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Hello friend! I am super excited to release this program as it is created similar to my old moderate frequency, very high intensity programs. I have enjoyed the high frequency plans but missed my old strategy, and heard from many of you, that you missed these as well. No program strategy works forever, so it’s a good time for a change as well.

 This program can be used for growing or dieting down into contest shape. The difference is merely how you eat.

Program Duration and Split

In this program, you will be going hard for 12 weeks with a 2-week deload smack in the middle, for a total of 14 weeks.

Week 1-6 - Base volume plus additional work on back, chest, and shoulders

Week 7-8 - Deload

Week 9-14 - Base Volume plus additional work on legs

If you prefer, you could flip flop weeks 1-6 and 9-14 depending on how you want to prioritize.

 I separated back and legs so that we don’t ruin your lower back.

I have structured this very carefully to ensure you don’t get hurt, as I always do.

I have added “Pro Tips” throughout the document to also make this an educational resource. When you see this bad boy, and the thought behind it, you’ll know why these programs are regarded as the best in the industry!



Let’s get cranking!
John Meadows