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Jon Gabriel - Total Transformation. Download unlimited when you buy Jon Gabriel - Total Transformation Course at StandBySun. The market leader in online learn...
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Jon Gabriel - Total TransformationJon Gabriel - Total Transformation

Download unlimited when you buy Jon Gabriel - Total Transformation Course at StandBySun. The market leader in online learning - Offers a variety of diverse topics: Internet Marketing, Forex & Trading, NLP & Hypnosis, SEO - Traffic, …

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

Video 1: My Transformation

It wasn’t until I weighed over 400lbs and quit dieting (yes, quit) that I finally started to get results. If you are frustrated and have reached a point where you MUST find a solution, my story will help you understand why I know exactly what you’re going through—and more importantly, how you can begin solving the problem.

Video 2: The FAT Programs

FAT stands for famine and temperature. Your body uses fat to protect you, and even though you’re currently not threatened by freezing temperatures or starvation, your body’s FAT Programs still get activated by dozens of stimuli that can be avoided, removed, or counteracted effectively once you identify and address them.

Video 3: Physical Stress Triggers

Stress often triggers weight gain. This is not news to you. What is news it that the very act of dieting tells your body to store fat as quickly as possible. Once you understand your biology, you’ll understand why the diet industry is so hopeless and why, until now, it’s been so challenging to lose weight.

Video 4: Assimilation & Starvation

The age old saying goes, “You are what you eat.” But this is only a half truth. You are what you eat AND what you assimilate. If you are unable to assimilate the nutrients you are eating, you can be overeating and starving at the same time. You can be morbidly obese (I hate that term, by the way) and desperate for more vital nutrients. That’s why you’re hungry even after a meal. That’s why you have cravings even when you’re full.

Video 5: Mental Causes of Obesity

Your body stores fat to protect you from cold temperatures and from starvation—but it also gains fat as it adapts to a modern world that threatens you in ways that your body is not biologically prepared for. Your body does not know the difference between real danger and perceived danger, so it can mistakenly react to any number of threats by gaining weight.

Video 6: Emotional Obesity

While nearly every diet guru tries to convince us that it’s just a matter of calories in, calories out, or just a question of the right type of exercise, or that the secret is some super Brazilian berry… I’m here to tell you that for at least 80% of people, nothing will fix your weight problem until you fix the real causes—which are emotional..

NOTE: Some of the most successful Gabriel Method students (experiencing massive weight loss) only address the emotional triggers in their life—nothing else—and the weight comes off naturally.

Video 7: SMART Mode: Change Your Thinking

Your conscious and subconscious beliefs can contribute to your body’s desire to gain or lose weight. Here, you’ll learn how to take control of your mind using specific tools to put you in a receptive state for change and transformation.

Video 8: Creating the Body of Your Dreams

Some of the most successful people in history regularly used visualization to communicate with their unconscious minds. This practice enables you to make huge changes in your body and life. In the Gabriel Method, you’ll learn how to use very specific visualizations to program yourself for success, and you’ll be amazed at just how powerful they can be in transforming your life.

Video 9: Fat & Toxins

Just as your body uses fat to protect you from cold weather, famine and perceived threats, it also uses fat to protect you from chemical and environmental toxins. Your body will do anything it can to keep you safe. So when you take in more toxins than you eliminate, your body quickly stores those toxins in your fat cells to “quarantine” them and keep them out of circulation. In this way, a toxic lifestyle can trigger chronic weight gain through exposure to chemical pollutants, medications, food additives, pesticides, and dozens of other potentially harmful compounds. Release the toxins, release the weight.

Video 10: Vitality: The Zero-Calorie Nutrient

Beyond fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and micro-nutrients, your body needs one crucial nutrient that is often overlooked—vitality! Vitality comes from electrically-charged, living foods, mind-body practices, loving relationships, and living with a purpose. When you tap into vital living, the weight melts away naturally.

Video 11: The Positive Stresses

Stress makes some people fatter and other people thinner, and in this module, you’ll learn how to consciously tap into your biological “Get Thin or Get Eaten” adaptation where your body begins to associate being thin with being safe (instead of being fat). When you start working with your biology, weight loss comes naturally, without struggle.

Video 12: Creating Your New Body

Transforming yourself and creating a new body is a simple process of collecting positive habits over time. In this section, you’ll create a very simple plan-of-action for moving from where you are now to where you’d like to be.

Evening Visualization: Guided Audio Practice | Streaming Audio or MP3 Download


In addition to watching just one of the video book modules each day, I want you to listen to my evening visualization program every night before bed.

What if you fall asleep? That’s great.

How does it work? Visualization is one of the most widely-known success tools that hardly anyone uses. For weight loss, it’s nothing short of revolutionary for most Gabriel Method students.

Each night, listen as I guide you through an empowering visualization with SMART Mode music playing behind my voice to help increase your receptivity to change and weight loss.

WATCH the video modules at your convenience. You can watch all the videos today if you wish, though I often suggest just taking it slowly with 1 video per day for the next 12 days so you can assimilate the method, step-by-step.

READ the reminder emails I send you daily which will help to solidify what you’ve learned (plus I’ll include some great recipes and motivational stories)

LISTEN to your evening visualization right before bed (it’s OK if you fall asleep!)

September Special - 5 Free Bonuses for You…


The Gabriel Method (digital ebook)

The book that started an international movement… you’ll learn the entire Gabriel Method approach to weight loss during your video book training, but many people find it helpful to also have the book on hand for quick reference, so I’m going to give you a complimentary copy.

For me, the truly remarkable results didn’t take place until I realized the problem wasn’t my body, but my lack of understanding of how to operate it.

When I figured out how to “drive” my body, and literally make it want to burn fat 24 hours a day, that when I found the results I’d been seeking. And if my results are anything to go by, the same will happen to you!

NOTE: this is a 100% digital ebook accessible immediately.


Morning Visualization (mp3 audio) 
the evening visualization is what I want you to start with and commit to at first (which is why it’s included in the core Total Transformation package). However, I’ve found that many people find the visualization process so powerful after following The Gabriel Method for a few weeks, they want to do them in the morning and evening. If that’s you, then use this guided practice. It’ll energize and inspire you for the day to come.

Evening Visualization (mp3 audio)

the evening visualization is what I want you to start with and commit to at first (which is why it’s included in the core Total Transformation package). However, I’ve found that many people find the visualization process so powerful after following The Gabriel Method for a few weeks, they want to do them in the morning and evening. If that’s you, then use this guided practice. It’ll energize and inspire you for the day to come.

SMART Music (mp3 audio) -
there has been a tremendous amount of research around the use of specific binaural beats and their effects on your brainwaves. It’s no coincidence that I add SMART Music behind my voice to all the visualization practices. It calms your mind and makes you focused and highly open to change. You can listen to this music any time, day or night when you want to connect with your inner power.

Living Goddess (mp3 audio) -
this guided visualization is specifically for women who are feeling drained and need to tap into their feminine radiance. Take time for yourself, just a few minutes, and unlock the goddess within.

Living Warrior (mp3 audio) -
this guided visualization is specifically for men who are often left without time to recuperate and find their center due to modern time restraints. Take a break and tap into your on-purpose, masculine energy that might feel hampered by your current state of mind.


Jon’s Favorite Recipes (pdf)

I’m passionate about creating super delicious, super nutritious foods. Food is life force energy and eating great food makes you feel wonderful.

The recipes here are simple, quick, and delicious, and I’m really excited to share them with you. There are 20 of my favorite recipes including:

  • Fast & Healthy Breakfasts
  • High-Energy Lunches & Snacks
  • Hearty Dinners
  • Desserts & Sweets


Weight Loss for Kids (mp3 audio))

If you or someone you love has children struggling with a weight problem, this short lecture will help you understand the real issues at play, and more importantly, provide concerned parents with some practical solutions. As a parent myself, I know how challenging it can be to raise healthy children, and I think you’ll find this lecture immediately useful.


Medical Lecture (mp3 audio)

Listen to my live lecture recording from the American Holistic Medical Association. This presentation is what brought my approach to sustained weight loss into the mainstream and brought international recognition from the mainstream and alternative medical communities. After so many years of work, it was wonderful to finally have The Gabriel Method receive the respect and attention in deserved. I’m excited to share it with you.

Listen to learn why the conference chairman, Dr. Nancy Sudak said my talk was the “highlight of the conference”. And why Erik Goldman, the editor of Holistic Primary Care magazine said “Your experiences and what you learned from them are really remarkable in that they run so counter to mainstream “wisdom” about obesity, yet they make complete physiological and psychological sense.”

This talk is also the reason why Dr. Jean Bolkelman from the University of Idaho is now giving presentations on my approach to the medical schools faculty and staff. Here’s what she said…

“I’m a physician in Idaho, associate professor of Family Medicine at Idaho State University, and director of the integrative medical services here. I’m also medical director of the Endobiogenic Integrative Medical Center ( I have recently finished reading your book and found your approach to weight loss to be the most comprehensive and scientifically meaningful method I’ve ever encountered…. I’d like to offer to teach a weight management course for the Continuing Education Program at Idaho State University(to offer the course as “The Gabriel Method of Weight Reduction”)…

This 90 minute presentation explains exactly why you’ve had a weight problem - and what you can do about it. This is likely to be one of the MOST important lectures on weight loss, health and fitness you’ve ever heard.

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