Karen and Wayne Phillip - Be the Go-to Hypnotherapist for’ QUIT SMOKING’ Clients (AHC)

Karen and Wayne Phillip - Be the Go-to Hypnotherapist for’ QUIT SMOKING’ Clients (AHC) | Instant Download ! Learn how you can become the Specialised Lead Thera...
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Karen and Wayne Phillip - Be the Go-to Hypnotherapist for’ QUIT SMOKING’ Clients (AHC) | Instant Download !

Salepage: Karen and Wayne Phillip - Be the Go-to Hypnotherapist for’ QUIT SMOKING’ Clients (AHC)
We are conducting Master Class training workshops online. A step-by-step intensive program to work through at your own pace.

Learn how you can become the Specialised Lead Therapist for Quit Smoking Sessions and earn an incredible income.

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Become the Quit Smoking Specialist Authority

Hypnotherapists specialising in successful Quit Smoking sessions can improve their financial capacity enormously. Many hypnotherapists try yet fail to hit the mark resulting in clients telling others they failed. 

How would you like to become the specialised go-to guru for Quit Smoking sessions that clients rave about? This exciting and innovative program utilises a specific psychotherapy designed format, incorporating props and scripted support.

This Quit Smoking Master Class is truly authentic and unique. You will learn powerful techniques never before presented with methodology to dominate the market. The wealth of knowledge, education and information provided is simply unprecedented, shattering your previous belief of how to conduct a quit smoking session. Become the exclusive quit smoking therapist who is successful, knowledgeable and sought after. 

How to Convert Every Enquiry into a Paid Appointment

Client inquiries only sometimes result in a session appointment. You may be a great therapist but if you fail to convert the call, you fail to get the client. There is a way to ensure every time a client inquiry is madeyou can secure and book that inquiry into a paid appointment. You can’t afford to lose clients.  


    Learn the irresistible bait on how to convert every inquiry into a paid appointment.

One Day Intensive Training Workshop delivered now On-line

Learn from the best, work at your own pace. Karen Phillip is a world leader in successfully helping people quit that disgustingly expensive smoking behaviour. Her quit smoking session has clients quit before they even close their eyes. The hypnotherapy component seals the deal. Become an elite therapist, expand your business and generate deserved profit and prosperity.  Do you:

  • Want to earn a between $400 - $600 per session?
  • Need a way to become the expert authority in Quit Smoking sessions?
  • Tired of waiting for the phone to ring then pray they make an appointment?
  • Frustrated at trying to build a thriving Hypnotherapy business?

Not only can you secure every enquiry to a paid appointment, but clients may not even know, nor care, how much you charge.  The price becomes insignificant after you learn the specific techniques to inspire the client’s attendance. It is the initial phone contact where many therapists fail to convince and induce. This is essential learning and not taught anywhere else.   

This methodology has been kept a close secret until now, allowing you to dominate the Quit Smoking market. 

Specialist therapist Karen Phillip decided to share these Phillip Method secrets as she steps back from active therapy and moves more into teaching and training others to become prosperous and financially secure. 

You Get Everything You Need

Karen will be giving you her winning, successful, single 2-hour quit smoking session that she has developed and perfected over many years, to become the most effective and profitable session for hypnotherapist using the Phillip Methodology

We are opening up the Kimino so you can get that x-ray intelligence and learn the secrets you have never heard before resulting in your clients raving about you and telling everyone they need to do your session. 

You will be taken through each exciting step by step section to ensure you are professionally prepared to start tomorrow. 

It is all provided and so easy to follow. You simply deliver what has been written and demonstrated using the instructional videos and comprehensive training workbook.

Earn your course money back in less than 1 client

It’s a no-brainer. Clients will quit smoking in your one x 2-hour session and you charge at least $400 - $600 for the session. In less than 1 client you have paid for your training with money left over to successfully market your amazing hypnotherapy session. You have to start today.

What You Learn

Everything you need to conduct the very best, most extensive, practical and successful Quit Smoking session for clients. Clients will line up to attend your rooms, and you can earn $400 - $600 for your one Quit Smoking client session. 

  • The sure-fire way to convert all phone enquiries into paid appointments
  • A psychotherapy session resulting in clients being a non-smoker before they even close their eyes
  • Crafted descriptive Dialogue Scripts that strike like lightning and actually work, individually adjusted for client words and their VAK
  • The full step-by-step video program demonstrating each individual section
  • A complete 55+ page training manual with all information so you can start delivering your successful Quit Smoking session the following day 
  • Strategies and techniques never before taught ensuring your sessions succeed
  • Strategic sleep session to further embed all suggestions
  • Bonus Backup Parts Therapy dialogue (also great to use for clients wanting to abolish excess drinking or gambling)…Plus so much more … including resources,  templates, information on recording sessions and conducting skype and zoom sessions


                              You become the Specialised Expert Quit Smoking Therapist
We have done all the work for you, presented in an easy to follow guide. Karen has perfected this session over many years with clients travelling to her session from all over Australia and Skyping in from around the world. Karen has decided to step back from her therapeutic work and now wants to share all these successful techniques with you. 

There is a small Assessment before receiving your Master Class Accreditation as a Quit Smoking Specialist.

All information is provided in the 55-page instruction manual, with multiple easy to follow lessons, and step-by-step videos, which are yours to keep, use and refer to whenever you need.  You receive all the copy, all the logic, strategies, techniques, downloads, templates, video instructional training, plus so much more. We are always here to support you.

OPD’s and Supervision is part of this workshop

An approved course with 10 CPD points and up to 2 hours of supervision allocated if attending Zoom meetings.  

Cost for Master Class Workshop

Normally when Karen conducts this Masterclass workshop in a class, it is charged at $1,250 pp.

This Master Class on-line training is only … $197 USD or approx $297 AUD with 25% off your next Master Class, and all fully tax-deductible

You will earn the workshop cost back in less than 1 client, then needing only a few clients each week to earn a significant income. You can earn $1,500 + a week with only 3 clients. Quit Smoking has an infinite supply of clients if your sessions are successful.

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