Joe Vitale - Beyond Manifestation Package

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Joe Vitale - Beyond Manifestation Package digital download. Info: [6MP3s+1workbook]. Listen to Dr. Joe Vitale's breakthrough Advanced Manifestation Syst...
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Joe Vitale - Beyond Manifestation Package

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Format: [6MP3s+1workbook]



Beyond Manifestation

Listen to Dr. Joe Vitale's breakthrough Advanced Manifestation System I and taste the amazing power of "The Z State" -- That Divine State where there are no limits and you can have, do, or be anything you can imagine.

"These audio recordings of the historic seminar go beyond The Attractor Factor, The Power of Intention, Ask and It Is Given, Beyond Positive Thinking, "The Secret", and virtually every other "How to Manifest" or "Law of Attraction" book, course, or movie out there. This won't be for everybody. But if you feel inspired to get this right now, then expect your life to blast into orbit and the results to dazzle and confuse everyone -- including you."
- Dr. Joe Vitale

If you're skeptical, don't bother to read this right now.
But if you're open minded, then brace yourself for some goose bumps...

Dear Friend,

Take a look at the brief video clip on this page (just turn on your speakers and click the play button) 

What do you notice?

You probably can't tell by just looking at the video, but maybe you can feel something of the ecstasy these adventurers felt as they experienced the world's first Manifestation Weekend with me on May 19-21 in Austin, Texas.

I was the first officer on this flight and something greater than all of us was the pilot.

More than twenty-five people came from all over the world, from Mexico and Australia to all points within the USA -- All to buckle up and learn how to go past their limits, and onwards and upwards to experiences and insights they may never have imagined before - ever.

These people were no strangers to inner growth. All had read my book The Attractor Factor. All had completed other spiritual retreats, or a spiritual growth workshop, or healing events or even personal enlightenment trainings. Some were professional healers and therapists.

All already knew how to co-create their own reality using the principles in my spiritual books or in the movie, "The Secret".

But they all came to go past all of that.

They all came to get to "The Z State" -- That place where there are no limits and they can truly have, do, or be anything they can imagine.

In fact, from "The Z State", they can have more than they could imagine...

What Really Works in Manifesting Your Own Reality?
These people wanted more, and were ready for more. They were ready to learn how to turbocharge their ability to manifest. They were ready to go beyond what they knew or thought they knew. They were ready to let go of what didn't work in order to learn what does work. The Manifestation Weekend covered everything from --
  • how to heal yourself and others with a simple three word statement (!),
  • the truth about intentions and how to set the ones that work,
  • how "The Z State" has no limits and anything is possible,
  • how to handle fear in a most surprising way,
  • why you need to be aware of "hungry ghosts",
  • what's behind the "you" that is reading these very words?,
  • my psychic power awakening at the hands of a Hawaiian shaman,
  • a powerful new ho'oponopono meditation method,
  • some surprising and revealing pointers about marketing and list building,
  • new ways to clear and clean the limiting beliefs and energies within yourself,
  • metaphysical copywriting (?!),
  • how I let my soul guide my business decisions,
  • personal confessions about what works and what doesn't in my marketing,
  • the inside story about the movie "The Secret", 
  • the power of listening to the "whiteboard" of life,
  • how to form your own Master Mind group for support and record-breaking results,
  • the all encompassing blunt truth about what it means to take total responsibility for your life. (You've never heard this definition before)!
But the incredible weekend didn't stop there. We also covered --
  • how I lost 80 pounds after a lifetime of struggle with obesity,
  • how I manifested, not one, but two BMW sports cars,
  • what we would welcome if it came "out of the clear blue sky,"
  • why Vedic Astrology is better than Western astrology,
  • two surprise guest speakers dazzled us with their insights and confessions,
  • I revealed what I secretly did with a pencil eraser to make my book Life's Missing Instruction Manual a #1 bestseller.
  • the astonishing weekend ended with a spiritual gifts inventory, that was so moving there wasn't a dry eye in the house,
  • how to you tell the difference between the Divine and your Ego,
  • how does one top car salesman sell without selling,
There were more surprises, insights and discoveries that I can't remember right now. (At one point I did spontaneous psychic readings, which held everyone in a hypnotic moment frozen in time)! I'll have to listen to the audios of the event, too, to remind myself of all of them. But something bigger occurred at the event than just information, stories, and techniques! It came from being in the blissful "Z State" and asking...