Josh Elizetxe - Snow In Miami Live Stream

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Josh Elizetxe - Snow In Miami Live Stream digital download. Info: [5 Videos MP4]. Listen closely: if you want to build a highly-addictive brand, leave ...
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Josh Elizetxe - Snow In Miami Live Stream

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Snow In Miami

What If You Were Given The Exact System Used By The Most Successful Ecomm Entrepreneurs In The World? 
Some Say It's Impossible. Almost As Impossible As...
Listen closely: if you want to build a highly-addictive brand, leave behind a legacy that your children's children will reap the benefits from, and tap into wide-open markets starving for your products, and do it without hiring a giant team, then keep reading, because...
For the first time in eCommerce history...
...the world's most successful ecomm business owners who are "in the trenches" doing the work, are joining forces and inviting the first 50 serious eCom entrepreneurs to cross over their "business moat" and enter their castle. 
Yes, you read that correctly. 
For 2 full days, 6 Amazing eCom entrepreneurs, minds were blown away after they gave their exact tools and strategies away!
What You Will Walk Away With
  • 100% uncut, raw value that is so pure it'll make the Columbian Cartel furious with envy.
  • The exact blueprint of how their operate and run their eCommerce Businesses.
  • A crystal clear direction with real actionable steps. Apply what you learn from this 2-day mastermind, and you will see a massive positive difference in your online business before you leave Miami.
From The Jacuzzi Of Albert Fernandez, The Loophole Millionaire: 
Dear Ecomm Business Owner, 
If you want to end the madness of chasing after the next "shiny offer" hoping it'll be a winner... 
Or you're dying for an "edge" that will set you apart from the mindless Shopify lemmings... 
...while also scoring consistent profitable months with a brand customers will gladly pay out the nose for, then this ecomm event is the best investment for your business in 2019, and I'll explain why in just a moment, but first...
Here's the breaking news from your good pal, Albert: 
Dropshipping as we know it, is dead and I'm salsa dancing on its grave with a big, goofy smile.
And I mean DEAD-dead with a strongly worded "Do Not Resuscitate" legal order attached to its "Made In China" exterior. 
So why is this good news? 
Two reasons: 
Reason Numero Uno: It Weeds Out The "Wannabe" Ecomm Marketers That Ruin It For Everyone With Terrible Products That Don't Work.
Reason Numero Dos: It Forces Us Serious Ecomm Entrepreneurs To Become Better Business Owners (If We're Truly Serious About Adapting To Our Marketplace, Which If You're Here, Then I Know You Are).
Here's the quick story:
A few years ago, I wanted to give up, throw in the towel, tap out, say "uncle" you name it. I was done
I was showing all the symptoms of "Shiny Offer Syndrome"and it was killing me.
I ran to the next offer that "looked" like it had all the right features of "scalability."
"This one will work," I'd lie to myself. "I just know it will."
I would spend, spend, spend to try and get it to work...
But it always ended the same.
More gadgets and cheaply Made in China garbage.
More complaints from customers. 
More ad accounts getting shut down. 
Anyway, I stopped looking forward to checking my Shopify app like I used to every morning. ("Good morning world, what store died this time?" I'd say to myself.)
I even (now this next part is nuts)... I even started getting annoyed by the "cha-ching" sound the Shopify app made because I thought to myself...
"How Many Of Those Sales Are Going To Be Charge-Backs, Refunds, Or Complaints?"
I found myself more frustrated than happy...
I was exhausted all the time, feeling like I worked in a coal mine...
I didn't enjoy creating ads anymore like I used to because what's the point...?
My family noticed it, too. 
Why would they want to be around grumpy Albert that only stared at his phone all day and made disgust noises? 
All I could think about was my rapidly failing business that at one point was a thriving, bright-eyed store that loved making sales.
Question: have you ever had that fear that starts somewhere deep in your lower intestines and then climbs into your chest and makes you feel like you have heartburn...?
When your livelihood crashes and burns, gets back up only to crash and burn even harder the second time...
It's difficult to do anything but wander around the house thinking about what online services you can cut because you're no longer using them like you used to... 
You wonder what your friends might think of you now...
The same friends that used to drop comments on Facebook, praising you for your success...
Then the absolute worst thought keeps popping up in your brain...
"Am I A Flash-In-The-Pan Ecomm Entrepreneur?"
Long story short: I went into hiding...
I broke off all communication. 
I locked myself away. 
I was 1-step away from Howard Hughes-ing it. 
That's how serious I was at making this work. 
And that's around the time I stumbled upon a lil' ditty in my research that forever changed the way I ran my ecomm business
Strangely enough, this "new" type of business model has been used for centuries, some say it's even sacred in its origin...
Long story short: 
Once I applied this method that dates back to Adam & Eve to just one of my stores...
I Generated More Sales In Less Than 24 Hours Than What All Of My Other Stores Made In The Last 3 Weeks!
Matter of fact, this method was so successful, I couldn't keep up with the demand.
It was the first time I ever experienced the mysterious "success stress" where it feels like you finally mastered the 5-Plate Balancing Act... but the audience wants more.
Speaking of "more"...
Once I was ready, I applied this "loophole method" to all of my stores.
And well...
Have a look for yourself:
Anyway, so here's the skinny (and the "key" on how I'm able to strike oil every day without being in "hustle mode")...
When I was researching how to revive my stores that were on life-support, I thought to myself, "what do people love more than anything? What would make people buy my product more than my competitors'?" 
And the big question...
"What Can I Do That Would Make My Customers Get In A Black Friday Brawl Over My Product... Compared To A Similar Product On Amazon?"
Question: how can you really compete with a company like Amazon? 
I'm not talking about their products...
I'm talking about the "feeling" Amazon creates in the buyer...
How can you compete with the level of dopamine that shoots through every buyer when they press the "order now" button and their package is delivered to their doorstep before the buyer even gets a confirmation email?
I thought about that feeling...
How could I create a similar feeling in my customer and do what the late great Eugene Schwartz taught: "channel my customers' desire onto my product." 
The answer is not "free shipping" or "lower prices."
The answer is...
Personalization and Branding
Josh Elizetxe - Snow In Miami Live Stream
Image Credit: Business Insider
Amazon may have "instant gratification" but what Amazon doesn't have is long-term happiness and sentiment that comes from a product that is personalized and branded to fit the customers' specific desires.
Here's something everyone knows:
People love themselves. 
People love hearing their name being called. People love who they are, what they represent, and how they are seen. 
(Tap Image Below To Enlarge)
Josh Elizetxe - Snow In Miami Live Stream
I simply took that real, human feeling and combined it with the right product, the right store layout, and the right demographic to cause a psychologically-pleasing sales experience that does 3 things...
(1) Creates trust in the brand. (2) Makes the customer feel wanted. (3) Customer becomes more willing to wait patiently for their item to arrive (because I've already topped-off their "happiness canteen" during my sales process)...
Now keep in mind...
What I'm doing isn't anything "new" ...
In 2014, when Coca-Cola was losing the soda race... they took this simple personalization concept and created their "Share A Coke" campaign where they printed names on their bottles and cans. This single campaign was their biggest success in over a decade.
And when it comes to a licensed branding, nothing is more well-known than the famous, yellow "Have A Nice Day" smiley face which continues to make over $265 million every year...
I'm simply taking the "personalization" to a whole new level, and it continues to increase my wealth with no signs of slowing down.
Josh Elizetxe - Snow In Miami Live Stream
By now, you might be asking yourself:
"Albert, this is great and all... but what does this mean for me and my business
"How do I start personalizing my store and products?"
"How do I take what I have and turn it into a 'brand'?"
It's true...
Personalization and branding can be difficult. 
I've seen ecomm entrepreneurs "attempt" and fail... and go back to their old ways because that's what they're comfortable with (the poor souls)...
See, the way I do personalization... the types of ad creatives I use, my ad-sets, my CBO scaling... it's not as easy as slapping someone's name next to an image of Garfield on a t-shirt and think it's going to sell like gangbusters.
There's a lot "back-end" work, customer communication, research, and launching the right ads that get customers into your store, stay in your store, and purchase from your store right then and there. 
Now, if you're one of the many people hitting me up all hours of the day on Facebook asking for an in-depth training to learn what I'm doing and use it for your own stores...
I'm about to break your heart because...
I'm Not putting together an online Course... 
If you know who I am (or if you don't) I'm known to be more "underground." 
I'm not an expert at putting together a "course."
That's not my business model. 
And to be quite honest, what I teach wouldn't work for an online course. 
Not to mention the time and energy to shoot all of the videos and then launch it, market it, run ads, etc. etc.
Not my thing... 
Plus, for this kind of learning where I give you my easy-to-follow blueprints that continue to generate sales every single month without fail...
...I need to sit with you for 2 days, open up our laptops, and mentor you face-to-face with the high possibility of enjoying many cigars and glasses of whiskey.
That's why I'm putting together this one-time mastermind event in my home city... the city of Miami. 
But I couldn't do this mastermind alone...
See, I'm going to talk all about personalization, why you should run away from the Shopify store copycats... and how to build a "moat" around your business that has "sustainable scalability" and runs like clockwork. 
However, I want my attendees to believe in the impossible... 
I want my attendees to get "behind the scenes" access on exactly how to build a brand that celebrities fight over to endorse...
I want people to believe they could in fact see "snow in Miami." 

Here's A Sneak Peek At The Level Of Value You'll Receive At This One-Time Only Mastermind...

  • How to psychologically "tease and please" your customers to pay more for your product, and the reason 98.5% of ecomm entrepreneurs can't seem to get this right
  • How to get hordes of people purchasing your product... in an offline store. (It's true and Josh will reveal why right now is the best time to get your product into stores.)
  • Why celebrity-marketing isn't as difficult as you would think (and why Josh says if he had to do it over again, he would gladly take out a loan and go into debt just to get a celebrity for a product)
  • The simple "retail strategy" most online business owners have no clue that can take you from 10 million to a 100 million using existing networks like Wal-Mart 
  • How to quickly develop the "psychology" behind your brand that forces consumers to not only purchase, but to become "invested fans" (this is where the real money's at)
  • The "time is of the essence" reason why you should let a celebrity craft your brand strategy... 
  • Are you selling your product internationally? You should be, and Josh will reveal why and then tell you how to do it
  • A secret way to increase your wealth... by stop building an income
  • When is the right time to raise money for your company? Josh will walk you through this step and how to avoid the many pitfalls some ecomm entrepreneurs get stuck in
  • How Josh requires talent, including what he looks for, what he hates, and when he knows he found a winner team member
  • Why it takes the same amount of time to build a 100 million dollar company as it does a 10 million dollar company
  • The "Good Will Method" that can add an extra 10 to 15 million dollars to your business
  • Walk you through step-by-step on how to use my "Personalization Method" to sell more products, and sell these products to a massive audience, and why now is the best time to get in
  • How to take a product that never sells no matter how you dress it, to then selling it so fast you run out of inventory, all because of one thing you did differently that increased its irresistibility by 100+ points
  • The exact systems I have in place that allows me to be a "stress-free" one man ecomm band (this isn't for everyone, but if you want to run Shopify and want to handle it all... then I'll show you how to do that without "burning out")
  • My famous, straight-up O.G. Millionaire Loopholes... all of them, including what I do for my Facebook ads, how I set up my campaigns, the creatives I use, and how I scale with confidence
  • How to make customers wait patiently by their front door for your product... even when you told them it's going to take 2 weeks
  • How to leverage Google and YouTube... and not feel trapped in the Facebook and Instagram loop 
  • Do you have a recurring revenue, an email sequence, and diversified channels? If not, then you cannot compete in this rapidly changing market. We'll show you what we're doing to stay afloat even when our Facebook ads take a sh*t on us
  • How to get a zero dollar CPA (yes, you read that correctly)
  • Can your business survive if you pause your Facebook ads for one month? If not, then you should think long and hard about getting yourself in the room here in Miami
  • How to establish a smarter, more mature brand faster, without having to spend millions of dollars in research and testing
  • How to double the valuation of your company, double your sales, and double your margin within 24 hours
  • Toothless man sells teeth whitening! How this counterintuitive thinking started a viral campaign that got the ball rolling for Snow Teeth Whitening, and how you can duplicate its process for your own personal brand
  • My stupid simple "loophole" that can save you at least $30,000
  • "The Elizetxe Way" to increase wealth fast and leave behind a legacy so impactful, people will put flowers outside your store when you die
  • Remember, for 2 full days, you'll get personally mentored by Josh and myself, and set you up to achieve the most amount of success possible in 2019
Anyway, I could keep going, but this is getting rather "lengthy" so let's cut to the chase...