Kate Beeders - Rapid Revenue Formula

Kate Beeders - Rapid Revenue Formula. Here’s How to Make A Lot More Money Fast And Finally Have a Profit-Rich Business You Love… Without Sacrificing Y...
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Kate Beeders - Rapid Revenue Formula

Kate Beeders - Rapid Revenue Formula

Here’s How to Make A Lot More Money Fast And Finally Have a Profit-Rich Business You Love…
Without Sacrificing Your Integrity, Working 24/7, or Doing a Bunch of Marketing Stuff You Can’t Stand

Are you frustrated by the fact you’re working hard to grow your business, yet you’re still not making as much money as you’d hoped to?

Listen, there is nothing wrong with you or your business.

And you don’t have to tolerate painfully slow progress when it comes to increasing your income, profits and cash flow.

You just need to know the 3 foundational keys to making a lot more money faster. And once you do, you will be able to:

  • Rapidly double or even triple your income so fast it’ll make your head spin (and cause your friends to ask, “What’s your secret?”).
  • Reach and maintain a high 6-figure income within a year’s time or less.
  • Feel 100% confident in the financial stability and future of your business.
  • Always be generously compensated and richly rewarded for the work you do in the world.
  • Never again feel like you’re over-delivering and under-earning.
  • Enjoy a life-long love affair with your business, your clients and your chosen lifestyle.

No matter what your income is right now, you need to know
you can easily make a lot more money fast and
take your business to a whole new level of profitability and success.

In this online course, you will be amazed by how quickly you can make more money (a lot more money) while attracting all the clients you want and reveling in the joy and satisfaction of running a business you love. I know this may sound too good to be true, but believe me, it’s going to happen for you once you apply the 3 Foundational Keys of the Rapid Revenue Formula:

Those 3 keys are:

  • Makeover Your Mindset. Say goodbye to any inner obstacles that have been plugging up your money pipeline. We’re going to rewrite your money story so it will be easy for you to let in a lot of money.
  • Monetize What You Love. You’ll discover how to create and offer programs, products and services that are so perfectly aligned with who you are and what you love, you cannot help but attract a ton of top-tier clients.
  • Master the Money Conversation. This is critical! You will become so at ease when talking to your clients about money that you’ll always get your full fee, even after you raise your rates.

If you’re genuinely committed to the success of your business, you simply must learn how to talk to your clients about money, know when to raise your rates and ask for your full fee every time.

Yes, I said every time! Otherwise, you’re cheating yourself out of the financial abundance and well-being you so deserve. And you will continue to struggle financially. Eventually, you’ll be so overworked and underpaid that you’ll resent your business and dread the hours you invest in it. Please, don’t let that happen to you.

In addition to learning how to implement the 3 Foundational Keys to Rapid Revenue, you’ll discover how to:

  • Inspire clients to say “Yes!” to you when you offer your services.
  • Consistently earn the revenue you want by creating programs and products you love to offer.
  • Create your own authentic marketing plan, one that honors your interests and strengths so you have more fun attracting a lot more clients.
  • Skyrocket your confidence and satisfaction as you start to manifest exactly what you want.
  • Raise your rates without evoking resistance from your current clients.
  • Quickly clear and create shifts in your mindset with tapping.
  • Build your business around what “lights you up” so your daily “have to do’s” become “get to do’s.”
  • Eliminate any guilt or shyness you may have around asking for money and fully own and celebrate the value you bring to your clients.
  • Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and follow your own heart and guidance.

Are you getting the picture?

The Rapid Revenue Formula gives you everything you need to make more money fast, attract all the clients you want, feel confident in the value you offer and build a highly profitable business you love.

By the end of the Rapid Revenue Formula course, you will have made the essential mindset shifts necessary to allow a lot more money into your experience. Plus, you’ll have new programs you love to offer, and you will know how to ask for your full fees in a way that inspires a resounding “Yes!”

Here’s How It Works

The Rapid Revenue Formula is an online course which you can do at your own pace.

Here’s What We’ll Cover In The Course:


Module #1:

Design A One-Year Vision For Your Business and Your Life

  • Create a vision and set clear goals for what you want to accomplish over the next year.
  • Give yourself permission to claim your most important desires.
  • Align your actions with your larger vision so you become a money magnet.

Module #2:

Activate Your Money Mojo

  • Clean up your own inner money mess and watch how easily money starts to flow into your experience.
  • Eliminate the “good month/bad month” syndrome.
  • Know your unique value and feel at ease when asking for your full fees.
  • Get really good at asking for money and look forward to any sales conversation.

Module #3:

Attracting Ideal Clients

  • Attract the right people: those who are happy to pay you, eager to work with you and excited about referring others.
  • Make a powerful connection with your ideal clients by understanding what makes them “tick.”
  • Own your expertise and know why YOU are the best person to help your clients.

Module #4:

Dialing For Dollars

  • Get in the zone and have a blast talking to prospective clients about what you do and how much you cost.
  • Easily soothe any objections that come up for your prospects… especially those around money.
  • Increase your monthly income immediately by inspiring your ideal prospects to say “YES” to what you have to offer.

Module #5:

Pinpoint Your Passion Projects

  • Design your programs around what your clients need and what you love to do.
  • Create pinnacle opportunities that are sure to bring in more cash.
  • Discover how to monetize that which makes your heart sing so it’s easy for you to make more money fast.

Module #6:

Step Into Your Brilliance For Breakthrough Results

  • Eliminate self-doubt and release any beliefs that keep you from bringing in the bucks.
  • Exchange that nagging little voice that says you can’t do it with one that encourages and empowers you.
  • Let go of the old stories about who you used to be and step into the new and improved you!


This Rapid Revenue Formula is designed to give you major breakthroughs around money, marketing and mindset, so that by the end of this course, you will have:


  • Razor-sharp clarity about your money and business goals. (This is where everything starts! Once you get this, everything else falls into place.)
  • A whole new set of beliefs and expectations that make it easy for you to let in more money fast.
  • Release from the blocks that have been holding you back so you can quickly and easily move forward on your most important goals.
  • The best way to bust through procrastination and take action on your goals (even when you don’t feel like it).
  • New or revamped programs or products you cannot wait to offer to your clients.
  • The confidence to ask for the money and get it, because you know you’re worth it!
  • The right set of action steps to call in the cash, double your income and be well on your way to 6-figures.


With the Rapid Revenue Formula, you can finally, once and for all, turn your slow slog towards financial stability into a speedboat to 6-figures (or more!)… by doing what you love and doing it your own way.


And… the cost is only $997. When you consider how this program will radically increase your income, cash flow and profits, a $997 tuition fee is the smartest and most profitable investment you could make in your business and your financial future.


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