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Archive : Nick James – Copywriting Academy

Some great copywriting basics and even  some simple tipis for helping you get your copywriting business off the ground.

You don’t need everything on earth to write great copy.

Here’s the description

Over 15 hours of some of the most IN-DEPTH LIVE TRAINING in copywriting available ANYWHERE. This was recorded at the Copywriting Academy that my students paid £1997 each to attend.
A downloadable workbook PACKED with samples, top-secret shortcuts and my proven programme for building your Six-Figure Copywriting business.

One of the most critical elements of your entire launch will be your sales letter.

Get it right and you can get RIDICULOUS amounts of sales.

Get it wrong and your launch could completely TANK.

Of course, I’ll give you plenty of example letters to swipe and steal from, but in addition I also think it’s important for you to gain a deep understanding of how to write KILLER copy, since Copywriting really is one of the most valuable marketing skills there is.

And even if you’re primarily using VIDEO for your launch, you still need to write copy for your email sequence and video scripts.

Regardless if you’re using the written word, audio, or video, the principles of good copy still remain the same.

So, as an added bonus for ordering Market Domination you’ll also get the complete set of my presentations from the “Copywriting Academy Live Workshop” I hosted.

This £2,000.00-a-ticket event was COMPLETELY sold out!

Here’s just some of what I covered:

How to write irresistible emails that people just have to open!
How to formulate an irresistible offer that people will ‘rip your arm off’ for!
How to write *attention-grabbing* headlines that capture the imagination and FORCE people to read on
Why it’s important to make your sales letters entertaining as well as informative, and how to strike the correct balance between the two
How to use super-funky design layouts that look great and sell
How to use photos and graphics in your copy for maximum impact
How to build credibility in your copy and why you must back it up with rock-solid, verifiable proof

The 3 most important elements of any sales letter – and why you should spend 80% of your time working on these 3 things alone

How to craft your sales letters with laser-like precision to sell just about anything effectively
How to get any prospect to say, YES, click the order button, fill out your forms and send money!
How and when to use my super 100 hot-words that are proven to influence your prospect.
How to artfully design your body copy to lead an interested buyer through the page quickly and easily

AND… my 14-step FORMULA for writing red-hot copy that sells!

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