Jonathan Goodman - Online Trainer Academy Module 1 & 2

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Jonathan Goodman - Online Trainer Academy Module 1 & 2 digital download. Info: [2webrip 31MP4, 7PDF, 5XLS] | 3.921 GB. Unlike gimmicky business coaches, ...
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Jonathan Goodman - Online Trainer Academy Module 1 & 2

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Are you burned out from opening up your entire schedule, training clients at random hours of the day (or night)?

Jonathan Goodman - Online Trainer Academy Module 1 & 2
Long days, unpredictable schedules, and cancellations don’t have to be a problem anymore.

Do you wish you had MORE TIME to relax, spend with your kids, travel, or do whatever YOU want?

You love what you do. You’re good at it. And you have what it takes to be an exceptional coach.

But right now you’re doing the math, and you can’t keep this up and have the life you imagine.

What if someone could show you a clear path to that life you’re trying so hard to build—one where you do the work you love, get paid what you deserve, and take back your time?

And not one of those skeezy, get-rich-quick business coaches crowding your social media feed. (Gross.)

You want someone you can trust. Someone who shares your values. Someone who will give you that “I got your back” feeling.

You’re tired and frustrated. But you need to get paid and want to do what you love. So it’s time you met the Online Trainer Academy.

Jonathan Goodman - Online Trainer Academy Module 1 & 2

Hi, I’m Jonathan Goodman, the Online Trainer Academy founder.

I was a burned-out trainer for seven years.

My alarm would go off just after 5 a.m. I’d train clients from 6:30 in the morning until 9:30 at night.

I’d pop caffeine pills because I didn’t have time to sip coffee. I’d throw my lunch in a blender because I didn’t have time to chew.

There were days I was so tired, I was nauseous.

I loved training clients, but knew the hours weren’t sustainable. I had no life, no girlfriend, and no clear end in sight.

One night, as I was crashing on my parents’ couch, one line played on repeat in my head: Is this what my life is going to be like?

I decided right then and there that something had to change, and it was up to me to make it happen.

It wasn’t until years later—after starting an educational website that’s now visited by over 3 million trainers per year—that I realized I wasn’t alone.

Turns out fitness pros are great at transforming physiques, but they get stuck trying to transform their careers. It’s not their fault.

And if any of this sounds familiar, it’s not your fault.

When you’re a trainer, no one shows you how to run a successful, sustainable business—the kind that lets you …

• Do the work you love,

• Make the money you deserve, and

• Be in full control of your time. And that’s a shame.

Because all you need to get the life you deserve is a passion for fitness, a half-decent work ethic, and a good plan.

My guess is you have the first two. And if any of this is resonating, keep reading, and I’ll tell you what that good plan is.

The Online Trainer Academy helps you take your life back from the fitness industry—

without having to pay a skeezy “high-ticket business coach,” push crappy supplements, or get half-naked on Instagram.

Unlike gimmicky business coaches, the Online Trainer Academy doesn’t just give you a prescription for one style of business that worked for one person, one time.

Instead, you’ll learn a flexible framework for building an online training business that adapts to you and your unique needs.

You won’t get this framework anywhere else. Because we invented it—in 2012, way before online training was cool.

Jonathan Goodman - Online Trainer Academy Module 1 & 2

Since then, it’s been tested by 40,000 trainers around the world, including…

Get help from the best

Widely recognized as the industry leader in online trainer education, the Academy has been helping trainers go online for over 7 years and counting.

Fast-track your results

The Academy is grounded in 7+ years of R&D, with input from 40+ top coaches. We did the legwork for you. So you can stop combing through Facebook groups—and get to the success part now.

You will get clients, guaranteed

Try the Academy for 90 days. If you aren’t happy or haven’t added at least $1,000 to your monthly income from new clients, you’re free to request a full refund.

Verified by experts

Audits by PhDs in distance course learning—including Yale University’s Senior Course Developer—ensure the Academy is set up in the best way to help you learn, retain, and apply the material.

Everything you need to turn your broken fit biz, side gig, or expensive hobby into a thriving online training business.

  • Digital textbook, The Fundamentals of Online Training V4.0
  • 80+ video lessons
  • 45+ scripts, business and legal forms, and templates
  • Students-only mastermind
  • 30 days of done-for-you social media content
  • Answers to 121 most common online training questions
  • OTA-1 certification test
  • CECs/CEUs
  • 90-day Get Clients money-back guarantee

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Jonathan Goodman - Online Trainer Academy Module 1 & 2
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Jonathan Goodman - Online Trainer Academy Module 1 & 2
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Jonathan Goodman - Online Trainer Academy Module 1 & 2
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Jonathan Goodman - Online Trainer Academy Module 1 & 2
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Jonathan Goodman - Online Trainer Academy Module 1 & 2
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Jonathan Goodman - Online Trainer Academy Module 1 & 2
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Jonathan Goodman - Online Trainer Academy Module 1 & 2
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You’ve fumbled through awkward, boring COVID-19 Zoom training sessions. But you know there must be a better way—and you’re right, there is.

Jonathan Goodman - Online Trainer Academy Module 1 & 2

COVID-19 was a trainwreck. But you didn’t need a pandemic to know you need a change.

Maybe you have a baby on the way, and you want to free up some time for your future son or daughter.

Maybe you’ll need to care for your aging mom or dad soon.

Maybe you’re up against the ceiling of your local market. Gym membership is falling, and you don’t know how to stop it.

Maybe you just can’t “put up and shut up” with your crappy boss any longer.

Or maybe you’re just looking ahead 5, 10, 20 years. And you can’t see how you’ll get where you want to be if nothing changes.

Online coaching is the missing link between you and the life you want.

But you know you need a lot more than Zoom to be successful.

You need to build your infrastructure—so you can consistently get new clients, and keep them long-term. (Because you can’t fill a leaky bucket.)

And you need the right mindset and business skills—so you don’t end up spinning your wheels and working the same crazy hours you do now.

And, if you’re really honest with yourself, you’re a fitness professional, not an entrepreneur. Reading about marketing and click funnels makes you want to take a long nap.

You want to be the boss. But you also need guidance for this stuff. That’s where the Online Trainer Academy comes in.