Mike Johnson - Autoblog Blueprint 2.0

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Mike Johnson - Autoblog Blueprint 2.0 digital download. Info: [36 Videos (FLV, MP4) + 7 Documents (PDF / DOC) + WP Themes]. "Tired of seeing all of thes...
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Mike Johnson - Autoblog Blueprint 2.0

Type: Digital download

Format: [36 Videos (FLV, MP4) + 7 Documents (PDF / DOC) + WP Themes]


Autoblog Blueprint 2.0

"Tired of seeing all of these Blogging Get Rich Quick Schemes that Never Seem to go Anywhere?" Jump off the Bandwagon and into the Fast Lane with A REAL Auto Blog Profit Machine!

Fellow Marketer,
Are you tired of buying Product after Product, hoping to find one that really will show you the best way to make a REAL Full Time Living Online with REAL Monthly profits? Let me help by showing you how to build profitable Blogs that run on Auto. Not Auto SPLOGS that go nowhere!
My name is Mike Johnson and I would like to Welcome You to the Auto Blog Blueprint 2.0 and a different kind of Internet Marketing product. Why is the Auto Blog Blueprint different? First and foremost, the "ABB" as I like to call it, is not an eBook or a "Get Rich Quick" scheme. It is a full fledged Online E-Course on how to build super SEO Optimized Blogs with a stratgey and a complete plan of action.
I show you how to take this Plan of Action and turn your Blogs into profitable money making machines that run on autopilot using the best tools available. In fact, I have done all the hard work for you so that all you have to do is pick your niche using my system, add content from Plugins that You choose, and promote using the most complete, yet simple Backlink Blueprint available on the web.
This is not hype, it is fact.
The Auto Blog Blueprint is exactly what it says it is. A Blueprint for Creating Profitable Auto Blogs and So much More! We are not Creating Junk Sites or Spam sites, but "Value Added" Blogs that run on Autopilot versus your standard Auto Blog.
The Auto Blog Blueprint is a 16 Step Program with over 40 Detailed Videos that will show you exactly how to construct an SEO OPTIMIZED Auto Blog the RIGHT WAY! This Course is Setup for Beginners and Advanced Users alike with the most complete set of Step by Step Tutorials available ANYWHERE Online.
There are a lot of Auto Blog Plugins that are sold right now all over the Web, but very rarely does anyone actually tell you how to use them to Really Make Money!
That is all over!
With Auto Blog Blueprint 2.0 you will Learn How to:
  • Plan Your Auto Blog Empire Strategy
  • Set Goals
  • Find and Exploit the Right Niches
  • Prioritize and Coordinate Keyword Strategies
  • Buy the Right Domains & Hosting
  • Develop an SEO Plan of Action
  • Install & Optimize Your Blog for SEO
  • Coordinate the Right Plugins & Settings
  • Establish a Search Engine Spider Funnel for Indexing Your Content Super Fast!
  • Develop an Optimized Inner Linking Strategy
  • Get Your Blog through the Google Classification Process and out of the Sandbox Into Top Rankings
  • Use Advanced Content and Monetization Strategies
  • Exploit Profit Pulling Advanced Auto Blogging Plugins for Maximal Profit
  • Monetize Your Blogs with Multiple Strategies in order to Maximize Profits
  • DESTROY External Optimization with Our Very Own Backlink Blueprint! (This could be sold by itself. It's that good!)