Kristie Chiles - How To Create A No Content POD Spiral Journal In 15 Minutes To Sell On Etsy

Kristie Chiles - How To Create A No Content POD Spiral Journal In 15 Minutes To Sell On Etsy“Hey Kristie,Love your information. I did buy your Journals to Ets...
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Kristie Chiles - How To Create A No Content POD Spiral Journal In 15 Minutes To Sell On Etsy

Kristie Chiles - How To Create A No Content POD Spiral Journal In 15 Minutes To Sell On Etsy

“Hey Kristie,

Love your information. I did buy your Journals to Etsy course and now have 60 journals up! and, I made $105 dollar profits the next day!!!”

Thank you,

- Patricia L.

Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day? Watch this video for great ideas!

Hug in a Mug….and MORE!

3 Ideas To Get You ed:

To My Fiance: All the Wonderful Reasons I Can’t Wait To Marry You

To My Fiance, Husband, Boyfriend: The Story of Us….Bruce and Bindy

For The Musician you Love: Just a Little Love Note

You’ll learn how to make this! And then duplicate it with ONE Click!!


Note: I mention other special offers and courses in this video.

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How To Create A No Content JOURNAL IN 15 MINUTES To Sell On Etsy at a limited discount (75% off $497 so hurry and jump in).

Nov. 10, 2019 at 7:34 AM.
I created my FIRST spiral Thanksgiving notebook on Etsy in less than an hour after watching your first two videos!
Wow - you are the best.”
Great course.
- Mike

What if? You Could Get In On The $210 Million Dollar #bulletjournal #notebook Craze?

Did you know that in 2018, 2 Million Instagrammers mentioned #BulletJournals…with women making 2/3s of the purchase?

Hot market? You betcha!

Tired of struggling to how to create NO CONTENT Bullet Journals and Notebooks to sell on Etsy?

Tired of making stuff that doesn’t sell, and no one even knows about, but your Mom and maybe your Aunt Sarah?
Tired of making that thing late at night, having to hurry and package it up, and leave early in the morning to try to mail it before you get to work?
Well, this is your answer…
#relief - I Want To Be Able To Sit Down and 15 Minutes Later Have A Gorgeous Notebook or Bullet Journal (with NO CONTENT (just lines), but with an amazing cover) before everybody else in the world figures this out.
AND…I want to get my first 100 Bullet Journals/Notebooks on Etsy Before the next holiday in 2020 rolls around…because I’m smart that way!!



WAIT! You don’t want to learn photomabob (UGH, me either!!!), You DON’T want to try to figure out another minute what IS selling on Etsy, and don’t want to CONTACT a gazillion Etsy Shop owners to find if you can use THEIR images with or without buying an expensive license PER images?

Heck, NO!

You just want to know how to make a quick cover for your NO CONTENT Notebooks and Journals with FREE Graphics using Picmonkey?

And, You just want to know where you can purchase gorgeous inexpensive IMAGES for crying out loud?
Then, THIS is PERFECT for you!
So, here’s your Easy-Peazy Plan going forward:
1 - Download the Images, or Create a Cool Design in Picmonkey
2 - Upload Your Image and Create A No Content Journal Planner (with no words, just lined paper) or Notebook in 5 Minutes or Less.
3 - New Biz Plan for you: 100 New Notebooks/Journals in your Etsy Shop before the next holiday in 2020. And think of all the holidays you can build these around: New Years, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the other gazillion special days in between.
Life events that you can customize on Etsy are huge! It’s my Wedding Day, Baptism, Engagement thoughts, Pregnancy Journal, 3K Race Day, Graduation Dreams to name a few.
And don’t forget! Family and BFF relationships sell really well….Papa’s Journal, Journal for my Daughter, Letters to My Son, Nana, PawPaw, my sister, my brother, my aunt, my cousin, my uncle…you get the idea.
Be READY when the buying FRENZY of Christmas rolls around with YOUR Etsy Shop PACKED with No Content Notebook & Journal Designs of every shape, color and passion…that gets your visitors crying…
Oh MAMA! I Want That!!! and that….and that…

Here are two examples from my Etsy Shop:


Q: Is there ANY limit as to how many NO CONTENT Notebooks, or Journals I can create?
A: NO!
Q: How much does it cost to make these?
A: You can create designs inside of Picmonkey ($7.95/mo), or purchase inexpensive images on graphic websites.I’ll show you where to find these - some are only $1. Then, you’ll only pay $.20 to list it on Etsy (20 Cents!)
Q: How many of these can I list on Etsy a day?
A: As many as you can! I would suggest you do at least 5 a night, and by the end of 30 days, you will have 150 Notebooks/Journals for Sale!

BONUS #1: 200 Keyword List

Plus…you’ll also get A FREE LIST of 200 Keywords that people are typing into Google right now to find #notebooks!



BONUS #3 - NINETY (90) Days of FREE COACHING by me personally, inside the course as a gift to you to make sure you don’t get stuck!


“Kristie, I love, love LOVE your courses!”

- Tracee

Hi Kristie!!!

I wanted to let you know that I had my SECOND JOURNAL SALE!! YEAH!! I’ve got to get back to adding additional journals. I only have about 10 or twelve listed! I can’t believe it. Both have been XXX designs!!

SOO much to learn!! I need more TIME!! 🙂

Thanks so much!!

- June


Your Instructor


Kristie Chiles

Kristie Chiles

Hi there, I’m Kristie Chiles-Arp, Former First Grade Teacher then, College Professor, now a 6 Figure Marketer, Wife, Mother of 2, and “Mimi” to 5 grandchildren, whose been online since 2010 learning and earning, and it’s been Super Fun, but it’s now time to teach online what I’ve been soaking up after hours and hours of researching and doing since 2013. Give yourself the gift of education. Isn’t it time you invested in yourself? I love teaching and I would be honored to teach you this new skill and side business opportunity. It’s super fun! Ready? Let’s go!

Course Curriculum


Sign Up To Printify, Connect Your Store & A Quick Design Overview (5:10)

Video - How To Connect Your Etsy Store With Printify

Let’s Break It Down Step-By-Step

Here Is Where To Get Your Images (2:33)

How To Upload It To Printify (2:47)

What To Put In Your Title, Description & Tags (6:23)

Finish Your Listing To Get Some Etsy Ranking Love! (3:55)
How To Price Your Notebooks (2:27)

How To Change Your Prices With This Bulk Editing Tool (1:24)

How To Change Your Shipping Profile to FREE SHIPPING For A Boost in Etsy’s Rankings (3:42)

SAVE Your Shipping Profile (1:34)

How To Change Existing Listings To FREE SHIPPING (4:00)

Share To Pinterest! (1:09)

How To Duplicate, Edit, Customize With Names

How To Duplicate Your Notebooks With Just 1 Click To Save You Hours! (1:04)

How To Edit Your Layers With Ease! (1:40)

How To Sell More By Customizing The Notebooks With Their NAMES!!! (2:35)

Make Sure You Tick This Personalization Box! (0:35)

How To Create A Christmas Planner in Less Than 5 Minutes!

Ready? Let’s Create A Christmas Planner in Less Than 5 Minutes (6:49)

I Made A Sale, What Are My Next Steps To Fill This Order?

First, Say Thank You To Your Customer Like This (2:17)

Okay, I Got An Order (yay), But Now What Do I Do? (0:59)

How To Change Your Fulfillment To MANUAL (1:43)

Check The Details of The Etsy Order (0:40)

Let’s Make A New One With Their Name On It! (1:13)

How To Create The Custom Notebook Your Customer Just Ordered Inside of Printify (1:23)

Fill Out The Shipping Details (2:01)

How To Set Up A Coupon Or Run A Sale (1:22)

Mockups Make It Pop With That Little Extra Something! Here’s How!
  •  Watch This Video to Add Some Sparkle To Your Mock-ups! (6:59)
  • Use These In Your Titles, Descriptions and Tags Too! (7:27)
Watch Over My Shoulder Video As I Create A New Spiral Notebook
  • Watch Over The Shoulder Video For Fun (9:36)

Kristie Chiles - How To Create A No Content POD Spiral Journal In 15 Minutes To Sell On Etsy on