Lee Morrison - Anti-Ambush Training

Lee Morrison - Anti-Ambush Training digital download. Info: [2 DVDs - M4V] | 1.731 GB. Most common attacks employed by a potentially hostile subject, reg...

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Lee Morrison - Anti-Ambush Training

Type: Digital download

Format: [2 DVDs - M4V]

File size: 1.731 GB

Salepage: http://www.urbancombatives.com/m_store/dvds/anti_ambush.htm

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In this two-part program we look into the Startle Reflex Response, applied to a variety of Counter Offensive Scenarios.

Most common attacks employed by a potentially hostile subject, regardless of motive, will be simple and gross-motor in nature fuelled with intent. The most favoured way in which such an assault would be used would be via a pure, unforgiving AMBUSH! Well here's the news - if you get attacked without even the slightest inclination, then you've just been ambushed. What happens now depends how bad you've been hurt, and how fast you can deal with it mentally.

In short, you will be stunned and shocked. Unless you train for that dynamic, you will freeze up - leaving time and opportunity for the initiator to finish what he/she started. Not good! In the best world, you'd have had your radar on, seen it coming, and been proactive enough to avoid and escape - or at least control space and maybe take initiative first. But what if you don't?

Well, if you see absolutely nothing and get cold-cocked, then you're getting knocked out. It doesn't matter about your skill level now; you've got no chance to use it. BUT - if you do catch even the slightest inclination, literally half a second before or mid-attack, then a simple principle-based response of covering your head in a forwardly offensive way can, has, and will offer you momentary limitation from damage, and a split second to explode with your Counter Offensive assault and bring the fight back to you. But YOU MUST TRAIN IT TIL YOU GOT IT, THEN DRILL IT TIL YOU OWN IT!

Part one of the Anti-Ambush Training programme offers you, the Combatives trainee, some workable drills to achieve that goal response. The ideal would be to NEVER leave it this late - but if you did for whatever reason and the final pre-assault cue leaves you with a split second to react, be it something moving fast towards your head caught out of the corner of your eye, or a shadow across the ground, or the sudden tactile stimulus of getting grabbed or shoved just before the shot, then this is a good place to start.

View and enjoy with an open mind, get in your class and acid test what you take, and build your Anti-Ambush response to a clear level of CONFIDENCE!