Kevin Anson - The Video formula

Kevin Anson - The Video formula | Instant Download ! WHAT IF you could stand out amongst your competition? WHAT IF you could get people to STOP scrolling aimles...
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Kevin Anson – The Video formula | Instant Download !

Salepage: Kevin Anson – The Video formula
Hey! Kevin Anson here…

WHAT IF you could stand out amongst your competition?

WHAT IF you could get people to STOP scrolling aimlessly on FB or YouTube…and actually “CLICK” on your video?!

WHAT IF you could have viewers be SO engaged, that they WATCH your entire video (and then take action)?!

WHAT IF you could have a video go VIRAL, and have your video reach THOUSANDS (or even MILLIONS) of people around the world?

WHAT IF you could actually do ALL of that?

WHAT IF a few ‘tweaks’ to your organic and paid videos could get you far BETTER results than you ever dreamed of?

And WHAT IF you could REPEAT this process, so that with EVERY video you publish in the future, your visibility increases exponentially?

Let me ask you something…
Does it feel like people scroll right past your videos, without ever liking or commenting?

Are you convinced that if people would just STOP, CLICK, and WATCH, then your videos could REALLY help them?

Are you frustrated that your videos aren’t generating the RESULTS you hoped for, given all the time and effort you put in?

​Do you want to know EXACTLY what to add to your videos in order to get people to STOP and ENGAGE so your message reaches more people?

See, over the last 15 years as a professional video creator for Fortune 500 brands, industry leading marketers and influencers… I’ve spent a LOT of time studying, tracking and observing what causes videos to WORK… (and what makes other videos flop).

After producing thousands of marketing videos, I’ve discovered 10 KEY INGREDIENTS that repeatedly get my clients RESULTS…

Once I started intentionally INCORPORATING these 10 little-known ingredients, that’s when the magic happened…
Clients multiplied the number of views on their videos!
​People watched all the way through to the end!
Videos started going VIRAL!
​And my clients got more SALES because their viewers were taking action!

Using this formula became the difference between someone passing by a client’s video, and people watching it, sharing it and visiting their landing page.

This is the EXACT FORMULA I’ve been using for my clients for many years….

My current clients are some of the world’s HIGHEST PAID marketers and influencers IN THE WORLD!

This formula has helped them get more views, likes, comments, shares and most importantly SALES through their organic and paid video content…

(And you can use this SAME formula to create HIGHER performing videos of your own, and start seeing REAL results!)

Inside the Video Formula Training, I’ll share with you the 10 KEY INGREDIENTS you need to make your videos outperform your competition…

Think about it this way…

Just ONE or TWO of these pieces alone can boost the performance of your video…

But when you COMBINE all 10 ingredients, you have a WINNING formula that has been battle-tested by some of the TOP marketers and influencers, and has the power to drive MASSIVE RESULTS, and make videos go VIRAL!

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