Jody Shield - Relationship Reboot (LifeTonic Courses 2020)

Jody Shield - Relationship Reboot (LifeTonic Courses 2020) Relationship Reboot Transform your relationships & heal your love life in 6 sessions{Relationship Re...
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Jody Shield - Relationship Reboot (LifeTonic Courses 2020)

Jody Shield - Relationship Reboot (LifeTonic Courses 2020)

Relationship Reboot
Transform your relationships & heal your love life in 6 sessions

{Relationship Reboot}: Transform your relationships & heal your love life in 6 sessions

Woah. This is the most in-depth, transformative, and profound programme I’ve run. Ever.

Relationship Reboot walks you through everything you need to know (and heal) about love and relationships. It’s a radical and unique programme especially created to completely overhaul your love life.

Plus, it’s discreet, confidential and perfectly designed to allow you to join from the comfort of your own home.

Whether your current relationship status is single / unavailable / married / or “it’s complicated”, I want to help you with your love struggles, to finally understand why your love life is or has been (pick most appropriate word…): non-existent / confusing / boring / painful / a let-down / a series of unfortunate, dramatic and/or traumatic events…

I want to support you to work at the deepest level to heal and transform your love life from the inside out.



Relationship Reboot in a nutshell

- 6 week online programme to reset your love life and have nourishing, deep and loving relationships.

- 90 mins live sessions every Wednesday at 7.30-9pm (starting Feb 15th, ending 29th March)

Each week we’ll focus on a different topic:

Module 1: It starts with YOU. The most important relationship of your life.
Module 2: Letting go of the past. Letting go of the baggage.
Module 3: Opening your HEART to love. And keep opening.
Module 4: Moving into intimacy and vulnerability. And epic connections.
Module 5: Creating your DREAM relationship. The one you’ve always wanted.
Module 6: Opening Wide. Being in your YES. Getting ready for conscious, soulful relationships.

And much more….


Full Price: £297


INSTALMENT PLAN: 3 payments of £111 -

1st payment of £111: on the day of purchase
2nd payment of £111: a month after 1st payment
3rd payment of £111: a month after 2nd payment
***EMAIL [email protected] to get your instalment plan SET UP***

All tickets come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


- 6 x 90 min session (learning and healing) with me

- ALL video and audio recordings (catch up, repeat or/and watch on the go)

- Access to Team Tonic and myself to answer any questions in between sessions

- BONUS #1: Module 7 - HeartActivation

- BONUS #2: Preparation meditation to open you up to make the most out of the sessions (value £7.99)

- BONUS #3: Integration meditation (value £7.99)

- BONUS #4: 30 mins live Q+A call a month after the final session


“I really found that L+R Reboot came to me at exactly the right time. From the first session I noticed a real shift in my openness to love, which continued throughout the course. Jody was incredibly supportive and nurturing and not only did I find the sessions incredibly powerful, but they have also given me tools that I can continue to use. It really has been life changing - Thank you Jody!!” Kayleigh

“The whole experience has been incredibly impactful for me, revealing deep inner insight, understanding and healing throughout the course. It’s been useful to have the recordings to return to in my own time, to continue my growth and learning. I feel a lot lighter, confident and connected to myself and the relationships in my life and that I am creating. I also feel a lot of release of baggage and weight which has created space and seems to be manifesting in new connections and relationships already!” Emma

“I moved from heartbreak to peace throughout the course, and knew that the energy of the work was both supporting me and driving this journey, so that I was able to be freed of unhealthy patterns. The healing work also allowed bitterness to heal with an old ex, and attracted new people into my life who were on the level. There was never any question that I was totally held and felt safe to lean into any difficult feelings
” O. Nevue

“It’s been an incredible journey. Each session was different and we covered so many aspects. Jody is so intuitive, and at times it feels like she is literally reading your mind, or rather putting into words what your mind hasn’t even fully formed into thoughts yet.
It’s powerful - and addictive in a way! Each session felt life-changing and made me want to go deeper.
 From the bottom of my ‘artichoke flower heart’ 🙂 - thank you so so so much, Jody!!
” Anne M.


Once you’ve paid, we’ll send you the details to access to the sessions and receive powerful wisdom, techniques and healing.

It will be private, cosy, and very intimate.

All sessions are recorded both video and audio so you can watch or listen anytime/anywhere.

You’re basically getting the content for life, so you’ll be able to re-listen as many times as you want.

Ready to have the most epic relationships of your life?

Don’t miss this special opportunity of investing in you and your heart. It’s one of it’s kind, and will cover all the topics that are holding you back from having the relationships you want. The value you will get from this group has the potential to change your love life and relationships, forever.

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