Miller Heiman - Strategic Selling (Interview)

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Miller Heiman - Strategic Selling (Interview) digital download. Info: [4 CDs (MP3s)]. Strategic Selling® brings the entire deal into view for a selling ...
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Miller Heiman - Strategic Selling (Interview)

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Format: [4 CDs (MP3s)]

Strategic Selling

Strategic Selling® brings the entire deal into view for a selling organization. This involves first identifying all key players on the buy-side; understanding each one’s degree of influence and motives, evaluating your competitive position and strengths, and uncovering essential unknown information. Then, the salesperson or team develops comprehensive action plans to address the motives of each individual, to shore-up weaknesses, and to uncover uncertainties. This rigorous process significantly improves the odds of winning big deals in the shortest amount of time or of walking away from resource-intensive deals with a low probability of success.

It also gives an organization a common process and language for pursuing large deals, allocating resources, and forecasting. This rigor and consistency ensures a high level of professionalism, facilitates effective sales management, and dramatically increases the odds of winning the business.

If your organization is trying to address the following issues, then Strategic Selling® may be the right solution.

* Solutions requiring approval from multiple decision makers
* Navigating the internal bureaucracy of customers and prospects
* Poor visibility into the status of big important deals
* Difficulty harnessing resources and collaborating on large deals
* Unpredictable revenue forecasting
* Long sales cycles that don’t always result in won deals