Mark Joyner - Jacque Fresco on Drawing

Mark Joyner - Jacque Fresco on Drawing digital download. Info: [DIVX, MP3, PDF and JPG] | 1.137 GB. You can check this out for yourself by simple observ...

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Mark Joyner - Jacque Fresco on Drawing

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OK, you can already see many of the obvious benefits of drawing…could you be harboring some revolutionary invention that will better mankind?...will you dazzle people in the boardroom at the white board?...will your "doodling" in the coffee shop or bar have people ogling at you in amazement?
Anything is possible.
But those are all obvious and pale in comparison to the biggest benefit the skill of drawing will give you:(Most people never even suspect this.)
Confidence.Sounds strange, but it’s true.
Think about it. What determines your confidence level?
It makes perfect sense once you've thought it through:
How you express yourself determines your confidence level.
You can check this out for yourself by simple observation of human behavior. Everyone you've met that has that calm self-assurance will also inevitably have mastered some form of self-expression as well.
Drawing not only opens up a new avenue of expression for you, but it dramatically enhances your ability to express yourself verbally as well.
And here’s something you’ve probably never considered. Many of the greatest minds in history could draw.The obvious example is Leonardo da Vinci.
He was the ultimate "renaissance man." Artist, scientist, inventor, biologist, engineer ...We've all seen his notebooks that evidence his genius in so many fields, but what was there on each page?
Drawings, of course.
His ability to draw was the lynchpin behind his genius.