you see all things as an expression of the Divine, you need to integrate and include all the parts of yourself that seem to be obstacles on your path of awakening.

By exploring and embracing the full spectrum of your humanity AS a reflection of your divinity, you can relax into a vaster identity and stop resisting so much of your experience of life.

You open to the sacred essence that is your birthright.

You open to the profound blessing of each and every moment.

This is what it means to open to God Consciousness — to see everything as a blessing and an expression of love.

Only when you accept and embrace what you see as your imperfections can you reclaim the beauty, majesty and perfection of your true identity.

This kind of inner work requires a courageous commitment to self-forgiveness and self-love — and the willingness to recognize where you identify with a more limited and contracted vision of yourself.

That’s why we created the Living From God Consciousness program — to lovingly support you to live from a full-bodied, integrated awakening and state of loving acceptance of your full self.

As you do, the world comes alive around you!

The Power of an Authentic, Awake Teacher

Living from God-consciousness - Miranda Macpherson | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !The Living From God Consciousness program is led by a remarkable female mystic who underwent a life-changing spiritual awakening that shifted the core of her being — and prepared her to lead others in catalyzing deep shifts.

Her name is Miranda Macpherson, and her story offers a uniquely modern tale of awakening that builds upon the lineages of the past, but also blossoms in new directions.

After 20 years of dedicated spiritual study and practice, Miranda was graced by a powerful awakening in the same cave in Arunachala, India, that Hindu sage Ramana Maharshi once called home. Her concepts of self, God and world gave way to a deep silence.

She then underwent a great unravelling of her familiar ego identity that initiated powerful changes in all aspects of her life. It took her years to stabilize this awakening, integrate its wisdom, and learn how to guide others to live daily life from this deeper ground.

Since then, Miranda has emerged as a truly global spiritual teacher. She speaks with the refreshing candor born of her Australian roots. She draws from her deep study of world religions and practices as an interfaith minister. And she’s well-versed in many modern systems of psycho-spiritual growth.

Miranda’s teaching methods marry an exquisite and piercing capacity for clear insight with an overflowing, loving heart that will help you release your aversion to any aspect of yourself.

She’ll guide you in shedding the conditioning that obscures the truth of who you really are, and help you approach the path with tenderness and self-forgiveness.

In Living From God Consciousness, she’ll offer you a distinctly feminine perspective on non-dual spiritual realization that leads to the discovery of new dimensions of grace — and the possibility for you toembody divine love and live with a deeper awareness of and appreciation for the beauty and mystery of life.

We at The Shift Network first learned about Miranda from veterans of the spiritual path who have sat with literally every major teacher of the last 30 years. They told us, “You HAVE to meet Miranda. She’s the real deal.”

And we found ourselves dazzled by the luminosity and loving realization of this teacher.

Living from God-consciousness - Miranda Macpherson | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !Miranda’s teachings are informed by her extensive experience in educating and training others from all over the globe. Her decades of teaching include 10 years as spiritual director of a groundbreaking program in which she trained over 600 interfaith ministers and spiritual counselors.

In recent years, she’s been guiding groups of advanced aspirants who are ready to let go of the paradigm of “seeking, grasping and struggling,” and experience the loving presence of the Divine as the baseline for every aspect of their lives — from relationships to careers to running errands.

During these eight modules with Miranda, you’ll learn to relax the efforting — the pushing, pulling and leading with the ordinary mind — and explore why so many of your attempts to improve, grow and evolve leave you feeling like you’re running in place.

You’ll be guided through the common pitfalls on a spiritual path and discover how to manage and integrate your instinctual drives.

She’ll share how to unconditionally accept and embrace all elements of yourself as aspects of the Divine and bring forth a deep and abiding sense of wholeness and wellbeing.

You’ll learn how to counteract your ego’s tendency to resist and reject any movement toward God Consciousness.

She’ll gently guide you to advance beyond an intellectual concept of awakening to experience a living, pulsating awareness that permeates every aspect of your body and being.

You’ll then learn how to apply this realization to daily life to become a more conscious and spiritually mature human being. You’ll even begin to view every challenge in life as a blessing in disguise.

If you yearn to discover how heaven can meet earth in the core of your own being, this program was designed for you!

With Miranda as your guide, you’ll discover:

  • Why self-forgiveness is vital to your spiritual growth
  • The importance of unconditional acceptance in working with the shadow aspects of your being
  • Why your instinct to reject is the biggest barrier to experiencing non-duality
  • How to integrate your survival, sexual and social instincts rather than letting them derail you
  • Why three magic words — opening, softening, allowing — can bring clarity, beauty and peace into your daily life

The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me. One seeing. One knowing. One love. - Meister Eckhart

What You’ll Discover in These 8 Modules

In this 8-module transformational training, Miranda will offer you an opportunity to integrate love and unity into your life through the non-dual state of unconditional allowing. You’ll more deeply understand the nature of the mind of God, open beyond your mental boundaries, and enter into deeper unity consciousness.

Each contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to move into unity with God Consciousness.

This program is divided into three sections, each with a specific emphasis:

“Opening to God Consciousness.” Modules 1 and 2 give an overview of the integrated approach to non-duality, the vision of unity, the practice of unconditional acceptance, and its relevance to our personal deepening and collective awakening.

“Embracing the Forces of Our Humanity.” Modules 3 to 5 dive into substantial shadow work, powerfully challenging the aspects normally suppressed deep in the unconscious, and bringing everything to the heart-cave of Absolute Grace.

“In the World But Not Of the World.” Modules 6 to 8 lead beyond the ordinary veils to experience the Boundless dimensions. Opening up space within provides expanded perception and brings deep peace with wise discrimination, so God Consciousness can be embodied while taking graceful action in this world.

Integration & Deepening Sessions With Miranda

In addition to the 8 teaching modules, you’ll receive the recordings of 3 special bonus sessions where she presents a review of the material covered in the course sessions followed by a full hour of addressing student’s questions and concerns.


Module 1: The Indestructible Unity of Being

We begin our 8-module journey together by exploring what God Consciousness IS. How do we open beyond mere conceptual understanding of our underlying unity to experiencing it directly? How can abiding in the non-dual condition help us integrate our personal and collective shadow? How does this help us find the peace and wisdom to live authentic spiritual lives and be of benefit to our world?

At the core of absolutely everything is God… a love so total that it embraces everything, including your ego and its distortions, while beckoning you to come home. Tuning into this love and unity provides a powerful inner platform from which to grapple with our deepest challenges — both personal and collective — with spiritual maturity. It asks that we surrender our fixed perceptions, open into the mystery, and humbly let all the blessings and challenges of life spark our growth.

Miranda will introduce her feminine, integrated approach to non-duality that embraces both transcendent purity and our relative humanity as part of the same whole.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Discover how ego relaxation stops the war against yourself, prevents bypassing, and supports a settling into your true nature
  • Receive the transmission that invites you to experience your underlying unity — an individual but inseparable “window pane” of God
  • Recognize your limitations and how to bring more precision and potency to your practice
  • Embrace your challenges as gateways into deeper wisdom through the practice of holistic inquiry
  • Expand your capacity to open, soften and allow rather than contract and close
  • Melt your projections, defenses and tantrums against love

Module 2: Unconditional Acceptance 

The Heart of Non-dual Practice

Living from God Consciousness calls us to the practice of unconditional acceptance — of both the transcendent ground of our being that is always pure, always free and unchanged, and the relative dimension of our personhood. This means accepting that we’re all simultaneously inherently perfect and works in progress. Unconditional acceptance helps us anchor in our unity, while excavating the places where we might be caught in patterns that create suffering for ourselves and others.

Acceptance helps us walk an integrated path that is simultaneously one of Being and Becoming. This protects us from subtly hiding out in spiritual positions to avoid meeting that which we do not fully understand. Acceptance helps us open into the paradox of our divinity and humanity so we can live it as one integrated stream. Through acceptance, Grace can transform our emotional reactivity, drawing us to ever deepening wisdom. At peace within, we can respond to our personal and collective challenges; and our actions can birth more unity rather than further division.

In this module, you’ll open to:

  • Accepting even the difficult things as part of God (without bypassing or conceptualizing) and being grown by the forces of your life
  • Understanding the difference between acceptance that opens us and resignationthat subtly closes us down
  • Finding peace with the paradoxes, clarity to discriminate the different levels of reality, and wisdom to act appropriately
  • Embracing the presence of acceptance as a dimension of Grace
  • Welcoming the all-embracing space of loving awareness that invites everything to come home to integration, including your ego


Module 3: Integrating the Splitting Defense

The greatest challenge in embracing everything as part of the Divine is the instinct to judge “this is good” and “this is bad.” Judgment is the instrument of separation, dividing our consciousness into many separate parts, disturbing our peace, distorting our relationships, and leaving us feeling fragmented. This primary activity of our ego drives so much of our automatic thinking processes. Yet every time we identify with a judgment, automatically assume its reality, and act on it, we enact separation from our own true nature, from all beings, and from the Absolute. It is literally how we recreate duality moment to moment.

Miranda will explain the “splitting” defense that’s a driving force of the unconscious mind. We’ll see how the instinct to split off “the bad” to protect “the good” begins in infancy and develops into thick layers of division in our minds, and how splitting is powered by rejection, initiating a cycle of grasping and rejecting that keeps us bound. You’ll discover how you enact unnecessary separation, what you might be demonizing in the name of spirituality, and how to use objective discrimination while opening your heart to yourself, others and the world.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Understand the nature of ego judgment, and how it shields the mind from objective clarity
  • Discover what you tend to reject the most and why — and how to unlock the life force energy within this rejection so it can be harnessed for awakening
  • Intercept the cycle of rejection, grasping and checking out that keeps you from being at peace with yourself, others and life
  • Overcome your fears of opening your heart to whatever you had demonized as “bad”
  • Become a deeper embodiment of true compassion in the world

Integration & Deepening Session #1

Module 4: Harmonizing Our Survival, Sexual & Social Instincts

Living from God Consciousness asks that we bring all parts of ourselves to the light of awareness. By hiding nothing we become transparent to the transforming power of grace. So many spiritual giants of all traditions have stumbled painfully with distortions relating to money, sexuality and power.

Deep spiritual practice often flushes up to the surface more primitive ego structures. Human beings all have three primary instincts — the drive to survive, the drive for pleasure, and the drive to belong to a tribe. Since these drives are so powerful, they’ve often been viewed as troublesome forces that pull us away from the spiritual life. Hence, many traditions have counseled celibacy, repression or renunciation from the world. This forced attempt at transcendence has at times encouraged a split, often feeding a painful sense of shame about our undeniable human drives. Repressing these forces as well as yielding to them indiscriminately has led to great suffering for individuals and whole communities.

Miranda will present an integrated approach to working constructively with your raw humanity, so that you navigate the classical blind spots of the spiritual path with wisdom.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Understand the three primary forces of your humanity and their impact on your awakening process
  • Examine how these instincts manifest in their purity, and how to recognize if you’re caught in their grip and being led away from truth
  • Inquire into the places you get lost, and compassionately forgive the ego forces obscuring your vision
  • Experience your instinctive drives coming into balance and harmonizing with your cherished spiritual intentions
  • Recover your sense of wholeness as a divine human

Module 5: Forgiveness

Welcoming Everything Home to the Heart-cave

Our journey thus far into God Consciousness has brought us into greater intimacy with our own shadow, and a deeper understanding of the shadow elements we meet in one another and in our world. Without dismissing our relative human difficulties, we lay all we’ve encountered on the altar of true forgiveness. In humility and prayerful willingness, we offer up any remaining hardness, rejection, hatred, anger, hurt, betrayal or shame to the deepest chamber of the heart. We let Grace lead us into the pure realms beyond human emotion, beyond right and wrongdoing. There we rest in the mystery of the heart-cave, whereby Grace can come home.

We’ll open through the fears that such depth of forgiveness can evoke, honoring our humanity while compassionately walking together into the light of our indestructible innocence, our unchanging unity as divine beings. We offer the vision of absolute love to everyone, and to the most hidden parts of ourselves, allowing miracles to resolve all grievances.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Discover how true forgiveness dissolves the lens of guilt, hatred and projection, dissolving the inner violence that distorts your vision and wreaks havoc in our world
  • Forgive your taboo emotions such as hatred, anger and envy, and lovingly contact the spiritual poverty underneath them
  • Journey through the six stages of forgiveness, both as principles to support your release and as a practice of spiritual transformation
  • Let the presence of true forgiveness restore you to inner peace, whole-heartedness and right relationship to one another
  • Contact the heart-cave Ramana Maharshi spoke of as our true home, our unified Reality that shines undisturbed underneath the emotional heart
  • Rise above the impossible sufferings of the world to come home into the heart-cave and into the transforming grace of divine love

Integration & Deepening Session #2


Module 6: Beyond Your Mental Boundaries

Entering Unity

The path of awakening invites us out of limiting patterns, fears and hurts to greater healing and wholeness while also inviting us into boundless love, awareness and unity. Waking up out of the trance of our separate “me story” helps us realize not only that God exists but that divinity is our very nature.

Yet often we experience reality through the filter of numerous boundaries, patterned by our history, our ancestral lineages, culture and possibly impressions from other lifetimes. On the ordinary human level, boundaries can support healthy interpersonal relating as well as clarity with time and commitments, yet when it comes to entering into deeper dimensions of unity, these same boundaries can become impenetrable barriers.

On the other hand, affirming “I am That” can nurture a dangerous arrogance. Authentic entrance into the non-dual state asks that we surrender our spiritual ambition. By Grace we can start to experience that everything we behold is our self. Our vision is unified, and our countenance is love. We taste sweet humility, freedom and reverence for all beings, which makes us naturally love and serve one another as our very self.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Bring to light the subtle mental boundaries acting as unnecessary glass ceilings on your experience of self and reality
  • Recognize where you are in the dimensions of awakening to the Divine, with the Divine and as the Divine
  • Understand the distinction between healthy boundaries and the wise application of Boundless experience
  • Discriminate between subtle bypassing and authentic expansion of consciousness
  • Enter more deeply into the non-dual condition of unity, letting the direct experience be your teacher

Module 7: Cultivating Equanimity

Revealing Your Magnificence

Authentic non-duality helps us understand that our relative human experience and the absolute transcendent dimensions of our being are not two separate things, but a continuum. Equanimity is the virtue that helps us embody this truth as a lived reality. It helps us meet both the content of our experiences — our changing emotions, thoughts, relationships, phases of life — and the boundless space in which all content is happening. Inquiring into both dimensions helps us to meet the full spectrum of life’s ups and downs while not getting lost in the drama.

The primary block to equanimity is our subtle attachments and fixed positions, especially our spiritual ones. Seeing and smiling at these empowers us to advance spiritually, letting the guru of life enlighten us into ever deepening wisdom. Equanimity brings us the possibility of peace independent of the circumstances of our lives. This perspective helps us take a deeper seat in our practice, bringing maturity, grace and perspective into our functioning.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Meet the full spectrum of your experience — both its content and the witnessing awareness of the content
  • Liberate your blocks to equanimity: your fixed positions, assumptions, filters and the meanings you give to your experiences
  • Discover how grounding yourself in the unchanging I AM presence gives you greater perspective and peace within the inevitable ups and downs
  • Cultivate the virtue of equanimity itself by elevating your awareness of supportive practices, the traps to be mindful of, and how to rise every time you fall
  • Become “kindhearted as a grandmother, dignified as a king” (Lao Tzu)

Module 8: Navigating the World With Love & Wisdom

Revealing Your Magnificence

Together we’ve taken a deep dive into the underlying ground of unity that’s the fundamental nature of everything and everyone, and faced things within ourselves that many spend lifetimes avoiding. Your willingness to explore both your transcendent depths and your most raw human places naturally begins to birth not only personal transformation but also a deeper understanding of the human condition itself. This is such a gift to our world.

Authentic awakening helps us experience our interconnectedness with all other beings and our planet. It seeks to translate fully into the way we speak, think and act, respond kindly to suffering where we find it, and stay grounded in our practice so we can walk wisely through our daily lives.

We’ll explore such questions as, What causes divine action? How do we live in the world but from a consciousness not of it? Miranda will share a simple practice of asking-listening: discriminating and then being obedient to our inner knowing amidst daily life.

In this module, you’ll

  • Begin to take a deeper seat in your ongoing practice of inquiry, meditation and devotion
  • Find out how you can embody the gifts from this journey together going forward in your life
  • Be given guidelines for inspired action, so you’ll know how to tune into the silence, enter into a receptive state, then ask and listen
  • Understand how to discriminate inner guidance from subtle delusion by employing a simple checklist
  • Discover how to practice God Consciousness in your daily interactions, enabling you to see through the appearances and the personality to the unified ground of Being — and how this helps call forward the highest in others as well as in yourself
  • Find out what to do when you get caught up in an ego knot or derailed by the unexpected

Integration & Deepening Session #3

Here’s What You’ll Receive

Eight 60-minute Recorded Teaching Sessions With Miranda Macpherson

Experience a rare opportunity to learn from one of the world’s leading spiritual teachers from the comfort of your own home. Each teaching session consists of a video and audio broadcast of Miranda’s pre-recorded lecture which will guide you to learn the specific skills and insights to awaken your spiritual potential.

Eight Recorded Q&A Sessions With Miranda Macpherson

Directly following each teaching session, Miranda will come on for a Q&A session through an intimate face-to-face video connection for 30 minutes or more so you can have all your questions answered.

Eight PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality MP3 audios and videos, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format after each session is completed. You can then review, print and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

After each lesson, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practice new tools and answer questions in order to accelerate your learning and integrate each session.

The Living From God Consciousness Bonus Collection

  • 3 Integration & Deepening Bonus Sessions With Miranda Macpherson
  • Whatever Seems to Be in the Way, IS the Way
    Audio Dialogue With Miranda Macpherson and Mirabai Starr
  • Tara Mantra
    Audio Mantra From Miranda Macpherson
  • The Practice of Ego Relaxation
    Video Session From Miranda Macpherson’s Relaxing Into GodCourse

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Living From God Consciousness Virtual Course

We feel honored that Miranda Macpherson has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. As you may know, this is a rare opportunity to learn directly from a renowned spiritual teacher whose methods marry an exquisite and piercing capacity for clear insight with an overflowing, loving heart that help you release your blocks and open to divine Grace and boundless love.

Through this powerful online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations and meals — which would cost thousands of dollars), you’ll also benefit from Miranda’s powerful teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home — at your own pace!

If you’re ready to take the next heart-opening step in your spiritual awakening, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

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