Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body

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Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body digital download. Info: [8 PDF - 4 XLS] | 3.93 MB. When I told some of my other clients about the great results Mike an...
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Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body

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"How To Get A Swimmers Body"

Attention MEN: You Can Have The Most ATTRACTIVE Shape Of Any Male Athlete...REVEALED: It Is NOT From Swimming Lots!

 Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body

Discover The Muscle Building, Fat Burning Workouts & Simple Proven Science Of Nutrition That Develops The Classic V-Shape, Broad Shoulders & Defined Abdominals Of The Swimmers Body... Guaranteed!

Dear Friend,
Hi, I'm Keith Tucker, and I led the team of Sports Scientists who created The Swimmers Body Nutrition Guide, Weight Training and Cardio Program.
As a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Coach I always ask new clients what their goals are. A lot of men do not want the massive bulk of a body builder and prefer the more athletic muscle tone of a male swimmer.
If you are ready to take your body to the next level and achieve these attractive proportions then you MUST discover the secrets to proper nutrition and structured training.
I have my personal behind-the-scenes story to tell you, but first…
This isn’t for you if…
Your main goal is to become a faster swimmer. There are no swimming drills or tips on swimming technique here. It is the toned muscle proportions and attractiveness of The Swimmers Body shape that we will deliver.
The program is NOT just for swimmers. The cardio sessions can be done in the pool, in the gym, outside or at home. The system is scientifically proven, endorsed by world-class experts and has been used by men all over the world to get the most attractive shape of all athletes.
Our unique system is only for men who are committed to getting an amazing body, but deserve more results than they are getting. Even if you have tried other workout programs without success. Even if you have stubborn problem areas where you struggle to reveal muscle. Even if your metabolism and genetics seem to make it harder than everyone else. Right here, if you realize that you are not going to get the body shape you DESERVE with your current exercise and eating habits…
…then CONGRATULATIONS because you have found the secrets to adding muscle and stripping fat to reveal the definition of the classic swimmers body shape!


Who Are We And Why You Should Listen To Us

There are thousands of gurus out there claiming to know it all. Many may consider themselves experts in their chosen field, but I have yet to come across a personal trainer, nutritional coach, professional athlete (in more than one sport), and sports scientist all rolled into one guy. This is why I have worked with two other top experts in their own fields to give you the complete information you need to get a really amazing body. Here is a bit more about each of us:
Keith Tucker
Personal Trainer & Nutritional Coach; BSc (Hons) Sports
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyKeith has over 15 years of coaching experience, with personal training qualifications including gym instruction, postural assessment and correction, SAQ, Advanced Core Training, Advanced Power Lifting, Biochemical Individuality, Prehab / Rehab and Ball Functional Training.
He is a former professional Kickboxer winning British and European titles consecutively. He went on to train British and European Kickboxing Champions. Keith is training to county standard in Gymnastic / Road and Cross Country running. He has recently moved Football clubs from the bottom of the league to mid top inside one preseason training cycle.
Kevin Watson
Sports Scientist; BSc (Hons), PG Dip, CSCS, ASCC
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyKevin ran the swimming sports science program for the Glasgow School of Sport. He pioneered the blood lactate step testing of swimmers and provided fitness programs for each athlete to achieve elite levels.
He is a former rower for Great Britain winning a silver medal in the Quadruple Sculls Championship in Canada. He has a Masters in Strength Training and Conditioning, a First Class Honors Degree in Sport and Exercise Science. He is also a qualified Speed, Agility and Quickness Trainer.
Victor Gracio
Professional Triathlete in World Championships & Swimming Coach
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyVictor recently qualified for the ITU Triathlon World Championships with the fastest swimming time in his qualifying race. Originally from Brazil and now training in Sydney, he is an accomplished triathlete competing all over the world.
Victor holds a degree in Sports and Physical Education and teaches swimming for all abilities. He also has a lot of experience working with other professional swimmers and triathletes on their dry land training for maximum results.


The Behind-The-Scenes Story Of How I Discovered The Swimmers Body System

The Swimmers Body Nutrition Guide, Weight Training and Cardio program is the combined result of all our years training athletes, studying research papers, clinical trials and how we apply it daily to our normal everyday clients who have normal everyday lifestyles.
It was one such new client, Mike, who was the inspiration for the program. Mike worked out in the gym 2 to 3 times a week, he ate what he thought was healthy foods and considered himself in okay shape.
Mike's gym overlooked a 50m swimming pool. In his own words “I was fed up of seeing all these guys with amazing bodies and even though I was working out, I was nowhere near”
His frustration came to a head when he broke up with his ex. He came to me very motivated and said “I want a swimmers body”.
Say this goal to most people and they will tell you to hit the pool. Simple right? Isn’t that how Michael Phelps, Ian Thorpe and Mark Foster got their bodies?
Any decent personal trainer will explain how professional swimmers will use weight training as a core part of their exercise program. Of course, swimming is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise and can help remove fat, but it is not an effective way to build muscle because the resistance is too low.
So I designed a split weight training program for Mike. I then added cardio interval training sessions and even mini circuit training sessions. I started using the program myself and pretty soon other personal trainers I worked with were asking for a copy.
A few months later Mike was at a BBQ wearing a t-shirt and jeans, when both men and women started prodding his arms and shoulders and just saying “wow”. He hadn’t seen some of these guys in a while and they were all asking how he was getting these results.
“I swam once a week as one of the cardio sessions. But that is just because I like swimming”. The program is designed to help you get The Swimmers Body shape with or without swimming.
What was the big secret?
A structured training program focused on clear goals.
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body

Mike was measuring his progress and adjusting the program to progress each week. He was also spending less time in the gym for each session, but working out much more intensely.

I also sat Mike down and explained the secrets to proper nutrition. Getting your nutrition right is like working out twice as often!
I dispelled the common conflicting information about what will build muscle and reduce body fat. I suggested eating smaller meals but more frequently, each with a lean complete protein and a complex carbohydrate. Mike's sugar intake was too high; increasing fat storage and his low consumption of healthy fat was reducing his testosterone levels and restricting his muscle building.
Now Mike has booked a summer holiday to show of his great new body. It is something I encouraged as a great motivational goal.
I know what you are thinking. Even if this worked for Mike, how will it work for me, right?
When I told some of my other clients about the great results Mike and the other personal trainers were having, they were skeptical.  
Comments ranged from…
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyKeith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyI believe you can do this but I just don’t think it will work for me...
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyKeith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyMy genetics don’t allow me to add that amount of muscle...
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyKeith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyI would never be able to get to that low body fat percentage...
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyKeith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyI do not have the time to get those sort of results!
Have you ever felt this way?
I’m embarrassed to say that even I have. 
Before studying the research and qualifying as Personal Trainer and Nutritional Coach, I too used to look at the pictures in the magazines and assumed that only a fraction of the genetically gifted could ever get those attractive proportions. 
It’s NOT your fault!
Misinformation from magazines owned by supplement companies; Advice from other guys in the gym who have no qualifications and done no scientific research; Supermarkets pushing low fat foods (the right fats should be core to your diet); Advertising from home workout machines guaranteeing results with no effort. There are a lot of confusing and conflicting messages out there!
The truth is that you DO need to put in effort in intense training to get results. Do not listen to anyone offering the “easy way to an amazing body”. I am offering the fastest way to an amazing body because it is a carefully structured training plan that will give you amazing results that are accelerated by proper nutrition.
I realized that I needed to motivate my clients with the proper tools and information that would guarantee them the results they deserved. So this was my inspiration to create a complete, practical program that built on the original training plan. 
I asked for the input of Kevin and Victor as they had been involved in clinical trials and I wanted to leverage the secrets professional swimmers use in their dry land training. These experts usually charge THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!
With our combined expertise I truly believe that we have created an outstanding product that can be tailored to your lifestyle needs. So good that I guaranteed to all of my clients that if they bought the program and did not get amazing results from using it after 60 days, then I would give them a full refund.

How Do Swimmers Get Their Classic Shape?

Swimming is a great form of cardiovascular exercise (cardio) but it only develops the pull muscles. With any stroke you pull yourself through the water which does not develop the push muscles. Muscles want to grow in pairs - bicep and tricep; otherwise the muscle growth will plateau quite quickly as this is your body's natural way of protecting against imbalances. Male professional swimmers will spend 4 – 6 hours a day in the pool combined with weight training to develop their push muscles. Their shape will have developed as their testosterone was pumping in their formative early teenage years.

Myth #1 - Don't I Just Swim More?

Unless you are a young teenager doing hours each day in the pool, you will only get limited muscle growth from swimming as you need to increase the resistance to further stimulate growth. Shape advancement depends on challenging the muscles with enough resistance to give them a reason to change so they grow back bigger. Using the right type of exercises in a structured program you can increase muscle in key areas using resistance training (weights). An intensive weight training program is the fastest way to add the muscles of a swimmers body. Your diet and cardiovascular exercise are used to REVEAL the muscle beneath.

Myth #2 - Cardio Is A Waste Of Time For Men

To reveal the toned muscle of a swimmers body you must remove the covering layer of body fat with the right nutrition and structured cardio training. Interval training is repetitions of high intensity cardio bursts followed by lower intensity periods and is a proven method of fast fat loss. Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises you can do and one of the recommended cardio types on the program for interval training. But you can choose whatever cardio you prefer as long as you can do interval training with it. This means you can still achieve The Swimmers Body shape by using a rowing machine and never getting your feet wet!

Myth #3 - Anyone Can Add Muscle With Weights

The body gets used to any workout routine quickly and results plateau. Many men interpret this as a need to buy the latest supplement. In reality, keeping the program progressing helps avoid injury and burnout whilst building muscle and shape fast. Periodization Weight Training is an effect proven stage approach to muscle building. The first stage is Anatomical Adaption (AA). Tendons and ligaments do not get strong as quickly as muscles so AA is about strengthening the whole body before intense training. Then Hypertrophy (H) is the muscle building stage of the program where you will be lifting heavier weights with key exercises so that your muscles repair bigger and stronger. The Muscle Definition (MD) stage uses high repetitions of less heavy weights to reveal the defined muscles of swimmers broad shoulders, V-shape back and six pack abdominals.

Myth #4 - You Only Get Results With Supplements

Protein bars are full of sugar. Diet pills don’t work. You can get in the best shape of your life without using any supplements at all. Making healthy choices based on sound nutrition is LIFE CHANGING. You should be eating 5 or 6 meals a day each with a lean complete protein and a complex carbohydrate; small meals not snacks. Sometimes people find it difficult to eat this often and use supplements. Supplements are never better than food and are simply a convenience. They are used to ‘supplement’ food when it is difficult to get the nutrients you need. We explain how to create a diet without any supplements by thinking ahead.

Expert Review

Chris Chew
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body"I have read hundreds of books and journals as I have to constantly update myself as a professional fitness trainer and body sculptor for television actors, stuntmen and international male pageant contestants.
My eyes popped out when reading this pioneering instruction on how to get a swimmer's body. This is because I am amazed by how Keith Tucker and his team of sports scientists can put so much science into the instructions and yet are capable of saying it in words that can be readily understandable, easy to read, motivational and really inspiring.
If you want to get the awesome body of a competitive swimmer, this is it!"
Chris Chew – Certified Master Fitness Trainer
Chris is the Fitness Consultant and Advisor to the prestigious annual Mister International (World Sexiest Men - male pageant competition)

ntroducing "The Swimmers Body"...

Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyA Complete Nutrition Guide And Training Program

Here is just a small sample of what you will learn when you DOWNLOAD your copy of The Swimmers Body today. 

Follow These 3 Simple Steps... 

Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body

STEP 1: THE Principals

($67 Value)

[32 pages] Understand the crucial success factors that are the difference between the results you are getting now and what you can achieve.
What You Will Discover...
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyThe #1 principal of nutrition that will dictate 90% of your results
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body Why your genetic body type holds you back and how to turn it into an advantage
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyThe secret to breaking through problem areas to reveal muscle
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyThe #1 psychological reason people fail, and how to quickly overcome it
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyHow mathematics can quantify the attractiveness of the shape
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body The simple but most effective method of tracking your progress
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyHow to adjust the program to suit your lifestyle, age and requirements
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body How to keep the shape for months or years instead of weeks or days 
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyEnding the confusion of conflicting approaches to getting amazing results
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body Explanations of all technical terms in our simple Jargon Buster

Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body

STEP 2: YOUR Nutrition

($67 Value)
[43 pages] Construct your own balanced eating plans with foods you can get at the local grocery store. Plus the Dietary Science necessary to obtain your new shape.
What You Will Discover...

Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyThe nutrition fundamentals and common myths about the basics 

Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body How to calculate your precise individual daily calorie needs for your goals 
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyThe best everyday practical foods that should be the core of your diet
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body The ‘healthy foods’ that are really not so healthy and what to really avoid
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyThe amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat that boosts metabolism
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body Methods for optimizing macronutrient ratios for natural hormonal advantages
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyWhy you struggle losing the last few pounds and how to overcome it
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body What you should eat before and after every workout and why
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyHow to maximize results without supplements or sacrificing your health
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body How to properly incorporate a cheat day that will actually accelerate your results

Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body

STEP 3: YOUR Exercise

($67 Value)
[34 pages] The weight training and cardiovascular program split into 5 phases. Plus the Sports Science necessary to obtain your new shape.
What You Will Discover...
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body The periodized weight training program tried and tested by professionals
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyThe interval cardiovascular and core program proven to cut subcutaneous fat
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body The correct form and techniques to maximize your training results
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body Why shape advancement depends on Anatomical Adaptation and Hypertrophy
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body The ignored area that releases the most growth hormones and strips fat
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyThe most important resistance exercises to get results if you are short of time
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body How to automatically supercharge your body to be ready for each workout
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body How to stay in the optimum fat burning zone for cardiovascular exercises
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body The 2 techniques to push you beyond your previous strength and size limits
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body The definitive way to get a chiseled set of six pack abdominals

But Wait, Because There Is Even More

Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyKeith Tucker - The Swimmer's Body Workout Plans, Meal Templates, Nutritional Values of Food and Progress Charts
($39 Value)
Keith Tucker - The Swimmer's BodyAccess to our online Members Area with Menu Calculation Spreadsheets, External Links and Full Color Photos and descriptions of all the exercises 

($57 Value) 

The best part is that you can download everything from the Internet in just minutes and start using these proven techniques straight away!