L. Michael Hall - Mind-Lines

L. Michael Hall - Mind-Lines digital download. Info: [(8 DVDs - Rip)(2 - PDF)] | 3.306 GB. Like a magician with his or her magical box from which to pull...

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L. Michael Hall - Mind-Lines

Type: Digital download

Format: [(8 DVDs - Rip)(2 - PDF)]

File size: 3.306 GB

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Mind Lines DVD Set




(1998, 2005): Hall & Bodenhamer Brand New Fifth Edition

We have found a magical formula box wherein lies all kinds of wonderful and horrible things.

Like a magician with his or her magical box from which to pull and put all kinds of wild and crazy things--the magical formula box to which we refer lives inside human minds. The brain produces it, and yet the magic box transcends the brain. And because everybody you meet also has a magical formula box--you will learn some very, very powerful magic.

    • You will learn magic that will enable you

  • to change realities,

  • to alter the direction of life,

  • to change the past,

  • to restructure emotions,

  • to shift paradigms,

  • to leap logical levels at a single bound, and

  • to jump off tall towers of terror in a single leap,

to utter mind-lines and see demons vanish and heavens spring into existence,

and much more.!


Then come with me to explore your own neuro-linguistics and neuro-semantics.

Become a magician so that you can use your meaning-making powers with grace and power.

Mine those mind-lines that will change your mind for good--

change it so that you can run your own brain, make the changes you want, and keep the change forever.

Learn to become truly elegant and professional in the mind-lines you offer to your associates, loved ones, and friends.

Set includes 8 DVDs and 5th Edition Mind Lines Book