Mike Koenigs - Paid For Life System Seminar 2009

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Mike Koenigs - Paid For Life System Seminar 2009 digital download. Info: [46 VIDS (FLV MOV) + eBooks (PDF/DOC/MP3)]. “How to Create & Market Money-Getti...
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Mike Koenigs - Paid For Life System Seminar 2009

Type: Digital download

Format: [46 VIDS (FLV MOV) + eBooks (PDF/DOC/MP3)]


“How to Create & Market Money-Getting Systems
That Pay You FOREVER!”

100% of all proceeds from this event will be donated to the Just Like My Child Foundation. The money you help us raise will directly alleviate the suffering of women, children, and families in rural Uganda—providing long-term solution to healthcare, education and microenterprise.

In addition to raising money for this amazing cause, you will learn invaluable insights from some of the top industry leaders!

What is the Paid For Life Event?

With a tax-deductible donation of only $995, attendees gain access to two solid days of workshops hosted by our all-star team of entrepreneurs and marketers. Attendees will leave with a solid model for an information-based business that creates steady, consistent, automated income (and we all like a business model that gets people to pay us… so they can keep paying us!).

This event is perfect for:

* Authors
* Speakers
* Seminar Leaders
* Internet Marketers
* Business Coaches
* Life Coaches
* Small Business Owners
* Entrepreneurs
* Anyone interested in creating additional (and automated!) streams of revenue to your business or a business you work for

So if you fit into any of the above categories, we invite you to support this worthy cause and receive the opportunity to save hundreds of lives with your investment, while learning a powerful business model from recognized authorities like:

Brendon Burchard: bestselling author of Life’s Golden Ticket and sponsorship expert (whose advice has been sought by top speakers and celebrities, including Tony Robbins and Paula Abdul)

Mike Koenigs: Marketing Expert and Social Media Ninja whose client list runs like a “Who’s Who,” including Tony Robbins, John Assaraf and Brian Tracy

Eben Pagan: Business Development Expert and creator of one of the most successful dating advice companies on the planet ($20 million in annual revenue)

John Assaraf: Featured Expert in The Secret and Celebrated Business Coach

John Carlton: “The Most Ripped Off Copywriter on the Planet”

Russell Brunson: Author, Speaker, and one of the Top Internet Marketers in the World

Shawn Casey: Entrepreneur and marketing expert who has sold over $40 million in information products and has sold more than $1 million in products from a single teleseminar

Len Foley: Top Member Site Expert, managing sites for bestselling author David Wolfe, bestselling author T. Harv Eker, MLM superstar Sonia Stringer, real estate millionaire David Finkel, and many others.

Jim Kwik: Memory Expert, Speaker and Trainer for Fortune 500 companies. Jim will run a powerful remembering names networking event that you will not soon “forget!”