Mastering Income Spread Trading Workshop

Mastering Income Spread Trading Workshop. description How to master your income transactions …Based on the amazing success of our revenue trading strategy-in ...
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Mastering Income Spread Trading Workshop

Mastering Income Spread Trading Workshop

How to master your income transactions …

Based on the amazing success of our revenue trading strategy-in 2016, we completed 220 transactions with a win rate of 93.2% and an average weekly return rate of over 7.3% (with the help of our Iron Condors), ve Created a winning workshop - now experience a new plan to help you create your own trading success in 2016, 2017 and beyond.

Master income spread trading (MIST)
Mini Student Program

Designed to keep you stable and profitable through our weekly profitable INCOME SPREAD transactions! Learn to trade an iron guide fuse that averages more than 11% per week, without additional risk! Learn how to defend your spreads easily and skillfully. Turn losses into profits!

The Master Tutor System of Income Spread Trading is designed to provide you with a complete income trading plan, which includes two different areas:

Trading powerful iron CONDOR

This is a targeted NEW Iron Condor development plan-you will learn to develop and test the technology of New IRON CONDOR trading-the highest compound yield trading we are engaged in!
Guided Trading Plan-We will conduct detailed review meetings for weekly power options, 11 hour options and 11 hour options 2.0 workshops, and provide more than 26 hours of detailed guided review and real-time meetings
Designed for existing 11-hour options and weekly power options traders, they need EXPERT LEVEL guidance and continuous group guidance.
Anyone who wants to learn and apply IRON CONDOR trade development and management technology.

The strategy to defend the spread is to help you maximize and protect your weekly earnings trading profits

This section is for you …

The income gap makes it difficult for you to get started
Sometimes confusing to enter or manage your spread position
Not sure how to set a stop loss order on your spread
Has the Delta neutral strategy sank? Is still “Greek” for you
What is the best way to protect yourself? … Learn how to do Delta Neutral in a LIVE session!
You are not sure how to end the transaction to maximize profit
You understand trading but want to gain experience in live trading

his is the guidance you get.

1 FASTSTART start webinar and live meeting
Real-time trading & learning session in 5 weeks, covering a comprehensive review of weekly power options, 11-hour options, 11-hour options 2.0, new power iron trading (2:30 PM-4PM in market hours)
LIVE Live Session at 6pm on Friday (Market Time 2:30 PM - 4PM)
Each Sunday morning provides 6 in-depth “Sunday Trading Summary” videos.
1 CAPSTONE “Summary” and “Advance” Webinar
More than 26 hours of detailed 11-hour options trading plan time … worth more than $ 7,800!

Active trade management strategy …

Afternoon live webinar (2:30 PM - 4:30 PM): You have the opportunity to trade and learn how to manage income trading positions in real time until the end of the transaction.
If you are ready to make 2017 the best trading year ever! Mastery of the mini-guidance system for income spread betting began on December 7!

committed to…

The tuition fee for this program is $ 2,100 per trader.
There are only 20 trader positions in the MIST guidance plan (update: 6 trader positions left).
Sign up before midnight on Friday, December 2 to receive a free workshop of $ 300 (choose from weekly power options, 11-hour options 2.0, Fibonacci trading or daily profit)

Planned date …

Date of Mini Tutoring Program: December 7 - January 20
FASTSTART LIVE kick-off webinar: December 7
(12) Real-time trading / training meeting: December 7, 9, 13, 16, 16, 22, 23, January 4, 6, 10, 13, 18, 20 (afternoon 2:30 - 4:30 pm)
(6) Transaction summary and comment video: released every Sunday morning
CAPSTONE Summary and Advance Webinar: TBA
** All meetings will be recorded and permanently provided to all participants.

Your bottom line opportunity

For the third consecutive year, our revenue trading strategy proved to be a very consistent winning strategy. In 2016, we completed 220 trades with a win rate of 93.2% and an average weekly return of over 7.3% ), Our iron guide averages more than 11% per week without any additional risk

The Mastery Revenue Spread Trading Guidance Program is designed to help you get a quick start in 2017. Due to our revenue transactions, many of our traders achieved very stable profits in 2016.

what are you waiting for? Where will you be from now on? Grasp the opportunities of income dissemination transactions. Remember, the space for small groups is very limited-there are only 6 attractions left-and you can take advantage of this opportunity. Act as soon as possible!

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