John Iams - Primal Reflex Release Technique Basics

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  • Patients feel the results on their first visit.
    You identify your patient’s pain source more easily, rapidly and accurately.
  • Find renewed passion for your lifework.
    You are rewarded with your patients’ joy when they experience increased movement after only a few seconds of work. You end the frustrating cycle of your treatments not holding.
  • Have more energy.
    PRRT™ is less tiring on your body
  • Become known as the pain expert in your community.
    Satisfied patients sing your praises to their friends and other practitioners, generating more “word of mouth” referrals.
  • Enjoy a financially sound practice.
    As new referral sources seek you out to treat their patients, your marketing expenses decrease and your income increases.The PRRT™ eliminates the need to purchase expensive equipment.

I’ve responded to the hundreds of requests for more information by producing my PRRT™ Home Study Course. I’m prepared to offer you the most impressive guarantee in the history of healing. Here’s how it works…

I’m so certain you’ll kick yourself for not ordering my Course sooner; I’ll send you my PRRT™ Home Study Course to try for 30 days. If at any time within the 30 days you’re not 100% satisfied, simply ship the Home Study Course back to me and I’ll refund your original investment. To top it off, I’ll even let you keep the manual as a way of saying thanks for giving my PRRT™ a try. Your entire investment in the Course is FREE when you attend one of my PRRT™ Seminars, as I’ll deduct the cost from your registration.

Here’s my question to you… is anyone in the healthcare industry teaching seminars offering this?

Am I crazy to offer an unprecedented offer like this? No! Here’s why… The demand for my Course has been so great, I’ve already sold more than a thousand and only had several returned. Great information or more would return it… don’t you agree?

Here’s what you’ll get when you order the “whole enchilada” as we call it here in San Diego… you’ll receive a huge Priority package with all the following:

“The Whole Enchilada”

    • PRRT™ Home Study Course (1 Minute Exame and Treatment) DVD ($97 Value)
    • You’ll learn my 1 Minute NocioceptivExam™. Next, I’ll teach you to examine and treat with 3 techniques each for the following 3 areas: • Head & Neck • Shoulder & its girdle • Ribs & Sternum While this is essentially upper quarter techniques, it represents a great sample of my work enough for you to get a feel for it. How many other technique seminars you’ve attended or are considering attending have provided this “try before you buy” experience? I don’t know of any.

    • PRRT™ Home Study Course Manual ($97 value)
    • This detailed Manual gives you a virtual “cheat sheet” to take with you into your clinic. It covers the entire 9 exams and treatments you’ll see me demonstrate on the video.

    • PowerPoint lecture and patient demo DVD ($97 value)
    • I give an extensive PowerPoint presentation on how I evolved PRRT™. Next, you’ll see me treat 6 practitioners in a row, totally unedited. You’ll see for yourself how PRRT™ blends seamlessly with whatever techniques you’re currently using. You will begin to use these techniques the following day in your practice. I show you a number of lower quarter techniques too.

    • Stress Relief Beyond Belief ($37 value)
    • My first book on how to use my Iams Maneuver to alter head position to instantly inhibit the stress reflex. There’s never been anything like it before. You’ll begin to notice changes within days.

2 Bonus Audio CD’s ($47 value)

Nearly $400 in value for only $197. That’s nearly HALF OFF! This deeply discounted price won’t last long. I’ll likely be raising the price to $297 and maybe even $397 in the near future. Lock in your savings today!