John Truby’s - Sit-com Audio Course

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John Truby’s - Sit-com Audio Course


Break Into the TV Sitcom World with A Class That Really Works.

Our Sitcom Audio Class covers all the tools and techniques for writing sitcoms professionally.

The best comedy writing in the entertainment industry is done on sitcoms. But
sitcoms are NOT about stringing together a lot of jokes. They are comic short
stories, and they have a unique, highly structured form. The trick is knowing the sitcom story structures that actually produce the laughs, writing comedy from character, and playing with the  ongoing web of comic oppositions.

The SITCOM AUDIO CLASS is one of Truby’s Writers Studio’s most popular,
because it shows you all the elements of character, structure, scene and dialogue of this popular form.

No other book or course has the depth or breadth of this class. Students range from those trying to break in with a spec script to those established pros who want to learn how to create their own sitcom.

Table of Contents: 

1. How Sitcoms Work
2. How to Break Down A Show
3. The Sitcom Structure Beats
4. The 8 Key Sitcom Characters
5. Setting Up the Sitcom Predicament
6. Creating the Comic Opposition
7. Scams and Disguises
8. Comic Nightmares
John Truby’s - Sit-com Audio Course
9. How the A + B Scene Weave Works
10. Funny Scenes and Funny Lines
11. Family Sitcom Beats
12. How Modern Family Works
13. The Anti-Sitcom & Single Beats
14. Sophisticated Beats
15. Creating Your Own Sitcom
16. Serious Sitcom Beats

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