Mike Paul - Local Freelance Funding Formula & OTO

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Mike Paul - Local Freelance Funding Formula & OTO digital download. Info: [14 Videos (MP4) 12 ebooks (PDF)]. What I'm about to show you almost seems lik...
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Mike Paul - Local Freelance Funding Formula & OTO

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Format: [14 Videos (MP4) 12 ebooks (PDF)]


Local Freelance Funding Formula

Mike Paul - Local Freelance Funding Formula & OTO

From the desk of Mike Paul... 

What I'm about to show you almost seems like magic, but I assure you its not.

Its a way for any dedicated Offline Local consultant to boost their income by thousands every month.

In some cases you'll make enough 'EXTRA' to radically improve your lifestyle.

I mean things like a new luxury car, island vacation, new furniture, or just some extra security socked away in the bank.

Yet, (and I know this may be hard to swallow) the time and effort it takes will be a fraction of what you are probably doing now.

First, a very short true story...

By the way, I'm Mike Paul and I've been in marketing for some time.

When I started working with local businesses I hoped I was prepared for everything.

I read courses and talked to successful consultants and watched videos... almost till I was tired of all the information.

BUT, only a few weeks into my career, I got quite a surprsie.

I was in this business and had a talk with the owner, a rather nice fellow.

He was in his late forties, I guessed, and was disussing a plan to rachet up his marketing and also his plans to open another store..

Out of the blue he said,

"Hey Mike, you wouldn't know anyone who'd like to loan me $100,000 do you?"

He smiled and I assumed he was joking. It turns out HE WAS DEAD SERIOUS.

He explained he'd been to the banks around us and wasn't getting anywhere. He made me think, and it started the wheels turning.

A few weeks later, I saw an article in this business newspaper. Yes, it caught my eye and got me to take one very important step...

Mike Paul - Local Freelance Funding Formula & OTO

I became an honest-to-God research 'nut.'

I started looking into everything to do with "Non-Bank Funding" for local businesses.

I found plenty, and after sifting through the BS and 'blue sky' I came to a big conclusion...(and one you will benefit from);

Consultants are making money (sometimes big money) hooking businesses up with the right funding source.

See, since the banking crisis 10 years ago, local businesses have been cut-off from most bank business financing.

Sure, banks will SAY they provide it, but only to the best of the best...the cream of the crop, triple AAA rated businesses.

Otherwise, businesses may as well not even bother.

It just means a lot of paperwork and interviews with young arrogant bankers looking down on you...

All to only end up hearing, "Sorry You don't meet our requirements".

I knew first hand, businesses that this happened to. I saw it.

But Local Non-Bank Funding?... a whole different ball game.

I realized this had to be the best Under-The-Radar little business opportunity I'd ever seen!

The cost to enter it was almost NOTHING, so the risk was nothing... just your time and shoe leather.

And what you need to know, the stuff that matters, can be learned in hours, not days or months.

This business even had some prestige to it. I liked that.

Mike Paul - Local Freelance Funding Formula & OTO

In Case You're Wondering, Here's Why Clients Need The Money

1. To Pay Taxes
2. To Meet Payroll
3. To cover seasonal slowdowns
4. Equipment financing
5. Renovations
6. Expansion
7. Buying a similar business
8. Purchase larger quantities for bulk discount
9. Increase staff
10. Increase marketing/advertising
11. To Increase available working capital
12. To pay other debts
13. Buy Out a partner
14. Many, Many More

Mike Paul - Local Freelance Funding Formula & OTO

So Ask Yourself: Do I want to remain independent but add sizeably to my present income?

Do I prefer to work Part-Time but earn Full-Time income?

Can I follow simple instructions and stick with a plan?

If so then this new opportunity may be your ticket to a better situation...a better future...a better life.

Being a Local Funding Advisor could the perfect solution to your income needs.

Mike Paul - Local Freelance Funding Formula & OTO

Discover the Secrets To An Almost Instant Funding Income Like These:

  • Why you don't need any sales pitch to get businesses coming to you for funding. (it has to do with WHO you contact for leads.)
  • Use this little-talked about method to land clients who are already pre-disposed to talk to you.(even though they know up front you charge more.)
  • What to say to Your Best Client Source to get them to respond.
  • A clever "system" that can do all the 'heavy lifting' for you when looking for business funding clients. (basically you'll talk mostly to the 'pre-sold', so they are more eager to use you.)
  • The ridiculously simple set of tasks to do once you have signed a business funding client. Its all laid for you - nothing is missing.
  • A counter intuitive source that may be better than LinkedIn for getting funding requests.
  • The 10-second trick to finding clients I guarantee you'd never think of!
  • This 'old school' route to snagging clients actually works with the funding offers.
  • No-Nonsense Way To Follow-up with lead sources.(hint: do NOT use autoresponders!)
  • Discover which lenders should you hook up with.
  • Should you be a **** Dog or a ******/*****?
  • Do you need any Licensing? Permits etc?
  • The real reason many local businesses have NO CHOICE but to see you for funding help...and accept the loan.
  • What to say when the business client says, "You're too expensive" (This reply not only kills one of the most frustrating objections freelancer funders hear, but it also builds your sales posture and credibility.)
  • Approaches that require zero convincing, no begging, no pitching, or manipulating at all.
  • The BIGGEST mistake you can make offering funding.
  • How To Get ONE DEAL A Week And Make $10,000 Monthly.
  • Whats average pay? A great deal? A Low deal? We reveal it.
  • The 3 Most Important Measures of a Funding company you work with.
  • How to make great fees AND get paid vacations and prizes.
  • A sneaky marketing trick using flyers to get clients.
  • Revealed: The FIVE main things that determine funding approval... and the 3 that REALLY matter.