Juho Tunkelo - Web 2.0 For Marketers

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Juho Tunkelo - Web 2.0 For Marketers digital download. Info: [eBook (PDF)]. This book explains in high detail over thirty (seriously, I lost count) spec...
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Juho Tunkelo - Web 2.0 For Marketers

Type: Digital download

Format: [eBook (PDF)]


Web 2.0 For Marketers

This book explains in high detail over thirty (seriously, I lost count) specific strategies for using Web 2.0 to boost your online marketing.

Here's just some of what you'll be discovering inside:

  • Discover exactly how you can make the transition from Relationship Marketing to Community Marketing... to boost and expand your reach! (p. 35)

  • How to start communicating with your customers in real time! -- without the delivery problems of email or the awkwardness of RSS (p. 61)

  • Discover the Web 2.0 communication technology about to replace teleseminars and webinars as the most effective way to connect with your customers! (p. 36)

  • How to use Web 2.0 technology to create a new, super-profitable breed of sales letters that has NEVER been possible before in the history of direct response marketing! (p. 39)

  • How to start an online storefront with hundreds of products in under 5 minutes, for free... and get paid directly to your PayPal account! (p. 46)

  • Find out the absolute hottest new way to boost a product launch -- without being obnoxious, obtrusive or repetitive (people actually love to take part in it!) (p. 58)

  • Find out how to make live, "to-the-minute" offers to your customers.. and have them respond to them in real time! (It's like making money at the speed of thought -- literally!) (p. 61)

  • Discover how to conduct an INSTANT customer survey before you send out a promotion -- know how they'll react beforehand, and adjust your copy accordingly! (p. 61)

  • Find out how you can use Web 2.0 and mobile technology in tandem to keep in close contact with your best customers and affiliates... and 'make them jump' when you say so! (pp. 62, 126)

  • Discover how to make your content 'travel the web' using Social Media Optimization (SMO) -- and do the same to your offer! (p. 69)

... hey, you're still reading - you must be a Smart Marketer! 

Are You Starting To Realize
The Raw Marketing Power of Web 2.0?
  • 25 rock-solid, time-tested tips to generate targeted traffic with blogging... even if you've never blogged in your life! (p. 78)

  • The 'real deal' about making money with blogging -- no tricks, hype or funny business here... just the truth that will always hold. (p. 80)

  • How to create instant buzz for your business, with just $19 a pop! (even the politicians are waking up to this) (p. 93)

  • How to design your sales page so that visitors will instantly trust you and attach extra credibility to you (p. 97)

  • How to use web 2.0 technology and specialized sites to research new markets with ultrasonic speed and laser-like accuracy! (p. 101)

  • Boost sales of physical products (or online auctions) using a new Web 2.0 based method to automatically lead visitors through your persuasion patterns! (p. 103)

  • Discover how to add your own marketing message to online video -- even if the video is not your own! (priceless for affiliate marketers) (p. 91)

  • How to stream online video LIVE from any location, any time, even 24 hours a day -- for free. (p. 115)

  • How to test an unlimited amount of ads for a low flat (!) monthly fee, on one of the top Web 2.0 sites. (p. 118)

  • Discover the unique (and free) Web 2.0 service that automatically prevents your content from getting stolen! (p. 131)

  • A red-hot method to broadcast marketing messages directly to people's hands in open spaces (p. 125)

  • How to get the full attention of early-adopting, hyper-responsive people... in other words, your very best customers! (p. 16)

  • Easily create your own social networking site or authority site to dominate any niche market! (pp. 71, 73)

  • Slash your bandwidth bills using a free service... it's like BitTorrent, only legal! (p. 134)

  • It's once again possible to buy pay-per-click traffic at $0.05 per click... you only need to know where to look! (p. 128)

And much, much more...